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NEW” – The Mysterious Sacral Chakra

Why is this Chakra hard to heal and balance?

Tele-Course/Webinar (75 min Online Course)
February 19th Thursday 3:30p pst/  6:30p est/
Course fee: 29.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

Chakras are the seeding flow of living a life of vitality, spirituality, love, harmony and balance. One of the most powerful Chakras of this year, is the Sacral Chakra.  This Chakra’s meaning is about creativity and sexual power alignment energies. The Sacral Chakra, well known as the relationship Chakra, because of its ability to help you relate to others and yourself. When toxic energies settles into this Chakra it can throw your life off balance.  The unbalanced Sacral Chakra, can cause a number of health issues and discomfort. Often housing shame & guilt trauma, suppressed issues with finances, relationships, sexuality, self expressed creativity and the list goes on. The most common result of protection, from the toxic housing energy in this Chakra, is weight gain and health issues. There is a major step in healing this Chakra, often missed or overlooking. In this course we will exploring how the Sacral Chakra is aligned to the meaning of this year, mystery sacred healing techniques, the re-birthing sacred womb within the Sacral Chakra and a healing process to bring the Chakra back into a healthy energetic alignment. Join this exploration of the Sacral Chakra.


Awakening with Your Authentic Shadow Spirit Power Animal(s)

What messages and signs is your Shadow Animal(s) sending you and why?

Tele-Course/Webinar (75 Minute Online Course)
February 28th Saturday 8a pst/ 11a est
Course fee: 29.99 + Download of the Course  (Limited Space)

Your spirit power animals are an important part of your journey.  These Divine animals show up in many forms as physical or energetic guides.  You may find them as pets or animals you repeatedly see in your daily life.  From the shaman’s perspective there are four types of power animals: totem, journey, message and shadow animals.  The Shadow Power Animal you may find lurking in the back ground more and more, as a means to help you awaken.  A Shadow Animal is not evil.  A Shadow is a part of yourself, you have proclaimed as being unlovable, shutoff, areas of your life never allowed to illuminate (either caused by you or another person). A shadow animal is here to help with awaken and rebirthing your shadow(s).  This is often an animal you have associated fear to or makes you feel a little squeamish.  In this course we will explore the work of the Shadow Animal and the messages and signs they send you. Also a powerful healing shamanic journey.