Angels Call to Sedona



SedonaHello Friends! There are places you discover in your life that seem so magical and help you recharge throughout the layers of your life’s journey. For me, one of those places is Sedona, Arizona. The Angels call this “my sacred land” when referring to making my trips to Sedona. It is interesting how Sedona came about in my life. Let me tell you the story…. In 2007, I had been getting guidance about being around other Lightworkers and like-minded spiritual people. I didn’t know how to proceed-spirituality and metaphysical awareness wasn’t very open in the city I lived in. However, the guidance kept coming forward, again and again. One evening, Sedona, Arizona, popped into my head. I had heard of Sedona before, but really didn’t know that much about it. I Googled Sedona and found some beautiful pictures and remarkable history. I discovered the spiritual alignment and thought that was interesting. I was puzzled, but felt this was some type of message from the Angels. The question was, what could it be? A few days went by and, out of the blue, I found on the internet that there was going to be a three-day Angel workshop in Sedona the next March. I click on the link and read the information and it sounded interesting. I said aloud, “Angels, am I meant to be at this workshop?” I felt and heard it’s not about the education, it’s about being around your own kind of energy. Shocked and amazed at what was coming forward, I felt as if there was a deeper reason for me to be in Sedona for this workshop. The Angels kept repeating the word Sedona over and over to me. Then the human reality settled in: how would I afford to go? I didn’t have extra money for this kind of trip. For months, I was back and forth about going or not going. It was on my mind all the time. Then, one Saturday morning I decided to see just how much it would really cost. Sitting down at my computer with my calculator, I figured out the total cost of the trip. I added up the workshop’s fee, the flight, lodging, car rental, and the estimated food cost. Getting the grand total, I looked at the number and knew there was no way I could afford to go. I took a deep breath and said, “Oh well!”  I let it go, moving on, checking my email from friends next. For some reason, I looked down at the calculator screen and was surprised to see that there were numbers all the way across the screen that had not been there before. Knowing a little bit about numerology, I thought, “Could that be a message from the Angels?”  I ran upstairs and grabbed my Angel numerology book, authored by my friend Lynnette Brown. Coming downstairs again, I added up the numbers. I looked up the total on the screen; the message was: Don’t worry, everything is being taken care of. I was in shock. Could it be? Once again, speaking out loud, I said, “God and Angels, if I am supposed to go on this three-day trip, I need you to pay for it because I don’t have the money,” and I let it go. The job I had during this time was a leadership position and I made very little money. At the beginning of the year, the company I worked for started a quarterly bonus program for meeting your department’s goals. Also, at the end of the year, we would receive the full amount for what we earned again, in one check. While there were some changes to the bonus program and there was talk that we wouldn’t get that end-of-the-year check, I always felt we would. Sure enough, we did! I was in shock when I opened the check-it was the exact amount needed to pay for my workshop fee and the airfare. It was a payment from God and the Angels. I was on my way to Sedona. Love and Blessings, Eddie

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