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VFLotGetting Real with the Divine Feminine in a World of Chaos
Walking the Passion Fire Pathway with Mary Magdalene

Tele-Course/Webinar (90 Minute Online Course)
December 2nd Wednesday 6:30p est/ 3:30p pst
Course fee: 39.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

Who or what is the sacred coding of the Divine Feminine? The answer is you are, right here and now. Your soul is a mixture of the coding. It is not gender based, both women and men carried the coding in their souls. These days you are starting to see the Divine Feminine frequency show up in the middle of more experiences. When a frequency shows up in the middle of an experience it is re-birthing source power and replacing old energy; even in the most chaotic of experiences. For the majority of human-being the Divine Feminine coding alignment is partially or fully dormant. You may be asking yourself, “If my soul creation has Divine Feminine in it, how can it be dormant in my human experience?”   So the sacred journey begins.
In this online course we will be journeying through the Divinemary-magdalene Feminine Coding experience with Mary Magdalene. This is a nondenominational course. You will learn how to awakening the Divine Feminine within your own soul experience to heal and illuminate your life. Join this magical experience of soul wisdom, healing, message from Mary Magdalene and learning the ways of the Divine Feminine. Listen LIVE or LATER – a download of the course is included.
In this Course:
  • What is the Divine Feminine and creation coding?
  • How to work with Mary Magdalene in times of chaos
  • The Sacred Warrior Feminine within both women and men
  • Working with the Mary Magdalene Sacred Healing Flame of Illumination
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine in your experience through the heart of the Earth
  • Healing wounds of trauma by accessing the Divine Feminine Coding
  • Sacred healing journey and more

Course Fee: $39.99

light-godDiscovering the Layers of the Divine Light

The Mysterious, Mystical & Healing Frequency Layers of the Light

Tele-Course/Webinar (4 hour 2-Part Online Course)
December 10th Thursday 6:30p est/ 3:30p pst
December 15th Tuesday 6:30p est/ 3:30p pst
Course fee: 79.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

What is the light? These days you are hearing people say, “Just put light around it or them,” everywhere you turn. But what does that really mean? Is it just a catchphrase or a fad? The light is a powerful frequency with many layers and you, yes, you are a creation of the light frequency. The light is not basic and fluffy. It is a streamline current with many expansive frequency creation layers. When you understand the frequencies of the light, it will make a world of difference in your life with activating your journey of awakening into the 5th Dimension way of living, and naturally healing your body.

This time is about getting to know who you are on this mission and what your soul is authentically calling to you.  It is also a time to get know the source of the light frequency layers and how to activate them in everyday life to expand your consciousness and illuminate global healing. This is a course about becoming the light in your human experience versus talking or tapping into it once in a while.

In this course we will be working with:

  • Layers of the light frequency
  • Sacred healing tools of the light
  • Spiric frequency of the light
  • Awakening the light through your body
  • The Haric dimension & Haric body
  • Understanding what happens when you call on the light to surround an experience
  • Connecting to the light in the head vs  heart
  • The light soul body layers
  • Awakening your ancient self through the light
  • Multiple meditation and healing experiences with the light
  • And much more…

Course Fee: $79.99