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Magical Dolphin Medicine – Online Course
Emotional Healing and Balance With Spirit Animal Dolphin
Healing, Messages, Guidance and Awakening 
Tuesday October 25th –  4:00p pst / 7:00p est
Online Course – Listen Live or Later/Limited Space

The Dolphin is the master teacher of harmony and balance. The spirit animal, dolphin is known as the sacred harmonious healer, playful visionary, wisdom keeper of the Earth and higher consciousness sound frequency healer. Many of the ocean spirit animals, with their medicine ways, are guiding you to go deep within the inner self within this time, including Dolphin. The Dolphin helps you step outside of the logical box of the world to step into compassion, love, nurturing and sacred remembering of who you are, from the door of the inner self, very much of the sacred feminine energy. When dolphins swim into your life, they are guiding you to access your gifts to move forward in your life, emotional trust and playfulness, as well as helping you to trust the willingness to navigate through your emotions.

In this online course, you will experience the ways to work with dolphin energy medicine for healing and evolving in your spiritual earth journey. Additionally, you will be experiencing the navigation initiation energy of the spirit animal, dolphin, to help you journey into your soul, while receiving specific answers and wisdom to your life experiences.

All spirit power animals have specific meanings and connecting points, but they have different messages and meanings for different people. In my life, the Dolphin has helped me to fine tune my frequency and to travel within the coding of frequency over the years. Experience what connections you have to Dolphin and the power of Dolphin Medicine at this time in your life. You will discover how Dolphins can help you in every area of your life and how to create a ceremonial-ritual with Dolphin for letting go of old imprint patterns. In the last part of the course we will be taking a wild shamanic healing journey with Dolphin. Join this magical experience and learn how to communicate with the spirit power animals.

$44.00 / Course Fee 

$144.00 / Course Fee + Diamond Dolphin Healing Session (45 Minutes) 

Calling of the Soul
Navigating & Creating Through the Feminine Wisdom with the 5th Dimension Reality
Embracing the New Earth and the Essential Inner Self

Thursday, October 20, 27 November 3,  4:00p pst / 7:00p est
3 – Two Hour Online Sessions – Listen Live or Later
Limited Space – Includes Downloads of the Course

soul44In a world of frequent changes and shifting, do you feel lost or misplaced from the essential inner self? Do you feel the 5th dimension reality or feel confused as to how to navigate and create within its frequency with the feminine wisdom? If you feel the energy of confirmation grounding through you, then this online course is for you.

We are in a vast time of aligning and rebirthing with the soul. Working with the soul is about getting quiet and infused with the wisdom of stillness at the core of the soul. This is the soul’s energetic space, beyond the thinking mind, ordinary time and controlled with programmed  beliefs. Soul wisdom is at the source of the destiny-self. Destiny is not what you should be; it is what you actually are, at the home center of your soul’s creation. The soul is calling out to you from within, but are you listening? Is your human aspect pulling you away from your soul?

In this online course, we will be working with the characteristics of the 5th dimension reality, the inner core connection of the soul-self and the wisdom of the feminine frequency coding.  Shifting from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension reality is a huge change. Those dimensions will change as a driving focus of creation with the physical and now moving into the energetic flow of navigating through the heart and soul, along with the 5th dimensional reality of creation. The 3rd dimension was a reality that focused primarily on the thinking mental mind and physical creations with a human aspect of the masculine destructive energy. While the 5th dimension is a reality that focuses on navigation with energetic emotions of the heart and manifesting with the sacred feminine wisdom energy, it’s wisdom moves in all directions.  Conversely, the 3rd dimension density moves in one direction one step at a time with a “it must be this way” pattern frequency. The inner-self at the core of the soul has never moved in one direction or at one step at a time. We are experiencing, with true eyes, the revealing and exposing functioning of the soul inner-self.

In this three-part online course, together we will journey through the experience of the soul,  inner-self and 5th dimension  to connect to your experience of divine soul creation to embrace your earth walking-humanity journey.

In this Course:

  • The calling of the soul
  • Characteristics of the 5th dimension
  • Layers of the soul
  • What is the Sacred Feminine
  • What is the Sacred Masculine
  • Healing with the shadow Feminine
  • The lens layers of the real inner self
  • Traveling to the core home of the soul
  • Accessing the divine soul self warrior
  • Ascension Light Body navigation
  • Trauma within the soul
  • Sacred healing tools and healing meditation journeys into the soul
  • And must more….

$99.00 / Course Fee 


Walking with the Sacred Powers of the Empath – Online Course
Managing, Living and Walking the Earth as an Empath
Stepping into Balance and Harmony 
Wednesday October 5, 12, 19, 26  3:30p pst / 6:30p est
4 – Two Hour Online Courses – Listen Live or Later
Limited Space

Are you embracing the prison or the golden palace of walking the Earth as an Empath?

In mid-2002, I knew something was very wrong. Each day at the end of my work shift, I felt as if I could fall asleep for fourteen hours right there on the work floor. I felt as if I could have died right there (a similar feeling I experienced as a child). Each day I encountered hundreds of people of all different types of energies and problems as they walked in the door. I was a vacuum for their harsh energies and problems. I had large amounts of emotional trauma – living, stuck and growing in my body. My body was starting to break down physically and emotionally. To top it all off I had just left an emotionally draining dating experience, just in time to open the door and walk into my dark night of the soul. This was the beginning of my consistent spiritual pathways opening to another level, but it would it be anything but peaceful and illuminating in the beginning.

Yes, I’m an Empath, always have been. If you are drawn to this course, chances are you are an Empath, too. In this course, you will learn how to manage, live and walk through your life as an Empath. This is not just a course on taking on energy and how to balance it. This is a course that goes well beyond the function of taking on energy. It’s how and why an Empath dissects, seeds, roots, and calls horrific entangled energy into their experience, only to live within those portals. This weakens the energy field and body, even making you feel like you are crazy. This course is about managing and returning back to your essential self.

What type of Empath are you? There are many different types of Empaths. More people these days are discovering that they, too, are Empaths. Many don’t even know they are an Empath, but are living with the daily function and trauma of an Empath. Many Empaths are misdiagnosed. Living as an Empath does not have to be a burden, prison or even what some call a curse. It is a blessing! Now it’s time to learn how to manage and balance it. Allow being an Empath to work for you instead of against you. Let us start the journey of understanding and creating your Empath toolbox. Each session is full of tools, journey-meditations, education and more.

In this Online Course:
Session 1: Diving Deep into the Core of the Empath
What is an Empath
Introduction to the Empath Frequency Body
Empath and empathic the connection difference
Empath emprint cellular characteristics
Beyond taking on energy, from victim to empower
The outlets for attracting lower energies in your energy field

Session 2: The Journey with the Empath
Shifting the Empath frequency to ride the wave
The Earthwalker Empath vs the Performer Empath
The wounded Empath, returning to the soul frequency
Shamanic Emotional Tracking
Managing your Empath sensory system grid
Charging, living and function with your Haric Body as an Empath

Session 3: Managing Your Empath Self
Identifying the Universal Self
Warrior boundaries from the soul heart
The Freedom to be an Empath and empathic
Emotional and mental balance
Grieving as an Empath – personally and globally

Session 4: Disentangling the Rooting Energy
The unstuck zone of trauma
Protecting the Empath Inner Child
Journey through the soul to reclaim the lost SELF
The Empath Freedom Earth Walker

$279.00 / Course Fee 

Entrance into online course (Listen Live or Later)
Downloads of all four sessions, total of 8 hours
Entrance into the Empath Empowerment calls