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Connecting to the Heart


Over the past several days, I have been writing about the alignment of “oneness” of the heart, the spirit and the universe, this is the essence of connecting to the holographic grid. This will also shift intuition to holographic intuition. If you let go and listen deeply you can hear/feel that the tone frequencies have shifted to a cosmic directional frequency on how you manifest. This has been in motion for a while. This will change everything.

Where to begin? It is best to start connecting to your heart and let the emotion flow through you. Place your hand on your heart, breathe and let your etheric hand drop down into your heart. The more you practice this, the more you will feel the frequency of your heart, along with the wave intelligence in your heart. Thinking you are feeling your heart, is not feeling your heart. When you feel your heart, you will feel a warmth, compassion and inner universal awareness, along with an expansion in the heart area. It will then grow through your entire body through the heart’s energy field. Keep your practice going.

Once you can feel the true essence of your heart, start to center and explore your destiny through your heart. What are you truly compassionate about and what has meaning for you as a form of direction for humanity? Notice the movement of emotion. Enjoy.
Sacred grace,

A Visitation of Locating and Finding Surrender

Recently, while I was halfway through writing my monthly column on surrendering through the heart, I felt an etheric hand gently touching my back with such compassion and loving radiance, I also felt someone looking over my shoulder from a distance. I was getting quite emotional as I felt this feminine presence arriving energetically closer to me. Now, I started to recognize and feel this motherly, beautiful, loving presence, crystal clear; this was Mary Magdalene. Through channel she assisted with writing the rest of my column through her teaching and guidance on surrender; how to find it and what it really is. Notice what you feel through your heart as you read the channel.

Sacred beloved,
Do you hear and feel the chimes through the deep spiral center in your heartbeat? Take a moment, breathe, connect to your heart and the drumbeats of the heartbeat; go within the rhythmic beats of the heart, beloved. Here you will find the chimes. Follow the chimes inward. Here you will find what you have been looking for, your sacred wisdom portal. This is the sound frequency of cosmic love in which you have come from, before earth.

It is but the fourth night of your experience in this truth seeking frequency of wind through your heart. You seek and desire deep clarity for your mystical and spiritual circumstances on earth, do you not? But are you willing to be still and listen to the sounds of love that vibrates throughout the spiritual essence of who you are through all eternity? Listen through the wind that echoes through your heart. Surrender to be still. What do you feel echoing through your heart? Stay with the echo until you ‘feel’ it speaking to you through the heart, not as a human voice, but as a felt frequency, that you feel through your entire body emulating from your heart, light body, and soul.

Yes, beloved child of creation you are the frequency of love. But you must listen through the spiral of your heart, not from your human wayward experience of what you know humanly, but from what has always been from the moment of your creation, as a soul and a beautiful hue of light within love’s frequency.

When you arrive at surrender as a journey instead of an action, through your heart, you are opening and connecting to the field of compassion. When you feel the aliveness and awareness of your field of compassion, you are moving beyond the feeling of compassion but experiencing it as an intelligence. This intelligence of compassion is a part of creation in every experience that is interconnected through divine divinity.

For you to immerse yourself in surrender through compassion and love, is to understand the experience of love’s creation and your being-ness as a frequency of love. In this endless frequency is where you will discover your deep clarity for earth and the reason you have come be, beloved.

You are deeply loved, more than you will ever know. (excerpt) 

Embody Wisdom with Forest Bathing


Are you feeling the calling and the need to escape from all the busyness and static noise of the world? Have you felt the Divine guiding you to slow down and return to your natural body versus running your life at 900 miles an hour? If you are like most spiritually aligned people, the answer is yes. 

Human beings are being called to stop doing and start being. There are two types of people, human doings (mental thinking) and human beings (feeling stillness and presence). Are you ready to be a human who is being?

Connecting to the wisdom and wellness of the forest…

I grew up in the countryside, surrounded by miles and miles of forest land. My family’s home was only about 100 feet from the edge of the forest. Wildlife was a natural part of my childhood and helped me keep my sanity while growing up with a left – brain family. Being born spiritually sensitive and an empath, I was nothing but grateful for being surrounded by the magic forest. As a child, I could relate to the trees, animals, creeks, rocks, sounds of nature, and the spirits of the forest more than I could relate to human beings. This was often my freedom escape from the physical, single dimensional world.

When the energy of the physical world would become too much for me, I would escape to the forest and find a place to sit and simply connect to the essence of the forest with the trees, animals, and the earth elements all around me. This is how I learned to embody stillness as a dimension and to clear my body and energy field of toxic physical experiences with the wisdom and energy of the forest. This was like a magical experience for me along with feeling great and helping me with the deep anxiety I had as a child through my early adulthood. Additionally, this helped me to become a clearer channel of spirit and forest realms. My escape was always the forest and is still to this day. 

I would later learn this is what is known as “forest bathing”. Forest bathing is not taking a bath out in the forest but rather it is sitting in the forest among the wild wisdom and frequency while embodying stillness and the natural world through the inside of your body and energy. This means not being on your cell phone or reading a book, but being one with the forest and the magical spirit of Gaia.

The unfolding wisdom of being with forest bathing…
I always notice the space between when I’m in the presence of the “being-ness” within the wisdom of forest. The awareness, the practice of stillness, and the wisdom of being out in the forest is what I have done for years. As to what to focus on when I stepped into the forest nature realms, that was another experience. The forest elders and nature spirits guided me inside the spiral wisdom of nature and the movement of frequency. In nature, nothing is created or moves in a straight line. When you experience this awareness, it removes thinking. The spirit of the forest would lovingly ask me what I needed, and the wisdom experience would unfold. The forest has become my sanctuary. It is the place where I go for deeper wisdom through my experience on Earth.  It has become one with me, and now it’s what I am and what I do. In those early years, the wisdom of nature was not just helping me to focus and concentrate; it was helping me remember the parts of my being that are the same frequency tones of nature. The source of who I am; the fire and drum tones of the shaman, and sacred medicine within me.

When you notice the space between, you are experiencing the wisdom through the soul and the being within all of your surroundings. Stillness with forest bathing becomes more than a practice of sitting in silence; it becomes a place of frequency and wisdom, when you allow the space between to teach and show you the way of being within your creation pathway. The approach is to remember who you are and why you have traveled to the earth plane. 

The space between is everywhere. The mission of love and awareness is open to you when you are willing to notice and step out of the conditional confines of the thinking mind. When one is in the confines of the thinking root of the mind, one does not see or feel the physical or the energetic surroundings in the human and spirit world. Return to the natural spirit body and remembering the soul.

A tool of focus for going deep while forest bathing…
Place your hand on your heart, slow your breathing, and feel your heartbeat through your hand. Bring your breathing to the rhythm of your heartbeat and feel the presence of your spiritual heart arriving throughout your body. Feel the soothing waves of love cleansing every part of your body. Allow the experience to show you the way versus you trying to take control. At the point of taking control, you have left the heart and returned to the “cellar enclosure” of the thinking mind. Return to the heart and the waves of love by focusing your breathing through the spiritual heart. Place your energetic surrendering-self in the center of the waves of love and move through the ebb and flow. This is where you start to connect to the wisdom of your new reality from the wisdom of the heart and the experience of stillness, grace, and presence. Breathe and stay with the experience until it is complete. When you are complete, take a moment longer to stay in silence, then give gratitude to the spiritual heart and notice the essence of love, you feel expanding through your body. You are complete.

Soul Blessings,