Shamanic Healing

“Soul Wisdom Dreaming to Shape-Shifting into Your Destiny”

The Exploration Healing Experience:

Healing is the journey into activating and revealing your spiritual truth, where through navigation, light frequency meets the shadow aspect. The navigation process exposes and reveals the wild soul and nature self, the true essence of your creation, the experience of the Destiny.  – Eddie Mullins

Shamanic Vision Dreaming

Living a shamanic way of life through healing, ceremony, and wisdom practices is about navigating through the natural spiritual inner doorway to honor the “wild soul”. Shamanic vision dreaming is the journey of traveling beyond ordinary time, logic, and space through the inner doorways to the shamanic dream realm. Here we dream into being, healing, activating, and embodying the experience back into the healthy harmony of the self being.  With soul wisdom dreaming, we traveling to the original outlet (space) of the disharmony through our light and shadow aspects to heal, clear, detach, or realign old agreements. From the inner shamanic dream realm, we then flood the experience with your destiny from the wisdom of your soul, to bring you back into the flow of unlocking your own destiny wisdom. This process opens and realigns your destiny in the state of being in your life on earth for humanity. The wild soul and nature-self is the true essence of who you were created to be. Through this journey you arrive to live and embody from your wild natural self.    

The Shamanic Healing Experience

Gently releasing the confinement of old emotional and physical wounds, programming and road-blocks from the past to unlock and breathe life into your personal Destiny is the essence of the Shamanic Healing Experience.  Destiny is your creation alignment. It is the fluidity presence of your soul and the breath of life creating the re-birth of the wild-nature essential self. Your Destiny essential self thrives as it lives in freedom without the layers of society, toxic ancestral family bloodline pattern imprints, and trauma identities. Through conversation, coaching, and shamanic tracking, together we will identify the healing work to be used in the Shamanic Healing process; while uncovering the original energetic creation source of the emotional, physical or behavioral issues causing disharmony in your life known as “de-railers”. Through the healing process we will clear your energy field of old toxic housing energy from the past and fill that space with sacred life force energies and soul particles. During the session we will be working with the shamanic guides, spirit-helpers, spirit animals, and multiple spiritual healing masters such as shamanic elders, archangels and ascended masters. The Shamanic Navigation journeying and different healing techniques such as crystal bowls (sound healing), rattling, drumming, energy medicine or spirit medicine will resolve issues of emotional, physical or behavioral issues – bringing you back in harmony with your source of being in your physical body.  We then bring forward the empowering support energy of your destiny to illuminate your earthly pathways as your co-creator.

In your session we will be working with one or more of the following:    

Soul Retrieval: This process helps to reclaim your power by retrieving pieces of soul that have fragmented away due to trauma, wounds, and lost inner child layers.  

Common symptoms

  • Memory loss from specific age range
  • Depression or an Illness keeps returning
  • Weight gain issues
  • Incomplete or deeply lost in life

Lineage Ancestral Healing:  Clearing old toxic ancestral/bloodline hooks or handoffs. This often show up as illnesses, addictions, or patterns within relationships or personal disharmony within the lineage of your family. Clearing and healing these links breaks the cycle and heals the lineage line.  

Toxic Energy Extraction: Clearing and removing toxic energies that have crystallized causing disharmony and a breakdown of health energy flow within your body alignment.

Reaction Symptoms

  • Shifts into negative effects
  • Toxic emotional/physical behaviors and actions
  • Immediate loss of energy and uncommon self – addictions

Energetic Shamanic Cord Cutting:   Cord cutting is powerful in its shamanic origin and allows you to cut and release links through time and space of fear and control, allowing you to expand into the presence of your harmonious enriched pathway. Cord cutting only releases the negative connection and not the love and compassion.

Symptoms and Patterns

  • Deep rooted fears and beliefs
  • Toxic separation from an individual or organization
  • Unhealthy patterns or habits
  • Bloodline/Ancestral unhealthy hand off  

$188.00 / 60 Minute Session