PODCAST: Sunday Sacred Walk with the Archangels

Sunday May 3rd/ Full Moon- Sacred Walk with the Archangels with Eddie Mullins, is up for listening: Topics – Full Moon, creating the power of self care with intentions, healing the Throat Chakra with Archangel Gabriel, a healing journey and much more…The series all about SACRED AWAKENING within the HEART & SOUL, healing with the Archangels, Shamanic Healing and more.


Ancestral Healing: You are not responsible for your ancestors not completing their mission on Earth. You have your own mission(s). Archangel Mariel is the Archangel who helps in clearing unhealthy ancestor links.

The Request for Healing: “Beloved Archangel Mariel, Please clear, cut and heal all unhealthy links, that are connected to my ancestors. Help me to release these energetic attachments, so I can fully focus on my experience and missions. I release these spirit energies with love and forgiveness. Please take my ancestors unhealthy links to the light or the appropriate plane for healing. I release all unhealthy bloodline alignments, to God’s universal ocean of love. Thank You, Archangel Mariel!”


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