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Healing and Releasing Trauma

Seeing Through the Darkness Into the Light

2-Part Tele-Course/Webinar (4 hour Online Course)
April 21 & 28 Tuesday 4:00p pst/  7:00p est/
Course fee: 69.99  (Limited Space)

Are you experiencing areas of deep disconnected or disharmony in your life?  Are you feeling physical or emotional symptoms that keep returning that no one can explain? You maybe experiencing trauma from the past or an incarnated trauma link trail.  Trauma is an area that most people don’t talk about or keep hidden because they may have labeled it as a dark shameful situation.  Often people maybe suffering from  levels of trauma and are unaware of the symptoms of trauma in the body. In simple terms trauma is a disassociation or a blocked cluster channel in the body.  In shamanic terms trauma is called soul loss or a broken spirit.  The unfortunate illusion, people are being told, trauma cannot be healed.  This is a living illusion, trauma can be healed and released from the body. Trauma is often labeled and miss-diagnosed as depression.  Depression can be one of the many symptoms of trauma. Join this powerful online healing course of releasing, healing, understanding the function of trauma and much more.