Angel Reading

Angelic guidance, messages and divine healing for your life path and light body!

Angels are celestial beings that are infinite reflections of our own presence, infinite source of love and true nature. One could say they are divine role models for all soul beings. We all have a tribe of angels in our landscape frequency and luminous energy field, willing to offer us divine guidance and loving healing based on our ‘own’ energy system and life.

In an angel reading, the angels will always express their nature of gentle pure love as a natural presence through your heart and body, but their simultaneous guidance and teachings will be what you ‘need’ to hear or feel as the missing piece(s) and energy link in your own ‘self’ healing and life path. The guidance is not always going to be what you want to hear, but what you ‘need’ to hear and know for your path.

The experience and presence of the angels is not to do the work for you, but to offer loving guidance and healing to help you with energy blocks, emotional trauma, dormant self-love or miss-aligned patterns; to help you activate and initiate your own sacred wisdom and self healing for living your life.

Your angel reading session will provide messages, time for your questions, clarity, and healing session(s) with the angels. Book your angel reading or informational consultation today!

$189.00 (60 minute phone or zoom session)

Eddie has over 50 years in this lifetime of working and communicating with the angels. Through those years, he has continued to elevate, further embody and deepen his relationship, communication, and language frequency with the angels. His first memory was not of family members, but of angels at 3 to 4 months old.  

He has done thousands of angel readings and healings over the years. (Eddie’s full bio)


“If you want something very special in your life, if you want to really and truly talk to and hear from the Angels, there are many intuitive who channel these wonderful Beings but only one person who is truly in touch with them and with you at the very same time.  That is Eddie Mullins.  He is one of the most special individuals I’ve ever met on this planet and on this journey of Life.”
Jean Gerson-Greer/ New York
Psychic, Healer, & Author

“A heart-felt thanks to you for assisting me on my path – the session and the class I took last month has proven wonderfully beneficial. I am amazed by how thorough a clearing has taken place! It is no wonder you’ve been guided to do this work. Things are moving nicely and options are presenting themselves to me! Much density has dissolved and light has entered. Blessing to you, Eddie, for your health and well-being!”
In gratitude,
Cheryl B./ New York City, N

“I have had a few angel readings with Eddie, which have given me a great deal of clarity and direction on my life purpose. The messages Eddie shared with me, I was able to move forward along my soul’s path with more confidence and strength. A reading with Eddie is fun and the information you receive is amazing. Have your pen and paper handy and be ready to write a lot. His messages are fast and accurate. He assists you with which angels to work with, and how to work with them. It really is an awesome experience to have a reading with him. Even as an angel therapy practitioner myself, I call upon Eddie to deliver clear guidance from my angels when I feel I am too close to the situation.

Since my readings with Eddie I have quite my corporate job, taken courses to further my knowledge, and started my own healing practice. I have even written the children’s book he told me I would write. Thank You, Eddie!”
Julian W/ Toronto, ON

“I scheduled a session because I was at a point of transition and seeking direction.
Eddie was spot on – from his first sentence to his final comment. The detailed information amazed me!  His energy is comforting and genuine. The session felt more like having a chat with an old friend.

Since one of my questions was related to a health issue, he guided me through a healing meditation. It helped empower me to release the cause of the pain and it has not returned.
Eddie truly has a remarkable gift!”
Brenda/ Chicago, IL

“Eddie is so tuned into the spiritual realm, along with an amazing skill of seeing your energy, feeling your energy, and the future, past and past lives. He has it all, and you will enjoy getting the detailed clarity he will provide. It’s important to have someone who can see the big picture like Eddie Mullins.”
C. Wilgur/Los Angeles, CA

Scheduling an Angel Reading

Terms and Conditions: All sessions are prepaid. To schedule a private session, you can make your session payment via the payment button above or request an invoice. Payments can also be made with a credit card via the website payment system or invoice. Once we receive your payment you will receive an email to schedule your specific day and time.  Direct all questions about the session using the contact us form above. All no-shows are non-refundable.  When you book your appointment you agree to these terms and conditions.