Events – Online Spiritual Healing Wisdom Courses

The Guardian Awareness of the Pleiadians – Four-Part Online Course
Experiencing the evolution of human consciousness

Wednesday, September 26, October 3, 10, 17 – 3:00 p.m. (PST) / 6:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads

The Pleiadians are a group of galactic multi-dimensional beings, guides, and teachers from the Pleiades star cluster. The Pleiades resides 500 light years from planet Earth is a small cluster of seven stars. They have been coming forward to guide the Earth through the holographic hybrid evolution of human consciousness. They tend to become guides to those who are meant to be spiritual cosmic leaders in the evolution of human consciousness. It is through space and time that the Pleiadians assist us with the hybrid evolution advanced human consciousness, helping us to reveal who we are individually and collectively in this time for humanity, along with activating the galactic spiral heart paradigm. They help you to explore and activate the galactic coding light of wisdom and knowledge you have brought through your soul at this time on Earth to assist and help humanity. They are primarily cosmic multi-dimensional guides of the 8th and 9th dimension, to help you navigate on Earth with your soul’s true nature, wisdom and knowledge from the higher realms.

In this four-part online course, we will explore the guardian awareness, teachings, and guidance of the Pleiadians. You will feel and connect with their amazing love, emotional intelligence, and wisdom in regards to the evolution of human consciousness. I hope you can join us for this four-part online course.

Additionally, in the course:

  • Messages from the Pleiadians
  • The emerging of the advanced human
  • Harmonics and DNA
  • Galactic spiral heart paradigm
  • Attracting with the five pure lights
  • Healing collective imprints
  • Cosmic love frequency codes
  • Fractal elements
  • Living in the harmonious nature flow
  • Tools of perception
  • Working and healing with the Pleiadians
  • Holographic universe
  • Meditation journeys in each session

$165.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Divine Integration – Online Course
Becoming unstuck in your life

Thursday, September 27, 4:00 p.m. (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course download

Are you ready to become unstuck in your life and embrace divine integration through returning to your soul? Because of all the conditional distractions and stresses that show up as static every day many people have separated from their soul. This separation often times becomes deep, then it starts to fragment as soul loss where it feels like there is something missing and you feel like you are trapped or manifesting anxiety or traumatic based experiences. This online course is about traveling into who you are on your terms based on your own soul’s expression and origin; then activating and embodying the frequency wisdom and knowledge of your soul through divine integration, into your physical experience on Earth to experience peace, healing, meaning and harmony in every moment.

Are you feeling the calling for divine integration?

Divine integration helps you explore, infuse and reveal your divine foundation of what your soul is calling to you. This is a powerful design exploration time of experiencing who you are through your soul versus feeling the stress of what you should be doing based on the pressures of society and purpose.

Are you feeling yourself in a tug a war with trying to hang onto to the old way of who you are or how it can work with pulling against the sacred unknown of rebirthing through the formless real you? How is that working for you? We often talk about surrender and letting go, but are you willing to give up the control of the old rooted way of what you know or who you think you are supposed to be? If you remain at the surface and not at your core center, you will continue to battle trying to make the old way work, while your ego manipulates you into ‘believing’ you are doing deep work at the root. This pulls you further and further away from your soul.

Together in this course, we will explore your soul’s way of reclaiming divine integration to becoming unstuck in your life. I hope you can join us for this timely course.

$55.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Boundless Universal God – Connecting to the Infinite Inner Self – Online 5 Week Course

The oneness of the heart, inner spirit and the universal God frequency

Tuesday, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30  3:30 p.m. (PST) / 6:30 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads
Does the word God make you cringe or gives you that awkward feeling throughout your body?

Over many years of guiding and helping thousands of people through their healing journey, I have discovered, the deepest pain people hold within themselves is their misunderstanding or relationship with God. This leads them to also misunderstand their own inner self. I noticed this the most last year, in 2017, because people were losing their faith with regards to everyday spiritual consciousness and the realms of Spirit. The sense of God over the years has been so destroyed by the destructive mental humanism of times, it represents deep imprisonment of pain and control for many. While others have found a different path with Source God or have accepted the ongoing imprisonment of pain and control as a way of life.

The presence of the God Frequency as a consciousness in our inner spirit…

Do you recognize that infinite love is everywhere, but find it difficult to embrace it in everyday experiences? Are you still rejecting pieces of yourself and defining them as unloveable? Anyone who is on a spiritual path will find the challenges at times of embracing full infinite love. What is God Consciousness as a soul frequency? God is an infinite consciousness and a formless loving frequency intelligence that lives within all of us as an inner presence, as a part of who we are, the mixture. God is not on the outside of us controlling, fear basing and calling the directions. It is us who is responsible for the plan of our soul’s destiny based on its creation for our mission of the collective for humanity.

In this course, we will be exploring the presence of boundless God frequency as a consciousness for our own true nature and infinite love. This is not the God consciousness of organized conditions or mental humanism. This is an exploration of the ‘IS-NESS’ of infinite love that illuminates you inner spirit self and who you are.

I like to call this the open boundless God frequency, the infinite source of deeper consciousness through our connection to the inner self-wisdom or God Self. This is a journey of healing, awakening and finding ourselves through the boundless God frequency and intelligence, not as a male entity, conditions or controlling but as infinite love wisdom. I hope you can us join us for this 5 part online spiritual exploration of your own true nature and inner spirit through the presence of boundless God consciousness.

When we start to explore and dive deep into our spiritual true nature, we discover the whole experience of our own soul’s destiny essence. This is the beginning of getting to know ourselves again, from the presence of the infinite. From infinite love, we arrive with exploring through the presence of boundless God frequency, grace, and Divine love, instead of mental, fear, destruction and ego versions of conditioned spiritual patterned programming. Boundless God consciousness is one of the deepest levels of our many layers of consciousness, sometimes called the God consciousness wisdom body.

Session One – Living from the Presence of the boundless God Frequency of consciousness 

  • What is the presence of beingness through boundless God?
  • The heart, the spirit, and the God frequency as one
  • Infinite love presence
  • Destiny through your inner self
  • What is the God Self in your inner spirit?

Session Two – Spiritual Foundation through boundless God “Conscience”

  • Boundless God “conscience”
  • Importance of your spiritual foundation
  • Building your “God “conscience” through your inner self
  • Consciousness through boundless God “conscience”

Session Three – Exploring – Boundless Love

  • Why self-acceptance is vital for your spiritual path
  • Presence of self-awareness through grace
  • Natural compassion and infinite presence
  • Compassion as a dimension through boundless love   

Live Activation Session (20 minutes)

  • Deepening wisdom and practices to integrate  sessions 1 – 3

Session Four – Separating Way of the Mind 

  • Ego fading and relaxing 
  • Harmony balancing of the God frequency
  • Mind connection versus presence
  • Walking from the mental think mind to the heart
  • The self-forgiveness matrix
  •  Healing meditation journeys

Session Five – From boundless God to the Vortex of your Inner Spirit

  • Deep inner spirit listening through the presence of boundless God consciousness
  • The wisdom of your inner spirit
  • Opening your destiny of loving what is
  • Resting in the void awareness of your God Self
  • Arriving through boundless God to YOU

Live Activation Session (20 minutes)

  • Deepening wisdom and practices to integrate sessions 4 – 5

Bonus: 15-minute private session from the course

$222.00 / Course Fee + Downloads 

Connecting to Divine Intelligence – Online Course
Asking different questions and receiving a different experience

Wednesday, October 24, 3:30 p.m. (PST) / 6:30 p.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course download

What a remarkable and powering sacred time we are in, to explore, illuminate and heal our lives on Earth; then to assist and supply boundless love of the infinite into humanity. Every person on Earth can connect to Divine Intelligence, whether you call that God, Divine Feminine, Universe, I Am – the big eye or Spirit.  Divine intelligence is not outside us, it is deep within us. It is the quiet still space of the purest love, formless sacredness and intelligence. You can receive the answers you have been looking for, however, do you keep asking your questions in the same old way with no results? Are you looking for a deeper meaning and direction for life on Earth or a specific challenging event that has shown up?

Healing is not meant to remove the pain, it is meant to provide, answers, learning experiences, loving clarity, healing, expansion, and guidance for walking through the grand hallway of the pain story, to move beyond the pain, into your reality of the unfolding destiny awareness of your soul’s path on Earth.

In this online course, we will explore how you can receive Divine Intelligence that is aligned with your current life situation that goes beyond simply looking for information and an answer. When we keep asking the same questions over and over, with no results we tend to start losing faith. When we ask Divine Intelligence questions from an experiential and open holographic heart-based way, we receive wisdom and knowledge that guides and helps us, versus making us feel lost, isolated and blocked. I hope you can join us for this exploration of connecting to Divine Intelligence for this current time in your life on Earth.

$49.00 / Course Fee + Download