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Shapeshifting Energy Healing Coding
Sacred healing, true nature and the hollow bone

Tuesday March 20  4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads (2-hour online course)

Human beings have the innate ability to shift and move energy to transform their lives. We are never attached to an engraved thought or emotional feeling, we can transform those thoughts and emotional feelings by changing the shape and framing of the energy coding. We have the capacity, to wake up from a deep freeze to live consciously, instead of settling for the current disharmony life framework. ‘shapeshifting energy’ is an ancient shamanic healing process, that can also help you become unstuck, view healing, walk into the core of the old story to re-frame (re-imprint) the coding.

In this course, we will walk through the process of shapeshifting energy coding, scanning the body, heart, chakras, inventory check of old agreements, patterns, and habits that maybe disempowering you, disentangling your old story to awaken reality and more. Also a power journey into shapeshifting energy to transform your experience into your own sacred wisdom and knowledge.

$55.00 / Course fee includes download 

The Path Through Love, Living From the Diamond Light Body – Online Course
Discovering and activating the sacred diamond light frequency
Tuesday, March 27, 3:00 p.m (PST) / 6:00 p.m. (EST) – 2 Hour Course. Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download
We have many matrix bodies within the light body.  As we move into ascension through the 5th dimension we start to activate the out layers of the light body and then over time we start the activation of the matrix bodies. This is the process of ascension through the physical body while expanding and the capacity to hold more multi-dimension light, therefore expanding consciousness. 

Arriving at the heart of the diamond light body, the journey in and through. . .

In this course, we will be exploring the diamond light body. The diamond light body is formed from the diamond galactic light matrix. This frame light body is the star fractal particulars of the 11th dimension. The diamond light body is the soul vehicle of teleporting and bi-locating to the 11th dimension through the diamond light frequency codes. This body activates when there is the divinity of consciousness on a multi-dimensional level where there has been a light awareness initiation of love greater than blame, judgment and ego identity on a spiritual and cosmic level. We will explore the characteristic, wisdom, healing and knowledge of the diamond light body, along with a diamond light meditation journey and much more. Are you ready to journey through the matrix of the diamond light body?

$44.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Walking the Path of the Shamanic Heart

Embodying healing through wild heart medicine, sacred space, intention and ceremony

Wednesday March 7  4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads (4 – 2-hour sessions)

Walking the healing path always allows us to dive deep into the true essence of what it means to be a human being walking the Earth as an earthwalker.

Are you ready to reclaim who you are through diving deep into your heart, soul and destiny while walking the red road? We are moving and birthing into a heart-based world and deathing a head based world. When we access the intelligence, feeling matrix and natural instincts of the heart we start to live on the Earth in our soul’s destiny realm.

Many are struggling with surrendering and opening up their heart because they are lost in the story of what surrendering and opening the heart should look like. This type of story experience is being created through the thinking mind, which limits and closes off the essence of the heart and who you are as a person who walks in the sacred unity of Earth, Nature and Spirit. Are you ready to walk the red road, honor sacred space, create through intentions and design personal ceremony?

Join us for a full circle of healing and initiating through the shamanic heart. It’s time to activate and live in our sacred circle for humanity. Are you ready for the journey?

In this four-part online course, we will explore:

Session One – Uprooting and Walking the Shamanic Heart Path

  • Walk the red road
  • Awakening the shamanic heart
  • Working with your Ancestors
  • Finding the green road

Session Two – Honor Sacred Space

  • Medicine Wheel
  • Creating sacred space
  • Nature
  • Dying consciously to rebirth 

Session Three – Creating Through Intention

  • Journeying and opening your intentions
  • Accessing your heart power of intention
  • Your intentions, how they affect humanity
  • Flowing with the energy of intention
  • Aligning intentions with your journey and humanity
  • Shamanic meditation, crystal sound bowls and healing chants

Session Four – Personal Sacred Ceremonies

  • What is ceremony?
  • Creating your own sacred ceremony
  • Bringing back and creating with ceremony  
  • Creating a Mesa energy healing pouch
  • Sacred Pray of intention

 $155.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Embodying Grace Consciousness – Two-Part Online Course
Living from surrender, compassion, and love
Tuesday, April 3 & 10, 4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST)
Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the downloadGrace is about arriving with an open heart through higher states of soul wisdom. Grace is the inner source of Divine love, that lives within all of us. When we are open to surrendering through our hearts to the awareness, we may not know what we “think” we know; this is when Grace rushes in to expand our hearts. In that moment, we are open and available to be guided by Grace through the heart into the flow of our true spiritual nature. We then experience and embody the intelligence of the heart and soul, through the power and guidance of Grace; just simply being and allowing what is, through the presence and harmony of being.In this two-part online course, we will be exploring and navigating through your relationship with Grace into your heart and soul. In diving deep into your soul essence, you will connect to your true nature. Additionally, we will be doing several navigational healing journeys with Grace to help you explore the rhythm of harmony, beauty, peace, compassion, trust and self-awareness in your daily life. The more you experience Grace Consciousness, the more you embody and activate the natural rhythm of Divine love through your heart, therefore letting go of trusting in ego thoughts and the thinking mind.
$79.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Stream Courses Available Now:
Surrendering Through Your Heart

Finding compassion, love and presence – Online Course

Are you being called to surrender through your spiritual heart in your life? These days the conversation everywhere you turn from the spiritual aspect is about surrendering and letting go. Surrender is such an important and difficult alignment of the spiritual path with exploring who you are outside of the conditions of the human experience. When we are willing to surrender the way of controlling the experience of what we think we know; we are then open and available to walk the surrendering path of grace and spiritual consciousness. What are you willing to surrender in your life, to walk the earth with freedom and truth here and now?

In this course, we will be exploring how to surrender through the heart and looking at patterns and identities that may be keeping you from living a life of surrender and presence. Often it is more common to explore through toxic patterns and identities, but more challenging these days to surrender what is simply complete or keeping you in comfort of an old pattern or identity. The surrendering through the heart course will help you live a life of compassion, love, and presence by surrendering to who you really are. Also, we will be doing some healing meditations to journey through the heart. 

$44.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

The Embodiment of Your Natural Stillness Presence In Humanity
Living inside the inner doorway of beauty & grace in everyday life

Stillness is alive and a natural part of your being. When you are truly in the natural state of stillness of the heart, body and soul without an agenda, you are connecting and resting in your inner being of creation. Within resting you are in the inner doorway of stillness and allowing peace to fill your experience. When we allow ourselves to simply be of stillness we are in the center of “I am presence”. We then experience the voice frequency of the soul and feel the initiation pathway of our inner being in the physical world. This brings our stillness presence of the soul into our earthly experience. When you bring your state of being into the physical world, you are raising your vibration and helping to supply love consciousness into humanity. This helps you to move further along to initiate into the essence of an earthwalker of humanity. The earthwalker of humanity walks within stillness of the earth.In this course we will be journeying and experiencing our true nature of being stillness, both from the surface and deep within the soul space. We will be exploring the foundations of stillness such as grace, love, beauty and harmony. The course travels beyond old mental conditions into the presence of your natural pathway and how stillness moves and illuminates in the experience of the inner soul. You will experience, sense perception and inner body awareness which are two gateways into stillness and much more.

Session One – Awakening into the Embodiment of Love
Experience love awakening wisdom
Love consciousness as stillness
I am presence in love consciousness
Yearning for love through the embodiment process

Session Two – Experiencing Grace
What is grace
Awaken grace as the presence of the heart
The being-ness teacher of forgiveness
Moving into stillness with grace to expand beauty
Connecting to the Inner self with grace and God Consciousness

Session Three – Power, Strength and Willingness of Being
Hidden doorways of trickster identities
Climbing the mountain of truth in stillness
The “will” inside of living in stillness
I am presence with being

Session Four – Inward Approach of Stillness
What is stillness beyond the physical
Healing within the stillness matrix
The practice of stillness
Natures approach to stillness
Stillness initiation living what is versus what you want

155.00 / Course Fee