Remembering Self Care

906c1147d665692df16f8149bb7b109bHow often do you forget self care in your life? It is important as we move through changes in our lives and experience the elevation of energy on the planet, we remember self care. Whether it’s taking ten minutes or an entire day. Why self care? The more we remember self-care and nurturing ourselves, the more we are connected to balance, harmony and peace as a permanent placement of remembering who we are as a loving resource. Not to mention our health and well-being. This allows us to become infused in the flowing harmony of the majestic ocean of love in your creation. Opening and walking through the door of all enlightened creations on your earthly journey right now.

What does self care look like? It’s important to remember if journaling, meditating, taking a walk in nature, a trip to the ocean, or yoga is not your idea of self care, then those activities are not best for you. Self care should not be something you don’t enjoy doing. Self care is your body and energy telling you, something needs to shift. Self care is about taking time for yourself and doing what you want. Sometimes for me, it’s watching TV, visiting my favorite bakery or specialty stores, biking, working out, etc. Incorporating self care into your life three to four times a week, will change your health and well-being. What is your favorite way to embrace self care? Enjoy your self care today.

Soul Harmony,


5 thoughts on “Remembering Self Care”

  1. I know that I’m doing myself good when I tingle from the expansion of the love I feel – sometimes it’s as simple as loving my soft bed and fluffily pillow – that luxurious stretch before I get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes it’s a quiet moment by my pond loving the beauty and spirit that surrounds me. Sometimes it’s the appreciation I feel for my client who needs my assistance and calls for help. And sometimes I buy myself a pair of gorgeous cowboy boots and kick up my heals and say THANK YOU!!!

  2. Danniell says:

    Another timely message. So often it’s my balance that suffers, and then the rest of me is all discombobulated. I always thinking problem solving will keep me balanced, but it leaves me all in my head and a zombie. 🙂 thank you for rocking the spiritually balanced lifestyle and passing on guidance.

  3. Madonna says:

    Reading a good book…particularly historical fiction, taking a walk, puttering in my garden, a trip to Ikea (lol), craft shows, dark chocolate (always time for that!) and a trip to the salon for premium hair care. 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Thank you Eddie. Sometimes booking a short weekend trip – 3 to 4 months in advance, helps with my self care. I look forward to the trip for weeks, and I think that releases endorphins!

  5. Amy Daniels says:

    I love this topic today!! I was thinking about this the past few days and this morning as I was coming up on my 45th Birthday today. I’ve realized I have gotten in the habit of putting everyone else first and not honoring what “I” have been longing to do. What that voice had been telling me to do. Yes, It was nice going with my Mom who wanted company, to take a road trip to see 2 different relatives one weekend. I had asked off from work that weekend for my “to do” list, which I ignored. So, I ended up not feeling refreshed and satisfied with my time off. One of my jobs is a substitute food service worker for a local school district. It is a job I really enjoy so I will working 2 hours over lunch today. Depending on the weather go for a walk down the bike trial or workout inside and enjoy a good italian meal tonight. Normally I like to go hiking, car ride headed north in WI, work out, local diner to watch TV and chat with the owner, go out for breakfast, browse the craft/fabric stores…

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