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Embodying Gaia’s Codes of Wisdom
Personal Mission of Returning to the Sacred Earth

Monday, March 27, Thursday, March 30, April 6 , 3:30 p.m (PST) / 6:30 p.m. (EST)
Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download

The Earth Mother – Gaia is a powerful frequency, teacher, healer and wayshower on many levels. We can feel Gaia’s frequency illuminating with every global and personal shift we make. The Earth Mother’s wisdom has always been very powerful, but as more people start to walk in the 5th-dimension as their main dimension, Gaia’s codes of wisdom are activating in their grid body. As you explore deep through your soul and the earth’s heart, your Gaia wisdom body becomes more expansive and the vision of your journey changes into a deeper state of consciousness with awareness of your destiny. You will begin to view your earth walking experience through the eyes of Gaia. The Earth Mother’s vision will guide you through the frequency of your experience, as you travel through her codes of wisdom grids as portals into your own personal soul creation. You will feel your way through these exploration journeys and experience deep healing through the feminine alignment. I hope you can join us for this empowerment three part online course with the Earth Mother – Gaia. Wisdom, Experience, Healing Journeys, Self Discovery and more!

In This Course:

Session One – Returning to the Earth’s Collective Consciousness

  • Return of the feminine consciousness
  • Footprints of the earthwalker of the past and present
  • Creating with Gaia’s energy consciousness
  • Journey to your soul garden
  • Traveling through the middle world with Gaia
  • Journey with the ancient mother through the shadow temple

Session Two – Self Awareness Healing of the Feminine through the Gaia Grid

  • What experiencing of Trauma are showing up for you?
  • Working with the diamond spiral of consciousness grid
  • How to create healing with the feminine frequency
  • New paradigm manifesting grids
  • Birthing and embodying – feminine frequency  – for both women and men

Session Three – Embodying Gaia’s Code Wisdom

  • Messages and healing from Gaia’s Temple of Light
  • Temple of the Earth’s heart DNA
  • Love consciousness as the doorway to the inner ‘sacred core’ self
  • Remembering the cosmic starwalker’s wisdom through Gaia
  • Journey into Gaia’s heart consciousness  

135.00 / Course Fee 

The Dream Vision of Re-birthing through the Eyes of Spirit Animal Raven
The Spirit Medicine Way of Raven – online course

Wednesday , March 29, 4:00 p.m (PST) / 7:00 p.m. (EST)
Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the download

Are you noticing Raven appearing in your life, either physically, energetically or in your dreams? Raven is the gatekeeper of secrets, shape shifter, mystical healer and helping you with courage and rebirthing through your soul. When Raven fly’s or perches into your life, you are being guided to journey through your shadow aspects into the light. Raven will help you to stay focused on your path with messages of higher consciousness with letting go, deep introspect and rebirthing into your inner soul truth. Raven’s teachings and healings help you navigate through your destiny. Don’t underestimate Raven, this spirit animal is a powerful healer of ancient mystical wisdom. Overall Raven’s teachings are helping you to navigate through the energetic death process and illuminate the new into your higher soul consciousness. Are you feeling the unfolding of Raven’s teachings? This spirit animal will help you stay on target with your sacred direction of mission, as you travel through change, and activate secret hidden wisdom.

In this online course, you will be taking a shamanic wisdom and healing journey with Raven to help you travel into your sacred pathway with self-awareness, courage and spiritual confidence. You will have the experience of learning how to work with Raven and what Raven symbolizes for you in your life. Spirit animals have different meanings for everyone. These courses are taught through and with the spirit animal’s energy.  Join this journey of clarity, direction, healing and awakening into your sacred destiny with the Raven spirit medicine way.

In this Course:

Meaning and direction symbols when Raven shows up in your life
Working with the spiritual medicine ways of Raven
Raven as a totem animal
Mystical messages from Raven – the medicine animal
Eyes of hidden wisdom through your heart
Initiation of Raven energy medicine
Shamanic journey(s) with Raven
Working with Raven daily

55.00 / Course Fee 


Embodying the Reality of Love with God Consciousness 
A Conversational Course on Love, Stillness and the Frequency Known as God Consciousness
Reclaiming Your Soul Self to Illuminate Humanity 

god-1Do you have a longing for a better understanding of “Love Consciousness” in a world of mysteries and changes? Divine stillness and presence will allow you to return to the essence of your core spiritual being. Are you ready for the journey?   

Have you ever pondered the comparison of love, God and stillness?  They all mean the same thing or the mixture coding frequency formula of what we call the embodiment of love consciousness. The sense of God has been so destroyed by the destructive masculine humanism of times, it represents deep imprisonment of pain and control for many.  While others have found different pathways with God or have accepted the ongoing imprisonment of pain and control as a way of life.

In times of destruction on the Earth many have said, “Where was God?”. The biggest question is where were you?  Whether people want to believe it or not, we are all creators and powerful creators at best. God is a parallel of our soul creation. I like to call this the God-Self. Although, there are many ways of God, evil is not one of them or the presence of God Consciousness. My experience with God arrived at incarnation-birth. My awareness of God is not an old man floating around on a cloud or even a male or female creator entity. To me God is a presences of expansive consciousness; a stillness source who has a frequency intelligence while illuminating the wisdom and the being-ness of love consciousness.

This course is not about changing where you are in your belief systems, but to add to whatever experience of love consciousness wisdom you need. I hope you can join this online course, on the embodiment of Love Consciousness.

In this course:

  • The doorway of stillness
  • What is God Consciousness
  • Embodying love and stillness as a frequency
  • Awakening the experience of the God-Self
  • The frequency of authentic particle spiritual awakening
  • Human created love versus love consciousness
  • Tools of higher states of spiritual consciousness
  • A God Consciousness healing journey of love

$55.00 / Course Fee 

The Embodiment of Your Natural Stillness Presence In Humanity
Living inside the inner doorway of beauty & grace in everyday life

Stillness is alive and a natural part of your being. When you are truly in the natural state of stillness of the heart, body and soul without an agenda, you are connecting and resting in your inner being of creation. Within resting you are in the inner doorway of stillness and allowing peace to fill your experience. When we allow ourselves to simply be of stillness we are in the center of “I am presence”. We then experience the voice frequency of the soul and feel the initiation pathway of our inner being in the physical world. This brings our stillness presence of the soul into our earthly experience. When you bring your state of being into the physical world, you are raising your vibration and helping to supply love consciousness into humanity. This helps you to move further along to initiate into the essence of an earthwalker of humanity. The earthwalker of humanity walks within stillness of the earth.In this course we will be journeying and experiencing our true nature of being stillness, both from the surface and deep within the soul space. We will be exploring the foundations of stillness such as grace, love, beauty and harmony. The course travels beyond old mental conditions into the presence of your natural pathway and how stillness moves and illuminates in the experience of the inner soul. You will experience, sense perception and inner body awareness which are two gateways into stillness and much more.

Session One – Awakening into the Embodiment of Love
Experience love awakening wisdom
Love consciousness as stillness
I am presence in love consciousness
Yearning for love through the embodiment process

Session Two – Experiencing Grace
What is grace
Awaken grace as the presence of the heart
The being-ness teacher of forgiveness
Moving into stillness with grace to expand beauty
Connecting to the Inner self with grace and God Consciousness

Session Three – Power, Strength and Willingness of Being
Hidden doorways of trickster identities
Climbing the mountain of truth in stillness
The “will” inside of living in stillness
I am presence with being

Session Four – Inward Approach of Stillness
What is stillness beyond the physical
Healing within the stillness matrix
The practice of stillness
Natures approach to stillness
Stillness initiation living what is versus what you want

155.00 / Course Fee