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 Healing with the Akashic Records, Fifth & Seventh Dimension through the Back (Root) of the Physical Heart
The Akashic Dimension – Purpose, Meaning, Sacred Vibrational Healing and Essential Self Discovery

Akashic-RecordsTele-Course/Webinar (2 hour on-line course – Listen Live or Later)
June 1 Wednesday 7p est/ 4p pst
Course fee: 55.00 + Download of the Course Included (Limited Space)

Are you ready to travel through the back of the heart, the Akashic Records, the Fifth and Seventh Dimension, to look at the deepest layers of the essential self in the physical world?

Have you ever been completely surprised at what you find in the back of your closet, garage, or attic? Discovering items that you have long forgotten about? The heart is very much a filing system, from the back to the front. The back of the heart contains items and links you have stored there long ago for protection – which can creates unbalance. These items could be what is keeping you from moving forward and/or keeping you from the sacred eye of the heart – the secret passage into the Akashic Records and the frequency coding of the Akashic Dimension. In this course you will learn how to work with the back of the heart to find deeper healing and self discovery in your life and how to remove old emotional clutter links from the back of the heart to open up more loving space for creating and balance within the layers of the essential self. The more you become the essential self in the physical world, the less you live in the static and chaos in the world as your self identity and grounding source.

This course is much more than a journey of healing through the back of the heart, we will also be traveling through the Akashic Records and experiencing the Akashic Dimension along with the Fifth and Seventh Dimension. The Akashic Records is more than a energetic resource to past lives and life purpose, it is an expansion of healing and raising your vibration. This is a frequency to help with self healing from the Fifth and Seventh Dimension and the connect of the four chambers of the soul. Plus exploring the coding (creation wisdom) of your own DNA within the Akashic Records.

We will be doing  journey-meditations through the back of the heart to declutter and awaken the heart into balance and harmony. What happens when there is too much clutter that goes unnoticed? We will be connecting to the full resources of the Akashic Records through the source of the the heart and the passage into the Akashic dimension. Education, Healing Journey – Meditations, Sound Healing and Wisdom from Archangel Metatron and the Metatronic Sacred Wisdom Keepers. Join this journey of sacred healing.

$55.00 / Course Fee 

$155.00 / Course Fee + 45 Minute Shamanic Healing Session