The Still Presence of the Heart

The spiritual path guides us into the experience of listening through the love in our hearts and traveling through the presence of stillness. The practice of stillness is a natural path through infinite love which offers us tremendous wisdom, acceptance, and awareness of self.  When we quiet the mind’s conditions, we can hear whispers from the Divine speaking to us, through our hearts. When you can be still in your heart, you will travel through the open path of stillness; this path is also the space between.

When you notice the space between, you are experiencing the wisdom through the soul and the creation within all of your surroundings. Stillness becomes more than a practice of sitting in silence; it becomes a place of frequency and wisdom when you allow the space between to teach and show you the way of being within your creation pathway. The approach is to remember who you are, and why you have traveled to the earth plane. The space between is everywhere. The mission of love and awareness is open to you when you are willing to notice and step out of the conditional confines of the thinking mind. When one is in the confines of the thinking root of the mind, one does not see or feel the physical or the energetic surroundings in the human and spirit world. When you return to the body and you connect to the awareness of your soul wisdom.

The Arrival of Acceptance

When we find acceptance through the heart, we surrender and let go of defining every experience we encounter. We will surrender the relationship identity with what we allowed to define us spiritually in the past and future. The mastery of this experience is the starting process of presence with acceptance. What we experience through the heart is the parting ways of wisdom wave frequencies, which can be felt as an access point of opening the intelligence and wisdom of the heart multi-dimensionally. This would be like opening a door to a dark room and feeling your way to the other side of the room where the lamp is located. As you travel through the room, you are allowing the room to express its imprints of energy to you. Then when you turn on the light you know what to expect regarding the layout and energy flow of the room.

When you are working with the heart and tap into deep wisdom frequencies, allow it to show you the way through the experience. This is when you feel the grace of Divine love rush in to assist your journey through the heart. Then, we shift into accepting; we may not know what we think we know. In that moment, we are open and willing to receive. Too often we want to take control and lead the way. Control is often performed out of habit or fear of the unknown and leaves us estranged from the inner self and the heart.

Infinite Love,


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