Have you ever felt the pull to take a different exit on your way to work? Even after taking the exit, you continue to question your need to do so. Then, you hear on the radio about an accident at your normal exit. “How could I have had that awareness in my knowing to exit early?” you ask yourself.

The Angels are always sending us messages, and in more ways than we can ever imagine. The Angels are looking out for our best interest and always communicating with us – most often with signs. I’m sure you have heard or had the experience of the feathers, coins, colors, or the feeling of turning right or left. The list goes on, but what about a sign that has more than one meaning for two different situations? This is when the Angels send you a double sign with a side of humor; at least this is the way I look at it.

Since I began working with the Angels when I was a child, I have become well associated with the meaning of their signs – even their clever ones. As much as the Angels are infused with love, ancient and modern wisdom, healing, and teaching, they are also infused with humor in multiple ways.

For example, I’d like to share an experience from the other day. As many of you know, this is a powerful time of healing and releasing old mental patterns from the past. For weeks, I had been working on releasing a particle pattern, which was being a little more stubborn to release than others. I was sitting in the living room, processing through the tail end of this mental pattern and how it was affecting so many areas of my life. I journeyed back to when the patterns started and the situation creating this mental pattern. The Angels were helping me travel to the root of this experience.

The Angels kept telling me over and over, “It’s time. You need to unplug! You need to unplug! Unplug! Unplug!” The word unplug kept coming in louder than the other words. I thought unplug was an odd way to describe surrendering and un-rooting from this mental pattern. Knowing the Angels and experiencing the feeling of their words, I took their message as a good analogy and I understood the meaning. I felt this was the end of their message, but they were only getting started.

For a couple weeks, the power cord for the video camera I use for my video-blog was missing. I looked everywhere with no success of locating the cord. As I was completing the processing of the Angels’ message about unplugging from my old metal pattern from the past, it was time to get ready for my next client. I was leaving the living room, when my gaze focused down between the end of the sofa and the end table, to my surprise, there was the power cord I had been looking for. I got my camera and plugged it in, but the power light did not come on. I pulled the sofa out slightly to verify the plug was in the outlet, and discovered it wasn’t. In that moment the message rushed through my body, “When something is unplugged it has no power, including when mental patterns are unplugged. They also have no linking power over you.”  The message was complete, first with the energetic and second with the physical example.

It’s important that when the Angels send you messages, you pay attention to the entire message – both the energetic and the physical. What a blessing to know we are connecting to the Angels.

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Tuesday’s Energy Forecast Insight & Archangel Metatron


pathway2Tuesday’s Energy Forecast Insight: Clarity and space are the focus of today. The energy today pulls you in the direction you have been avoiding out of fear or not having all the connecting pieces of the puzzle. Recall and notice the pattern layers in dreams, visions, impressions or direct impath doorways, that have been revealed in the past several weeks, with a lot of clarity with a guidance and soul direction being offered to you. A few days ago, I talked about the space in the energy, this is one of those days. Your visions, feelings, impath-connectors and impressions will be very strong today. Don’t miss the opportunity of all pieces of the puzzle infusing together and the door opening for you to take action. Archangel Metatron is providing the pathway and the footing of the unknown for you. If you look down at the pathway, it is built with sacred geometry, numerology and sacred star gateway coding. Remember not to only view it, but to feel the experience and clarity coming through the pathway. Today is also about walking through the heart with a direct pathway into the sacred space and feeling the heart expand. Trust your insights, for it is you “becoming” the state of awakening.
Enjoy the Love and Magical Unfolding of this day,

Sacred Walk with the Archangels with Eddie Mullins
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Archangel Jeremiel & Power Animal Eagle working with recalling where you have walked from to this moment, working with “Dream-State Energy” to help you create and manifest along your journey, two healing journeys, healing with the callers, and much more…

PODCAST: Sunday Sacred Walk with the Archangels


Sunday May 3rd/ Full Moon- Sacred Walk with the Archangels with Eddie Mullins, is up for listening: Topics – Full Moon, creating the power of self care with intentions, healing the Throat Chakra with Archangel Gabriel, a healing journey and much more…The series all about SACRED AWAKENING within the HEART & SOUL, healing with the Archangels, Shamanic Healing and more.


Ancestral Healing: You are not responsible for your ancestors not completing their mission on Earth. You have your own mission(s). Archangel Mariel is the Archangel who helps in clearing unhealthy ancestor links.

The Request for Healing: “Beloved Archangel Mariel, Please clear, cut and heal all unhealthy links, that are connected to my ancestors. Help me to release these energetic attachments, so I can fully focus on my experience and missions. I release these spirit energies with love and forgiveness. Please take my ancestors unhealthy links to the light or the appropriate plane for healing. I release all unhealthy bloodline alignments, to God’s universal ocean of love. Thank You, Archangel Mariel!”