Events – Online Healing Wisdom Courses

Exploring the Mystery of Self Love – Two-Part Online Course
Living a life of authentic love, through loving what is you

Saturday, December 16, 8:00 a.m. (PST) / 11:00 a.m. (EST), Thursday December 21 3:00 p.m. (PST) / 6:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads (4-hour course)

What is authentic self-love? What is self-love beyond loving and having a relationship with yourself? Very few people reach peace with self-love because they are searching and waiting for the magic celebration to happen and the experience of peace to arrive. The truth is self-love has very little to with finding love within yourself but everything to do with mystical surrender and awakening your true nature. Love is something we are the experience and creation of versus something we discover or earn.

We definitely spend our entire journey on earth exploring, deepening and growing self-love. However, we awaken our foundation of self-love and expand consciousness with it in our heart and earthly journey.
In this two-part online course, we will be exploring self-love not by steps or a process but by taking a self-love journey. Your self-love journey will be different than others, but you are unique to who you are. Be where you are with your own journey with self-love and together collectively we will move forward in all direction with it. Wisdom, healing, exploration tools and meditation.
“The role of the human on earth related to self-love is to authentically love their soul to enhance humanity.”
 $77.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Inquiry of Initiation: From Dark Night to Birthing Love, Grace and YOU
The birthing of your true nature and humanity in 2018 – Online Course

Thursday, November 30, December 7, 14,  4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads (Three 2-hour sessions)

In this time, there is no question we are seeing and experiencing great change, challenges, shifting and illumination in all directions of the inner self and humanity. We are experiencing the awakening of deep infinite love and grace through the presence of our own true nature. This opens the door of self-accountability, compassion and awakening through the heart. This often will pull us out of what we have come to know as the self. This unknown self or falling from self is called your true spiritual nature.

Completing, Deathing, Ending and Nothingness (Birthing)
We are in a dark night on many levels, as a species, layers of planetary conjunction and even many people are journeying through a personal dark night. Dark night is an amazing sacred teacher and guide of assisting with your shifting out of the old, death process and birthing into the new. However, going through a dark night does not always feel so sacred. With moving through the death process of the old and birthing of the new, comes initiation. With Initiation, we arrive at becoming our own soul wisdom and origin in the physical earth walking experience. The initiation(s) will raise your vibration and the vibration of humanity, therefore helping humanity birth into the new through its own initiation for 2018.

This is the birthing journey of the new humanity through your own initiation.

In this online course we will be exploring:

Session One – Walk with the Dark Night

  • Experiencing the dark night
  • What we learn from the dark night
  • The dark night of the species
  • Characteristics and healing through dark night
  • The shadow(s) of the dark night
  • Discovering your inner truth through a dark night
  • The death of the dark night
  • Healing meditation journeys

Mid-Session: Drum Initiation

Session Two – Initiating Love and Grace Through Your True Nature

  • What is Initiation?
  • Falling from self to true nature
  • How to unlock your inner potential
  • Stop running away from your inner destiny
  • Love and grace initiation of your true nature
  • Dimension tracking of awakening
  • Initiating your own soul wisdom into rebirth
  • Holographic wisdom coding for initiation
  • Healing meditation journeys

Mid-Session: Drum Initiation

Session Three – The birthing of the new humanity in 2018

  • Humanity’s love and grace Initiation
  • Healing through being stuck in a mid-dimension shift
  • Soul seed planting for humanity
  • Initiation of humanity’s Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
  • The holographic wisdom of the feminine and masculine
  • The soul of 2018 birthing the new
  • Healing meditation journeys
  • And much more

$135.00 / Course Fee Entrance + Downloads 

Pre-Recorded: The Embodiment of Your Natural Stillness Presence In Humanity
Living inside the inner doorway of beauty & grace in everyday life

Stillness is alive and a natural part of your being. When you are truly in the natural state of stillness of the heart, body and soul without an agenda, you are connecting and resting in your inner being of creation. Within resting you are in the inner doorway of stillness and allowing peace to fill your experience. When we allow ourselves to simply be of stillness we are in the center of “I am presence”. We then experience the voice frequency of the soul and feel the initiation pathway of our inner being in the physical world. This brings our stillness presence of the soul into our earthly experience. When you bring your state of being into the physical world, you are raising your vibration and helping to supply love consciousness into humanity. This helps you to move further along to initiate into the essence of an earthwalker of humanity. The earthwalker of humanity walks within stillness of the earth.In this course we will be journeying and experiencing our true nature of being stillness, both from the surface and deep within the soul space. We will be exploring the foundations of stillness such as grace, love, beauty and harmony. The course travels beyond old mental conditions into the presence of your natural pathway and how stillness moves and illuminates in the experience of the inner soul. You will experience, sense perception and inner body awareness which are two gateways into stillness and much more.

Session One – Awakening into the Embodiment of Love
Experience love awakening wisdom
Love consciousness as stillness
I am presence in love consciousness
Yearning for love through the embodiment process

Session Two – Experiencing Grace
What is grace
Awaken grace as the presence of the heart
The being-ness teacher of forgiveness
Moving into stillness with grace to expand beauty
Connecting to the Inner self with grace and God Consciousness

Session Three – Power, Strength and Willingness of Being
Hidden doorways of trickster identities
Climbing the mountain of truth in stillness
The “will” inside of living in stillness
I am presence with being

Session Four – Inward Approach of Stillness
What is stillness beyond the physical
Healing within the stillness matrix
The practice of stillness
Natures approach to stillness
Stillness initiation living what is versus what you want

155.00 / Course Fee