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Shape-Shifting Energy Coding

Walking Through Healing to Awakening

Tele-Course/Webinar (75 Minute Online Course)
May 23rd Saturday  8:00a pst/  11:00a est/
Course fee: 29.99+ Download  (Limited Space)

Human-being have the innate ability to shift and move energy to transform their lives. We are never attached to an engraved thought or emotional feeling, we can transform those thoughts and emotional feelings by changing the shape and framing of the energy coding. We have the capacity, to wake up from a deep freeze to live consciously, instead of settling for the current disharmony life frame work. “Shape-Shifting Energy” is a ancient shamanic healing process, that can also help you become unstuck, view healing, walk into the core of the old story to re-frame (re-imprint) the coding. In this course we will walk through the process of shape-shifting energy coding, scanning the body, heart & Chakras, inventory check of old agreements, patterns and habits that maybe dis-empowering you, disentangling your old story to awaken reality and more. Also a power journey into shape-shifting energy to awaken your experience.

arielThe Co-Creation of the Archangels & Spirit Power Animals

Learn to Heal and Work with the Co-Creation of the Archangels and Spirit Power Animals

Tele-Course/Webinar (2 Hour Course Online Course)
May 28th Thursday 4:00p pst/  7:00p est/
Course fee: 39.99+ Download  (Limited Space)

Learn about the co-creation of the Archangels and Spirit Power Animals, together as a co-creation energy into healing and awakening. More and more the Archangels are walking through the door of your heart with the Spirit Power Animals.  In this course you will learn how to work with the Archangels and Spirit Power Animals, discover their healing messages, their specialties: why they are emerging more frequently on your pathway at this time and much more. A special illumination healing journey into the 5th dimension with the Archangels and Spirit Power Animals.
 “The Coyote, the Archangel and the Lion by Eddie Mullins” Read More