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Wild Soul – Shamanic Self Inquiry 

Navigating through your soul medicine space – two-part online course

Thursday, January 19 & 26, 4:00 p.m (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST)
Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download

Shaman soulAre you ready for the experience of 2017, the year of initiation? This year is about initiating into the wild soul.  The wild soul is the inner self. Who are you from the deepest level of your soul? What does it means to be a human being at this time on the earth? What is the experience with stillness, the soul medicine space and humanity? We will be covering all of these questions and areas of inner self curiosity.

We will exploring and navigating through the wild soul with shamanic self inquiry by diving deep into the interior of your “own” soul. This is the space of the sacred circle of the soul, which can move and see in all directions of the inner pathway of silence. This helps you connection to the voice of the soul. This is the way of the medicine space. We will be working with obstacles, toxic identities, hidden trickster energy and old programming, keeping you from initiating into your wild soul. In this self inquiry journey you will be experiencing what it take to navigate through your own soul, using your own soul’s energy system.  Everyone’s experience of navigating through the wild soul is different, since there are different soul ages, awakening and experience of wisdom. Join this two-part experience with the wild soul, self inquiry, shamanic journeys, expanding self awareness while working with initiation energy frequencies and more.

In this Course:

Session One – Inquiry of the Soul

Navigating into the soul medicine space
Shamanic Soul Dreaming with self inquiry
Exposing trails of toxic creation identities (power, struggle, trauma, shame…)
Opening the “fibers of inner truth”
Being in the presence of the empty silent space
Preparing for the wild soul initiation

Session Two – Personal Initiation

Soul origin DNA frequencies
Direction and wisdom of the wild soul
Belief versus behavior in self inquiry
Activation of higher inner self consciousness
“The Experience” – Initiation of the wild soul

99.00 / Course Fee 

Spirit Animal Cheetah – the Spirit Medicine Way

Initiation earthly journey of your pathway – online course

Monday, January 23, 4:00 p.m (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST)
Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download

sb10066698ey-002Are you experiencing spirit animal Cheetah on your pathway? When Cheetah races into your life, it means that things are moving quickly in your life and creation is happening very rapidly. Cheetah will help you to stay focused on your direction, intentions and elongating your energy with action while being clear with the speed you are traveling on earth. This process of connecting with Cheetah, helps you to awaken without obstacles of worldly static along your pathway. This spirit animal will help you stay on target with your mission.

In this online course you will be taking a shamanic wisdom and healing journey with the Cheetah to help you re-balance, re-ground and re-align with the speed you are traveling in your life and in the world of humanity. You will have the experience of learning how to work with Cheetah and what cheetah symbolizes for you in your life. Spirit animals have different meanings for everyone.  Join this journey of clarity, direction, healing and awakening into your wild destiny with the Cheetah spirit medicine way.

In this Course:

Meaning and direction symbols when Cheetah shows up in your life
Working with Cheetah from your soul medicine space
Cheetah as a totem animal
Messages from Cheetah – the medicine animal
Initiation Cheetah energy medicine
Heart warrior of Cheetah
Shamanic journey with Cheetah
Working with Cheetah daily

55.00 / Course Fee 

Illumination Body: Chakra Healing Online Training® – Three Systems: Major, Minor and Soul Chakras

Multi-Dimensional Body Healing and Awakening – Returning to the Earth. 8 Week – Session Course

Starts January 24th, meeting for 90 minutes every Tuesday for 8 weeks. Listen Live or Later

Are you ready to awaken your illumination “ascension” body? As we become more sensitive to energy and situations on the planet, our Chakra systems become more of an expansion vibration for awakening. We all have the ability to heal our bodies in many ways – one being through the Chakra system(s). The Illumination Body: Chakra Healing Training program is for the beginner or advance Chakra explorer (read more). 



Embodying the Reality of Love with God Consciousness 
A Conversational Course on Love, Stillness and the Frequency Known as God Consciousness
Reclaiming Your Soul Self to Illuminate Humanity 

god-1Do you have a longing for a better understanding of “Love Consciousness” in a world of mysteries and changes? Divine stillness and presence will allow you to return to the essence of your core spiritual being. Are you ready for the journey?   

Have you ever pondered the comparison of love, God and stillness?  They all mean the same thing or the mixture coding frequency formula of what we call the embodiment of love consciousness. The sense of God has been so destroyed by the destructive masculine humanism of times, it represents deep imprisonment of pain and control for many.  While others have found different pathways with God or have accepted the ongoing imprisonment of pain and control as a way of life.

In times of destruction on the Earth many have said, “Where was God?”. The biggest question is where were you?  Whether people want to believe it or not, we are all creators and powerful creators at best. God is a parallel of our soul creation. I like to call this the God-Self. Although, there are many ways of God, evil is not one of them or the presence of God Consciousness. My experience with God arrived at incarnation-birth. My awareness of God is not an old man floating around on a cloud or even a male or female creator entity. To me God is a presences of expansive consciousness; a stillness source who has a frequency intelligence while illuminating the wisdom and the being-ness of love consciousness.

This course is not about changing where you are in your belief systems, but to add to whatever experience of love consciousness wisdom you need. I hope you can join this online course, on the embodiment of Love Consciousness.

In this course:

  • The doorway of stillness
  • What is God Consciousness
  • Embodying love and stillness as a frequency
  • Awakening the experience of the God-Self
  • The frequency of authentic particle spiritual awakening
  • Human created love versus love consciousness
  • Tools of higher states of spiritual consciousness
  • A God Consciousness healing journey of love

$55.00 / Course Fee