Listening to Stillness


Every living expression has a spirit, humans, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, trees, etc. Therefore, it is an essential creation frequency through the experience of the Divine.

Everyone on their spiritual path, wants to hear the voice of Spirit. But do you know how to listen to the language of stillness through the voice of Spirit? The major mishap that many people make about hearing the voice of Spirit is they are first trying to listen on the outside of their body or create the conversation in their ‘separate self thinking mind’. Spirit is not separate from us and often we are expecting it to appear like words in the human world. Although, sometimes Spirit speaks in direct words, they are frequency words and language that first chime with tones, codes and pitch while moving up and down your Hara Line (inner spinal core area) like a breath. The more we adjust to being inwardly still, opening the heart and listening on the inside of our medicine body experience to the frequency, the more we open up to listening to the voice of spirit without an agenda.

Even as I write these words, I am listening to the language of stillness in and through the voice of Spirit like a narration. Although everyone will connect to the voice of Spirit in their own area of spiritual communication, it is arriving through the shared space of the language of stillness, emotion, presence, and awareness.

From a very young age I grew up in a house practically in the woods, surrounded by acres and acres of woodlands. I experienced everything is alive in nature, with a spirit from the natural world, and that we are spiritual clear channels of source consciousness, which is a shared space. Whether I was working in my family’s vegetable garden, running about in woods with my brothers, or by myself sitting in nature by a still pond with wildlife, I was experiencing the movement, flow, and frequency of the voice of Spirit. I had the choice to control or to surrender. Because I liked how it felt, I chose to surrender and allow the frequency voice of the natural world’s Spirit move, teach, guide, and lead me into the path of healing.

When we are out in nature, the aliveness of Spirit is always pulsating and thriving like the breath of the heartbeat. When you touch or pick up a rock it is alive with ancient wisdom and healing power from the core of its spirit through the language of stillness. You will feel it shifting and cleansing your vibration, along with opening up your pathways to the spiritual heart of surrender. Then you experience the “elder river of wisdom” from the rock flooding your heart of surrender related to your destiny experience in the moment. The wisdom births and arrives in and through the heart with streamlines of processing through your wisdom mind (different than your separate self thinking mind) and the heart’s intelligence. In the moment of surrender, we feel grace arriving and guiding us through the open field of the wisdom of the natural world, in this case the rock. This is all natural like breathing and eating a meal.

The Natural World is Always Speaking to Us…
It was an early morning, the dew was still covering the grass and there was a stillness in the air as I headed down the natural path into the woods, to what I call my sacred plant medicine space. The squirrels were playing, collecting food and scurrying about along the path, while not having a care in the world and simply flowing with their natural heart instincts. While I walked further down the path, I let the playful energy of the squirrels help me to drop deeper into my soul frequency, expanding my luminous energy field while expanding the back of my heart. Once I felt the activation of surrender of the shared medicine space, I could feel the excitement of the plants including trees, flowers and grasses. Through my heart I felt and heard the calling of a wise pine tree, which I call the Elder Grandmother Pine Tree. The closer I arrived to the pine tree, the more I felt the essence of pine tree traveling through the center of my body. I felt the pine frequency of the surrendering warrior activating with the presence and safety medicine space of letting go with harmony through my heart. The experience I had arriving at Elder Grandmother Pine Tree was the purest infinite love without the density of any human issues. The feeling that everything is going to be “OK”; also the experience of “I am safe in your presence” toned and chimed through my body. Visually, I connected to the DNA of the ancient Elder tree, and felt the opening of the spirit of Elder Grandmother, while feeling her Spirit Medicine through my hands. I felt the essence and heard while listening, “Welcome. You are here, warrior child”.

The medicine of Elder Grandmother Pine Tree has helped me understand the wisdom, knowledge and healing inside of surrendering to one’s spiritual warrior heart and the heart of humanity. Her medicine nurturing is understanding and compassionate to what the human experiences while walking the Earth at this time. Her medicine guides us to live, breath and walk the Earth with an open heart while surrendering the need to be separate. She reminds us everything breathing, living, and dying in the four directions is interconnected and has the capacity to love, breath, and communicate in the same way through the language of stillness.

We are all the language of love and stillness.

Embodying the Snow Leopard


When we discover and make bonded relationships with our totem animals, we have a great responsibility to get involved with protecting those animals on earth. It is an agreement that we have made with the animals. Often times, humans only want to take the teaching wisdom the animal provides and not give back with protecting that animal. Remember your responsibility of your totem mission on earth for the humanity of animals. 

Growing up in the countryside, only about 100 feet from the wild forest which was miles and miles wide and deep. I had the opportunity to experience a lot of animal medicine; I was able to watch their characteristics and practice connecting to their medicine. As a child, connecting to the spirit of animals was natural to me and something I was gifted with at birth. I had no idea until I was older, how important that natural awareness would be to me and the earth. Nor did I feel I would be called to work with the animals for humanity with the Earth Mother. 

When we listen to the wind through the spirit of medicine, our calling arrives in pure form, not as a purpose but as destiny unfolding for humanity. This often catches us off guard and is different from the expectations we envisioned for walking the earth. 

Up until February of 2019, I had been going through a “destiny dark night of the soul” for about 3 years. I will admit this was one the most challenging dark nights of my life. Now, I have been through other dark nights of the soul previously, but nothing compared to a destiny dark night of the soul. This was just something I had to sit with and go through. A destiny dark night of the soul is about a major completion of one’s journey and ‘becoming’ your real work for humanity. 

I know that you are wondering, where does the snow leopard come into this experience?

Shortly after I moved to Sedona in October of 2018, I was working through the tail end of my dark night however not knowing it was the tail end because it seemed to be going on forever. 

One day while I was deep in the red rock canyons hiking, I heard the voice of the Wolf Norse Goddess Skaoi say, “Find your way to the true north, until you feel the experience of being stopped.” She gave me the vision of a river that was partly iced over with paw prints along a trail leading alongside the river. I felt this was interesting because there was no snow or a river in the direction I was heading. This invoked my curiosity. 

I took a trail to the north and followed her vibration inward, after about 2 or 3 miles, I was stopped in my tracks. To my left there was a dried creek from along ago, I followed the rocky dried creek and the vibration started to lead me again. After about 10 minutes I was stopped again, and I sat down on a rock under a tree. It was a moment of feeling in an altered state through my body, third eye, and heart. I looked up to see a very large, nature spiral traveling toward me and as it floated closer to me in the center there was a veil. I could see and feel the veil unfolding. When I looked inside of the experience, I saw a natural snowy trail leading through the forest outside of the trail it was summer. As I focused more on the trail, I found myself standing on that snowy trail and began to walk until I found myself at the edge of a river. The river too was snowy and slightly iced over. I sat on a stump and enjoyed the orchestra like sounds of the magical forest of the north. 

I noticed down on the trail, big paw tracks starting to appear in the snow, and they were walking toward me. When the tracks arrived about 15 feet from me, a snow leopard appeared. The eyes of the leopard were pure, compassionate, loving, and icy blue. The leopard sat in front of me. 

Snow Leopard’s message to me was: “I am the shaman elder you have requested, and I have been waiting for you for centuries to be in this place of your soul. This has been a time of death for you and most everything you have experienced is complete and activated into your soul as a spiral of frequency. Although everything on earth is a dream, and only a vision. You are initiating now into the illumination of your true north journey for the earth and its unfolding. This will not be an easy journey, for the earth is in an energetic war with itself for transition of the change of the emerging of earth and soul spirit together as one multi-spiral experience. You have become that spiral. Your shamanic walking role is to allow that spiral to travel through you to connect other souls to humanity with the guides of presence and stillness.  I will return to you soon. Experience the transition that has unfolded in our time together.” 

I found myself back in the red rock canyons, sitting on the rock from where I started. My body felt light, healed, and full of energy. I felt as if I had 200 years of wisdom and knowledge downloaded through me, like a memory. It was as if I embodied the snow leopard’s wisdom and ways in that short time. It is never what is said that matters, it is the experience that transitions through the wisdom of presence and stillness. 

Snow leopard always helps us through making choices from a place of presence and stillness. The snow leopard is all about ‘stillness timing’ of the heart, soul, and the medicine wheel of the snow forest. The message is always, walk lightly on the snow of the arctic north to embody your wisdom of the north destiny. Be the silent wayshower through your soul as you walk the earth.  

Wild soul love,


The Unfolding Forgotten Agreement


When it is time for me to write whether it is my monthly column for Star Nations Magazine or something else with longer detail; throughout the night a dialogue begins and I get very little sleep. My inner spirit, the ancient ones, my inner child, and the Divine together dance in ceremony around the sacred fire of wisdom. Whatever I am about to write, unfolds in sacred ceremony like a story narration as a collaboration. Which is neither here nor there but in the space between.

Throughout the night, I could hear the rain deeply pouring down as an emergence of spirit and earth through an important calling of attention. There was no break in the rain, this tells me the unfolding is about deeply rooted cleansing that is needed and each raindrop carries a different ancient wisdom to nourish the cleansing as a community together. But, also the reaction of the Great Mother – Pachamama.

Everything is spiritual because everything has a spirit. When we lose sight of this awareness, we lose sight of ourselves and the earth as an aliveness. Everything is alive, an inner connected from the rivers, rocks, trees, animals, mountains, and human beings as we share the same materials of DNA.

Human beings have forgotten how to live on the earth, therefore forgetting what it means to be a human being with a spirit, as one who walks the earth as a keeper of the garden. Even here in Sedona, the ancient land is not being respected and the commercialization is destroying the vibrational alignment. We see this happening throughout the world. It’s time to return to the garden, not in the head of conflict, but in love.

When a garden is dry it is calling for nurturing and love, so you water it. When weeds take over the health, breathing, and oxygen space of the garden; the garden is in conflict and at war for survival. The healthy plants are vulnerable and calling for your mission of love and protection. They trust in you because they know your true mission of love for being here on earth. But the human has to make a choice beyond their own needs, survival, or waiting for someone else to do the work of the garden versus making a choice through the love and wisdom they have access to in their own soul and destiny.

The earth is the garden and becoming eroded with a deeply rooted calling for infinite love from the heart of the mother. The Great Mother is asking for your love an emergence of assistance. Time is growing short and soon the mother will take back the power of the earth. There is much water cleansing on the way.

The garden needs nourishing and love from its roots, not at the surface level. At the roots is where you will find the seeds of the heart of the Great Mother. Remember you are not here on earth for you. You are here for WE which is the sacred spiral of the mother.

Assisting the garden
“Helping yourself, you help the world. You are in the world – you are the world. You are not different from the world, nor is the world different from you.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi

Ceremony in the forest.
When we start to align to our own inner ceremony in the forest, to escape, to breath, to listen, and to be silent, we start to listen to what we cannot hear. When we turn our awareness inward beyond the surface of the human world, we begin to experience the sounds of movement, spirals, love, teachings, wisdom, and portals of the forest. When we breathe in the oxygen and clear open the space of the forest, we are receiving ancient wisdom and aligning that wisdom to what we have forgotten regarding the earth and the Great Mother, along with her forest medicine. This is what will change the world’s vibration.

The more we practice seeing and listening to what we cannot hear or see, we begin to listen and see with love through the awareness of the heart. This experience turns your communication inward to awaken who you really are and to return back to love. This awareness changes your vibration to a deeper experience beyond the human condition and activates your inner aliveness. This is also where you discover the space behind the ego, personality, human condition, and mask, this is your soul aliveness as you walk the earth, we call this our true nature, who we really are. I like to call this the discover of inner soul magic; the magic of our mystical alignment as we walk the beautiful earth.

When we remember the Great Mother and why we are here, we remember love beyond the meaning of the word and become the presence of love. We then can assist the nourishing of the garden. We are the medicine underneath it all.

Sacred love,