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Walking with the Sacred Powers of the Empath
Managing, Living and Walking the Earth as an Empath
online course – 4 – two hour sessions (Listen live or later)
Wednesday February 17th, 24 and March 2, 9 – 3:30 p.m. PST / 6:30 p.m. EST
empath1Are you embracing the prison or the golden palace of walking the Earth as a sacred Empath?
In mid-2002, I knew something was very wrong. Each day at the end of my work shift, I felt as if I could fall asleep for fourteen hours right there on the work floor. I felt as if I could have died right there (a similar feeling I experienced as a child).  Each day I encountered hundreds of people of all different types of energies and problems as they walked in the door. I was a vacuum for their harsh energies and problems. I had large amounts of emotional trauma – living, stuck and growing in my body.  My body was starting to break down physically and emotionally. To top it all off I had just left an emotionally draining dating experience, just in time to open the door and walk into my dark night of the soul. This was the beginning of my consistent spiritual pathways opening to another level, but it would it be anything but peaceful and illuminating in the beginning.
Yes, I’m an Empath, always have been. If you are drawn to this course, chances are you are an Empath, too. In this course, you will learn how to manage, live and walk through your life as an Empath. This is not just a course on taking on energy and how to balance it. This is a course that goes well beyond the function of taking on energy. It’s how and why an Empath dissects, seeds, roots, and calls horrific entangled energy into their experience, only to live within those portals. This weakens the energy field and body, even making you feel like you are crazy. This course is about managing and returning back to your essential self.
What type of Empath are you? There are many different types of Empaths. More people these days are discovering that they, too, are Empaths.  Many don’t even know they are an Empath, but are living with the daily function and trauma of an Empath. Many Empaths are misdiagnosed. Living as an Empath does not have to be a burden, prison or even what some call a curse. It is a blessing! Now it’s time to learn how to manage and balance it. Allow being an Empath to work for you instead of against you. Let us start the journey of understanding and creating your Empath toolbox.  Each session is full of tools, journey-meditations, education and more.
In this Online Course:
Session 1: Diving Deep into the Core of the Empath
  • What is an Empath
  • Introduction to the Empath Frequency Body
  • Empath and empathic the connection difference
  • Empath emprint cellular characteristics
  • Beyond taking on energy
  • The outlets for attracting lower energies in your energy field
Session 2: The Journey with the Empath
  • Shifting the Empath frequency to ride the wave
  • The Earthwalker Empath vs the Performer Empath
  • The wounded Empath, returning to the soul frequency
  • Shamanic Emotional Tracking
  • Managing your Empath sensory system grid
  • Charging, living and function with your Haric Body  as an Empathy
Session 3: Managing Your Empath Self
  • Identifying the Universal Self
  • Warrior boundaries from the soul heart
  • The Freedom to be an Empath and empathic
  • Emotional and mental balance
  • Grieving as an Empath – personally and globally
Session 4: Disentangling the Rooting Energy
  • The unstuck zone of trauma
  • Protecting the Empath Inner Child
  • Journey through the soul to reclaim the lost SELF
  • The Empath Freedom Earth Walker
  • The GIFT

Entrance into online course (Listen Live or Later)

Downloads of all four sessions, total of 8 hours

Entrance into the Empath Empowerment call for April & May