Shamanic Navigation Healing

What is a Shaman?

The Shaman sees, the Shaman knows. A Shaman is a healer who access the hidden reality through an altered state, to begin healing, balance and harmony from the seed of the root cause of disharmony. The actual term “Shaman” refers to medicine men or women who are the healers, teachers, earthly guides and sages. It is an ancient spiritual and healing practice found throughout the Americas and all traditional cultures in the world. The Shaman teaches how to embrace our will, our own healing power, and to remember how to be the medicine men and women we are in our own creation right.

Shamanic healing is based on the healings and teachings of the Earth – a link that is directly connected to communicating with nature. The work of the Shaman is to return the soul back into the world so the earth can then speak to us in which we hear and connect to all of nature as a guide and teacher. This link helps people remember their connection to the elements of being one with nature. The medicine men and women are a link to the ancients, ancestral knowledge, and they bring balance of the Earth and one’s individual soul.

Schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation, to determine which Shamanic Navigation Healing process is right for your healing situation.

Soul Loss Healing

Soul Loss Healing is retrieving missing pieces of the soul that have fragmented away from the soul due to trauma or high levels of stress. Pieces of your soul fragment away as a means of survival.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

  • Loss of memories from your life
  • Feel shattered in fragmented pieces
  • Feeling of being incomplete
  • Long term depression
  • Linked health issues
  • Not being able to move beyond an issue from the past
  • Feeling numb within life
  • On going weight issue

$189.00 (1 hour phone/Skype session)


Energetic Cord Cutting 

Do you feel as if you have destructive patterns or habits that keep returning in your life?  Energetic Cord Cutting, is one of the most powerful ancient sacred healing rituals of the ancient times.  It is powerful in its shamanic origin and allows you to cut and release the links through time and space of fear and control, allowing you to expand into the presence of your harmonious enriched pathway. Cord cutting only releases the negative connection and not the love and compassion. Is it time to free yourself, to embrace the journey forward?


Symptom patterns requiring cord cutting:

  • Deep rooted fears or beliefs
  • Negative situation or experience
  • Separation from a person or organization
  • On going unhealthy patterns or habits
  • Bloodline/Ancestral unhealthy handoffs

$155.00 (1 hour phone/Skype session)



Energy Medicine Healing

Energy Medicine is healing and activating the body back to its organically natural healing energies. In this healing session(s), Eddie will be working with you on one or all of the following sources:

  •  Recharging, and activating the energy centers (Chakras)
  • Repairing holes in the energy field
  • Activating awakening energy
  • Aligning & balancing the field of the energy body & physical body
  • Tools for the awakening of your energy

$155.00 (1 hour phone/Skype session)





 Cellular Energy Alignment 

This clearing is completed from the Hara line at the level of the Soul Star Chakra with Archangel Mariel. The Hara line is an energetic link line in which energy passes through the physical body. This line runs through the upper Soul Chakras, Physical Chakras, Earth Star Charka, and on down to the center of the earth. The Hara Line is the first to manifest when we incarnate into physical form. This clearing is tied into unhealthy self links, soul agreements, karmic turbulent agreements, and unhealthy ancestral bloodline links. Once an unhealthy link is attached to the Hara Line it continues to manifest into the physical world. Eddie also provides healing tools to  work through these links connected soul lessons.

Symptoms of Cellular Energy Alignments:

  • Unable to move on in life experiences
  • Repeated patterns keep returning
  • Manifesting disharmony
  • Repeating family bloodline history
  • Distracted by habits that keep you out of focus
  • Manifesting family bloodline health issues

$155.00 (1 hour phone/Skype session)