The Angelic Energy Medicine, within an Angel Message

Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.882Some of the toughest choices we have to make along our journey is the willingness to surrender and release. The portal into surrender and release, is a layered process that we all know very well. Its called trust.  Trust is yet another work in progress as we move about our spiritual and healing pathways. Once we acquire a working awareness of the energy of the portal, we begin to create our footing into the unknown, walking through the center of the columns of light. The columns of light illuminate the gateway of the unknown. The Angels offer us a hand in clarity guidance to help us move through the layer of our pathways, to connect to the columns of light, to follow through in the portal of trust.

You’ll receive guidance and messages from the Angels on your life’s pathway about direction, healing, change and the list goes on.  As you receive those messages from the Angels, most people look only at the physical awareness of the message, putting the guidance to words as a sentence-paragraph structure.  However, this will give the concept of the message, the template. But the full message is the energy within the guidance.  Most of the time people disconnect from the energy,  the disconnection of the unknown. The example would be placing a penny in the center of a football field. The penny is the worded message and the football field is the energy of the message.  As you can see, there is a little bit of energy connected to the messages the Angels send you.

How do you receive or tap into the energy of the messages the Angels send you? This process is much easier than you would think.  Key in point, this is not a thinking process. This is an allowing and feeling the energy process. This is one of the reasons the Angels keep telling you to slow down, to connect to your physical heart and body. This reconnects you back to the sacred alignments of the heart and body. When you receive a message from the Angels (however that comes through, as there are many ways the Angels send us messages) remember to feel, allow and experience the energy that is connected and created within the message. Let it stream through your heart and body. The energy is the main source of the message. There is coding within the energy that allows you to receive a deeper meaning of the healing and guidance messages. This happens because the Angels are a high frequency.  You could say the Angels communicate in a vibrational frequency language. It’s not really a language, it’s just the frequency of matter and how all of spirit is created.  This is why I call the Angel Reading session on my website Angel Infusion Readings.

The Light of the Angels,



Healing within the Columns of light with Archangel Raphael

Ask the Archangel Raphael to help assist you on your pathway of self forgiveness & the forgiveness of others. He is handing you a compass of golden light, to heal time and space lost over non-forgiveness. Forgiveness is about remembering the power of one on all levels. He is reaching for your hand and together you walk between the columns of trust and light. As you walk through the columns, you can see in the distance, Angel Lenna (the helping angel of emotional healing) walking toward you with a chalice full of green and golden liquid light. She hands you the chalice and says, “Do not be afraid, for it is time that you cleanse your body and heart of pain from the past.” As you drink the liquid light, your body and heart begin to feel lighter with a new sense of compassion and strength. Archangel Raphael guides you to surrender the hurt and destruction from the past. He reminds that forgiveness is not about separation, it is not about being back balance, it is about remembering the parallel of creation, that you are not separate. Forgiveness is realigning to the state of oneness of Creator. There is only one power in creation, its called source light. Remember the wholeness and enlightenment of your soul self, the space of creation light.


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