What Eddie’s clients around the world are saying. . .

“Eddie is truly amazing and genuine. I have known Eddie for a couple of years now and have undertaken three of his online workshops/courses. I have also seen Eddie for a shamanic healing /journey session with him when I recently visited San Diego. I have learnt so much and have discovered a great deal more about myself and my journey. I would highly recommend Eddie for guidance and support. Definitely, sign up for the workshops he offers you will be amazed and blessed.”

Cara, New Zealand

“If you want something very special in your life, if you want to really and truly talk to and hear from the Angels, there are many intuitive who channel these wonderful Beings but only one person who is truly in touch with them and with you at the very same time.  That is Eddie Mullins.  He is one of the most special individuals I’ve ever met on this planet and on this journey of Life.”

Jean Gerson-Greer/ New York

Psychic, Intuitive, Healer, Author, Actor

A heart-felt thanks to you for assisting me on my path – the session and the class I took last month has proven wonderfully beneficial. I am amazed by how thorough a clearing has taken place! It is no wonder you’ve been guided to do this work. Things are moving nicely and options are presenting themselves to me! Much density has dissolved and light has entered. Blessing to you, Eddie, for your health and well-being!

In gratitude,

Cheryl B./ New York City, New York

I scheduled a session because I was at a point of transition and seeking direction.
Eddie was spot on – from his first sentence to his final comment. The detailed information amazed me!  His energy is comforting and genuine. The session felt more like having a chat with an old friend.

Since one of my questions was related to a health issue, he guided me through a healing meditation. It helped empower me to release the cause of the pain and it has not returned.
Eddie truly has a remarkable gift!
Brenda/ Chicago, IL

I really enjoyed my session with Eddie. He is kind and supportive and provided great insight and guidance. Eddie also brought clarity to certain situations that I am dealing with right now. I would recommend Eddie for a session and plan on speaking to him again. He was very helpful. B. Evans/Edmonton,

B. Evans/Edmonton, AB

Eddie is so tuned into the spiritual realm, along with an amazing skill of seeing your energy, feeling your energy, and the future, past and past lives. He has it all, and you will enjoy getting the detailed clarity he will provide. It’s important to have someone who can see the big picture like Eddie Mullins.

C. Wilgur/Los Angeles, CA

Eddie is wonderful, to the point and funny. He is very accurate and answered my questions and is always willing to explain, if I don’t understand him. I would recommend him to anyone!

H. Fadell/Miami, FL

When I have a session with an Intuitive-Healer/Psychic-Medium for the first time, I really like to let them do the talking (being a bit skeptical I suppose). As this was the first time I had a session w/ Eddie, I followed the same pattern. He was offering so much insight, hitting on a number of points that I’m not even sure he realized (even the phrasing he’d use was revealing more information to me that was spot on). I was so excited by everything he was saying, I finally jumped in and blurted out how all of his insight was absolutely on point. What a wonderful experience. Thank you, Eddie!

Eddie’s Sessions are detailed and extremely helpful! He has given me amazing guidance to help me through a big transition in my life. At times when I was not sure about my direction, Eddie gave me info that kept me grounded and focused on the big picture. I am sincerely grateful for his Sessions. He is truly a blessing!

Eddie is very grounded and comforting and of course highly intuitive. He shares his messages fluidly and with clarity.

Eddie is a very understanding, warm, and cool; kind of angel reader. He has this perfectionism about him that you know is working in your benefit. Not only can he see what your energy is doing now, but also where it is changing and what you are developing into on the life path level. I loved speaking to him, he is always enlightening.

Eddie has a great personality, he’s kind, caring, and hears clearly. If your looking for someone to give you the truth of where you are at right now and where you should be going? Then make your appointment today!

Extraordinary. Feedback and guidance is fast, clear and accurate. Really amazing…and in such a loving and supportive way! There is no doubt he is connected and receiving directly from spirit/angels…WOW. thank you.

I have had a few angel readings with Eddie, which have given me a great deal of clarity and direction on my life purpose. The messages Eddie shared with me, I was able to move forward along my soul’s path with more confidence and strength. A reading with Eddie is fun and the information you receive is amazing. Have your pen and paper handy and be ready to write a lot. His messages are fast and accurate. He assists you with which angels to work with, and how to work with them. It really is an awesome experience to have a reading with him. Even as
an angel therapy practitioner myself, I call upon Eddie to deliver clear guidance from my angels when I feel I am too close to the situation.

Since my readings with Eddie I have quite my corporate job, taken courses to further my knowledge, and started my own healing practice. I have even written the children’s book he told me I would write. Thank You, Eddie!

Julian W/ Toronto, ON