Notice the Magic of Beauty in the Moment

Hummingbird_detail-Joseph_f_PescatoreThere is always a healing ceremony going on. I am always grateful for how the unfolding of experiences happen at the right time. Today, while on the way to the gym, I was waiting for the cross walk sign to change at a busy aggressive intersection. You know the kind where people are impatient, racing around cars who are waiting to turn, honking their horns as a means of I feel powerless communication and the list goes on. As I was standing waiting for the light, and having the thought, “WOW, there is a lot of intense energy here!” I started to get the feeling of something beautiful happening. I looked above the cars (about 4 feet up), in the middle of the intersection there was tiny single Hummingbird. The Hummingbird, which seem like a baby was making a circle around the intersection. Clairvoyantly I could see this beautiful trail of energy gently filling the intersection, as the Hummingbird traveled making the ceremonial circle. In that same moment, I heard Archangel Raphael say, (from my left side), “The beauty of magic happens when you least expect it, even in places of chaos. Thank you for taking the time to notice.”
Take time to notice the unfolding of this beautiful day,

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