Eddie’s Journey

Eddie has been communicating with the Interdimenional Realms, Nature, Animals and Spirit, since he was a small child.  As a child, Eddie always felt different, and on some level knew that he was different from the people around him.  He could always connect to the soul level of people that he encountered; energy and information would flow through him.  He would pick up the integrity, the story, messages, energy and, often, the past lives of those he encountered.  Eddie’s upbringing was not in a metaphysical family, which forced him to keep everything inside. This left him feeling very isolated, alone and having to pretend to be a regular child.  As a sensitive child, every night Eddie was visited by energies (spirits) seeking help, this left him terrified of being alone during the night.  Instinctively, Eddie was born knowing who Jesus, the Angels, the Star-People and God were, and often turned to them for safety, deep conversations and guidance.

As an adult, Eddie’s life changed drastically one night while driving home on an interstate. Archangel Michael warned him to, “Change lanes!”  He changed lanes. Seconds later, a semi truck trying to merge from an on ramp, turned over on its side and landed in the lane Eddie was driving in.  After that encounter with Archangel Michael, he began asking for everyday guidance, healing and training.  This lead him to a pathway of teaching, mentoring and counseling people about the Angels, God, Star-People, Shamanic Healing and Life Transformation.

Eddie is a Shamanic Way Walker, Shamanic Healer & Teacher, Soul Healing Channel and Popular Radio Personality.  Eddie had done thousands of healing sessions and mentor-coaching with clients all over the world.