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Awaken & Use Your NOW Intuition in a Changing World

Access your Inner Knowing & Spiritual Power Everyday

Tele-Course/Webinar (2 Hour Online Course)
October 25th Saturday 11a est/ 8a pst
Course fee: 39.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

Are you accessing your internal compass for choices you are making on a daily basis? Do you feel lost with the information the Divine is sending you about change and rebirthing in your life?  Whether you are tuned in, to your intuition or new to the international highway of information, this course is for you. Get in touch with your inner knowing and spiritual power, to be used in your everyday life. As we become more sensitive, in the fast changing world, more information will be flooding into your body, energy and experience. Learn how to deep your flow of intuition. This course was designed for the intuitive energy of now.

In this Course:

  • Secret first step in powering and opening your intuition
  • Understanding the luminous energy field
  • Power tips for using true intuition vs false links
  • Seeing, feeling and connecting to energy
  • Intuitive yes or no answers in the body
  • Embodying the Divine Light, awaken trust within
  • Communicating with Angels, Spirit Guides & Sacred Realms
  • Separating from the ego and the thought grip
  • How to control your etheric body
  • Setting energetic boundaries
  • Supersensory communication styles
  • Understanding messages and symbols sent by the Divine
  • Meditation and experimental exercises. . .and much more


Awaken the Warrior – the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Embodying the Paradigm of the New Sacred Relationship

Tele-Course/Webinar (60 Minute Online Course)
October 28th Tuesday 7p est/ 4p pst
Course fee: 25.00 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

imagesRHFR9MXVWhen we hear the words warrior we often think of war and survival.  Although the action of the warrior can be connected to war and survival, it is also about peace, compassion, going within, Feminine & Masculine and the doorway to other energies spaces for your earthly journey. In this course we will explore the healing of the Divine Masculine and the return of the Divine Feminine, to form the Warrior Paradigm of the Sacred Relationship of the Feminine and Masculine as an equal partnership.
In this Course:
  • Awaken the Feminine and Masculine Warrior within
  • Return of the Sacred Mother; strength of the Divine Feminine
  • The earth’s shadow awareness of the Divine Feminine
  • Journey of healing the Divine Masculine
  • Rebirth the earth with the Divine Warrior Partnership
  • Working & Healing with the Divine Feminine & Masculine within you
  • And much more…