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Ascension – The Plasma Beings of the Inner World

Journey Through the Inner World Realm of Ascension

butterflyTele-Course/Webinar (60 Minute Online Course)
September 13th Saturday 11a est/ 8a pst
Course fee: 29.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

Who are the Plasma Beings, how are they here to support and guide us through Ascension?  In this 60 minute course you will learn who these beautiful beings are, what they have learned since their existence on the planet earth, what we can learn from their journey to Ascension and much, much more.  Education, healing and messages from the Inner World Realm!


The Journey to the BACK of the Physical Heart

Tele-Course/Webinar (75 Minute Online Course)
September 17th Wednesday 7p est/ 4p pst
Course fee: 34.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

Have you ever been completely surprised at what you find in the back of your closet, garage, or attic? Discovering items that you have long forgotten about? The heart is very much a filing system, from the front to the back. The back of the heart contains items and links you have stored there long ago for protection – that creates unbalance.  These items could be what is keeping you from moving forward and/or keeping you from the sacred eye of the heart. In this course you will learn how to work with the back of the heart to find deeper healing and self discovery in your life and how to remove old emotional clutter links from the back of the heart to open up more loving space for creating and balance. We will also be doing a journey through the back of the heart to de-clutter and awaken the heart into balance and harmony. What happens when there is too much clutter that goes un-noticed?  Join this journey of the heart.