Awakening, Re-Birthing and New Beginnings, All in One


Hello Everyone!

Wow, the last couple of weeks have been a journey to say the least.  It has been a roller-coaster of energy shifting and emotional ups and downs.  I love when this happens because it means we are elevating the consciousness on the planet earth. But the journey there is not always a peaceful one, as this journey involves change, letting go and being in the state of vulnerability with the shifting and changing. Human-beings like to be comfortable and not interrupted. However healing and shifting are neither of those needs. I have learned over the years when this type of shift rolls in, to move with it like a wave. It makes it less difficult on the experience and easier to receive the lessons being revealed to you front and forward in your experience.

The week of March 16th, there was a lot of planetary shifting and a noticeable change in the expansion of the frequency on the planet. Did you feel it in your body and life? The week started out with the completion of the Uranus – Pluto square, and ending with the New Moon and the Total Solar Eclipse. This shift made it easier to let go and made manifesting much easier, from the creation side. In the week we had a larger than life letting go of struggling alignments of the past, then a new beginning arrived with a full alignment of shifting solar energy. With all this being said, there is a new level of peace in the core energy alignment, which is more noticeable and illuminating than before. All of this will take some time to acclimate and for the body to catch up, right around the middle of April to the first part of May.

In this past two weeks there were two types of awakenings happening for most people (even for the people who are unaware anything is happening). The first type of awakening is the situational awakening.  This type of awakening, is a situation(s) you have either been trying to let go of and did or a situation that is now clear you need to let go of in the immediate future. If you have let go of your situation(s), you probably have noticed a lot of emotion arriving out of the blue. This is a grieving process because a part of your situational alignment space is dying (not physically but energetically).  Additionally, when you let go of a situation, you create space and its filled with Divine support healing light. This type of awakening still has some lessons and agreements attached to it. However the good news is, most of the work is complete. This awakening is very powerful right now, following the voice of your soul.

The second awakening is called an expansive conscious awakening or what I like to call an initiation. The first part of this awakening, follows suit of the situational awakening. The difference is, all lessons and agreements are completed, associated with this situation(s). Along with the death of the old being completed. The space is filled with larger expansive amounts of Divine frequency light.  This allows your energy field to hold more light and therefore elevates you into an expansive consciousness.  At the same time your energy will be quivering, emotions arrive out of the blue as crying one minute and laughing the next. You have arriving into a conscious awakening. Yes, in time your body will acclimate to the new frequency.

As you can see there is a lot of awakening arriving.  When you stay true to what your soul is calling to you, your actions and changes begin to heal the planet. You are a powerful part of the experience of healing the planet.  Tell me about your experience and feel free to ask questions.

Magical Angel Blessings to YOU,