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Shamanic Journeying – Weaving Through the Soul
Healing, Clarity and Guidance from the Sacred

Four – 2 hour online courses  (Listen Live or Later)

Wednesday March  16, 23, 30 April 6 – 3:30 p.m. PST / 6:30 p.m. EST

shamanlightSoul Dream Traveling through the upper, middle, and lower worlds through the hidden healing realms.

This is a sacred journey of traveling through the hidden shamanic dimensions to illuminate the deep wisdom of healing, the soul experience, time looping, awakening and the parallels of the sacred within the physical world of now. Are you prepared to travel through the soul to illuminate the wisdom of your origin and journey?  You will be traveling with your sacred guides: power animals, angels, the winged ones, angelics, nature spirits, the crystal people and many more.

These journeys will expand your spiritual practice, awareness, consciousness and direction of your soul reality. These journeys will not take anything away from you unless you choose to leave it behind in the weaving travel experience. This journey will add to your sacred spiritual Earth walking experience. Shamanic Journeying is one of oldest shamanic practices of healing, seeing and opening up your hidden reality.

Each session will be packed full of wisdom, sacred tools, clearing and shamanic journeying with drumming, rattles, and bowls. Each session will also have time for questions and answers.

Session One – Creating sacred space, introduction to shamanic journeying and the sacred guides, and a shamanic journey through the heart

Session Two Introduction into the upper world, a shamanic journey through the upper world, the crystalline soul Illumination, removing blocks to your full inner light and awaken a wounded shadow within your experience (Shadows are parts of yourself that are dormant; sometimes since incarnation, or you have shut them off because you proclaimed them as unlovable, or a situation with another human-being(s) has turned these parts of you dormant).

Session Three Introduction to the middle world, dream weaving and creating an exploration of conscious communication, tapping into your Earth Light portal, and a shamanic journey into the middle world.

Session Four Introduction of the lower world, power animal guides, the expression of the essential self, working through roadblocks of your earth journey, opening the internal  portal of forgiveness, and a shamanic journey into the lower world.

Course Fee: $298.00