Soul Energy Insight for Monday October 12th


Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.882Today is about stepping into the source of your light. Allow your light to emerge into every experience throughout the day. Feel the presence of God, your soul creation and the core of your pathway to illuminate the moment of this experience; even before you step out of bed to begin your day. The more you consciously expand your light into your experiences, the more your cells fill with light frequency, helping you to activate your crystalline light body. There is a progressive flow directed from Spirit to let go in the space and level of the Earth’s current dimension, to help expand your vibration. The Angels are giving you impression messages and guidance about your anchored energy roots, of what you no longer need in this time frequency of your experience. The comfort of the story you have created, disconnects you from your raw reality, when it lowers your vibration. In this day as a practice: feeling the inside of your light frequency will help you expand the consciousness of your soul experience. Helping you to feel lighter, vibrationally balanced with peace and a deeper connection to the soul. (After you are done reading this message notice how you feel within. Logic and physical connections are not connected to the light body.)

Enjoy the magical journey in this day,


“You Are Not This Physical Experience.  You Are A Light Source!”