Events – Online Healing Wisdom Courses

A Cup of Healing Wisdom Series – Online Course 2
Arriving Through Your True Nature – The Shift
Heart Intelligence, Higher Wisdom Mind, and Lower Thinking Mind

Saturday , October 21, 8:00 a.m. (PST) / 11:00 a.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download. 90 minute online course.

In this empowering time of shifting, healing, and awakening it is important to have the knowledge of the heart intelligence, higher wisdom (ascension) mind, and the lower thinking mind; how each of them functions to support, illuminate or derail your earthly journey to your own true nature.

We begin our awakening journey to free ourselves from the ego “lower thinking” mind. Once we free ourselves from the imprisonment of the mental grasp of the lower thinking mind, we make our journey to the heart.  The path to the heart is one of the most difficult journeys we undertake in our time on the earth.  Once we activate through the heart intelligence, we open and connect to the higher wisdom mind to process the wisdom of the heart.




In this course, we will explore:

  • Heart Intelligence
  • How the heart communicates
  • Higher wisdom mind
  • How to activate and open your higher mind
  • Ego mind separation to the lower thinking mind
  • Ego fading
  • Healing meditation journey
  • And more…

$36.99 / Course Fee + Download  

Exploring Your Most Influential Hidden Shadows
Bringing your shadows into the light

Saturday , October 14, 8:00 a.m. (PST) / 11:00 a.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download 

Shadows are the parts of you that are dormant and remain unknown. The shadow influences every part of your life, however, it is hidden and remains out of control causing suffering in your experience. The aspect of shadow is always watching and waiting for your moment of weakness.These influential shadows that are expressing themselves right now are the blocks or missing passages through the deep aspects of ourselves needed for an awakening of our own wisdom. The shadow always wants to have control over you and is constantly trying to convince you, if you would surrender to its way you would be safe.This is suffering. Once you surrender to the way of the shadow, you lose your way of your individual self and it is often hard to leave its controlling mental ways.

Shadows are why many people have returned to old mental patterns and identities. This is the way of the old earth.

In this 90 minute online course, we will be exploring shining the light on your hidden shadows, bring the shadows into the light and expose their trickster ways along with the meaning of their suffering.  Additionally, healing through grace, soul wisdom and reconnecting to your own power to self-heal and release fear. Two healing meditation journeys will be guided during this course. It’s time to take back your power of self-awareness from your own inner wisdom.

$34.99 / Course Fee + Download  

The Daily Infinite Presence of God Consciousness 

Healing, wisdom, love, and awakening – 6 part online course

Thursday, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9,  4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads (6 – 90-minute sessions + 2 – 30-minute deepening practices)

Do you recognize that infinite love is everywhere, but find it difficult to embrace it in everyday life? Are you still rejecting pieces of yourself and defining them as unloveable? Anyone who is on a spiritual path will find the challenges at times of embracing full infinite love in daily life. The more we experience the presence of infinite love through the void wisdom of God consciousness in ourselves and experiencing our own true nature, the more we experience it in everyday life.

When we start to explore and dive deep into our spiritual true nature, we discover the whole experience of our own soul’s destiny essence. This is the beginning of getting to know ourselves again, from the presence of the infinite. From the infinite source, we arrive with exploring through the presence of God consciousness, grace, and Divine love, instead of mental, fear, destruction and ego versions of conditioned spiritual patterned programming.

God consciousness is one of the deepest levels of our many layers of consciousness, sometimes called the God consciousness wisdom body. The sense of God has been so destroyed by the destructive mental humanism of time, it represents deep imprisonment of pain and control for many.  While others have found a different path with Source God or have accepted the ongoing imprisonment of pain and control as a way of life.

In this course, we will be exploring the presence of the Infinite God consciousness for our own spiritual healing, true nature and organic love. This is not the God consciousness of organized conditions or mental humanism.

I like to call this the open space of the infinite source of deeper consciousness through our connection to the void wisdom or Godself. This is a journey of healing and awakening of finding ourselves through infinite source God frequency and intelligence, not as a male entity, conditions or controlling but as infinite love wisdom. I hope you can join us for this 6 part online spiritual exploration of your own true nature through the presence of God consciousness.

Session One – Living from the Presence of God Consciousness 

What is the presence of beingness through God Consciousness?

  • Where is presence of awareness?
  • Infinite love presence
  • Being through God consciousness
  • What is the Godself?

Session Two – Building your Spiritual Foundation through God “Conscience”

  • God “conscience”
  • Importance of your spiritual foundation
  • Building your “God “conscience”
  • Consciousness through God “conscience”

Session Three – Self-Acceptance – Through Compassion of Infinite Love

  • Why self-acceptance is vital for your spiritual path
  • Presence of self-acceptance through grace
  • Loving presence into spiritual integration
  • Compassion as a dimension through infinite love   

Live Deepening Session (20 to 30 minutes)

  • Deepening wisdom and practices to integrate  sessions 1 – 3

Session Four – Separating Way of the Mind – Breaking the Historical Patterns

  • Ego fading into the background
  • Mind connection versus presence
  • Walking beyond fear of the open heart
  • Embracing unconditional love as a leading source

Session Five –Forgiveness – Sinking through the heart

  • Unified field of the heart-cavern
  • Walking through the forgiveness lens
  • Forgiveness a source of empowerment for humanity
  • Embracing self-forgiveness and self-love is vital for spiritual awakening

Session Six – From God Consciousness to the Infinite Source of YOU

  • Deep Listening through the presence of God consciousness
  • Wisdom through the infinite source of you
  • Your destiny’s open window
  • Resting in the void awareness of your Godself
  • Arriving through infinite source God to YOU

Live Deepening Session (20 to 30 minutes)

  • Deepening wisdom and practices to integrate sessions 4 – 6

$225.00 / Course Fee + Course Downloads + Deepen the Process Downloads  

*Split payment plan also available, send us an email through “contact us” for more details. 

The Tears of the Forgotten Child
Remembering who you are through your inner child

Tuesday, October 10, 4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download (2-hour course)

As adults we get caught up in the seriousness and the noise of the human world, so much we lose connection with the inner self. Many people leave the tender-innocence of the child and rush into the arms of human duties. This imprisonment disconnects us from our inner child, piece by piece.

The inner child is real and is needed now more than ever before, in this time of transition. The disconnection of the inner child is why many people lose their way or feel as if something is missing or forgotten in their journey on the earth. This often leaves the inner child hovered down in a corner, alone, confused and separated from you in your alignment. Do you feel separated from your inner child as an entire experience or only certain layers of time through your childhood? You need your inner child as much as they need you for the arrival and healing of this time as an entire experience.

I guide my clients and students taking my courses to their inner child through the space and layers of time, versus a whole child entity. Each year of our childhood has many layers of time with our inner child.

In this online course, we will be exploring the reconnecting of your inner child. We will do several journey meditations with meeting, healing and wisdom connection with your inner child and much more.

$55.00 / Course Fee + Download  



Embodying the Reality of Love with God Consciousness 
A Conversational Course on Love, Stillness and the Frequency Known as God Consciousness
Reclaiming Your Soul Self to Illuminate Humanity 

god-1Do you have a longing for a better understanding of “Love Consciousness” in a world of mysteries and changes? Divine stillness and presence will allow you to return to the essence of your core spiritual being. Are you ready for the journey?   

Have you ever pondered the comparison of love, God and stillness?  They all mean the same thing or the mixture coding frequency formula of what we call the embodiment of love consciousness. The sense of God has been so destroyed by the destructive masculine humanism of times, it represents deep imprisonment of pain and control for many.  While others have found different pathways with God or have accepted the ongoing imprisonment of pain and control as a way of life.

In times of destruction on the Earth many have said, “Where was God?”. The biggest question is where were you?  Whether people want to believe it or not, we are all creators and powerful creators at best. God is a parallel of our soul creation. I like to call this the God-Self. Although, there are many ways of God, evil is not one of them or the presence of God Consciousness. My experience with God arrived at incarnation-birth. My awareness of God is not an old man floating around on a cloud or even a male or female creator entity. To me God is a presences of expansive consciousness; a stillness source who has a frequency intelligence while illuminating the wisdom and the being-ness of love consciousness.

This course is not about changing where you are in your belief systems, but to add to whatever experience of love consciousness wisdom you need. I hope you can join this online course, on the embodiment of Love Consciousness.

In this course:

  • The doorway of stillness
  • What is God Consciousness
  • Embodying love and stillness as a frequency
  • Awakening the experience of the God-Self
  • The frequency of authentic particle spiritual awakening
  • Human created love versus love consciousness
  • Tools of higher states of spiritual consciousness
  • A God Consciousness healing journey of love

$55.00 / Course Fee 

The Embodiment of Your Natural Stillness Presence In Humanity
Living inside the inner doorway of beauty & grace in everyday life

Stillness is alive and a natural part of your being. When you are truly in the natural state of stillness of the heart, body and soul without an agenda, you are connecting and resting in your inner being of creation. Within resting you are in the inner doorway of stillness and allowing peace to fill your experience. When we allow ourselves to simply be of stillness we are in the center of “I am presence”. We then experience the voice frequency of the soul and feel the initiation pathway of our inner being in the physical world. This brings our stillness presence of the soul into our earthly experience. When you bring your state of being into the physical world, you are raising your vibration and helping to supply love consciousness into humanity. This helps you to move further along to initiate into the essence of an earthwalker of humanity. The earthwalker of humanity walks within stillness of the earth.In this course we will be journeying and experiencing our true nature of being stillness, both from the surface and deep within the soul space. We will be exploring the foundations of stillness such as grace, love, beauty and harmony. The course travels beyond old mental conditions into the presence of your natural pathway and how stillness moves and illuminates in the experience of the inner soul. You will experience, sense perception and inner body awareness which are two gateways into stillness and much more.

Session One – Awakening into the Embodiment of Love
Experience love awakening wisdom
Love consciousness as stillness
I am presence in love consciousness
Yearning for love through the embodiment process

Session Two – Experiencing Grace
What is grace
Awaken grace as the presence of the heart
The being-ness teacher of forgiveness
Moving into stillness with grace to expand beauty
Connecting to the Inner self with grace and God Consciousness

Session Three – Power, Strength and Willingness of Being
Hidden doorways of trickster identities
Climbing the mountain of truth in stillness
The “will” inside of living in stillness
I am presence with being

Session Four – Inward Approach of Stillness
What is stillness beyond the physical
Healing within the stillness matrix
The practice of stillness
Natures approach to stillness
Stillness initiation living what is versus what you want

155.00 / Course Fee