Listening to Stillness


Every living expression has a spirit, humans, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, trees, etc. Therefore, it is an essential creation frequency through the experience of the Divine.

Everyone on their spiritual path, wants to hear the voice of Spirit. But do you know how to listen to the language of stillness through the voice of Spirit? The major mishap that many people make about hearing the voice of Spirit is they are first trying to listen on the outside of their body or create the conversation in their ‘separate self thinking mind’. Spirit is not separate from us and often we are expecting it to appear like words in the human world. Although, sometimes Spirit speaks in direct words, they are frequency words and language that first chime with tones, codes and pitch while moving up and down your Hara Line (inner spinal core area) like a breath. The more we adjust to being inwardly still, opening the heart and listening on the inside of our medicine body experience to the frequency, the more we open up to listening to the voice of spirit without an agenda.

Even as I write these words, I am listening to the language of stillness in and through the voice of Spirit like a narration. Although everyone will connect to the voice of Spirit in their own area of spiritual communication, it is arriving through the shared space of the language of stillness, emotion, presence, and awareness.

From a very young age I grew up in a house practically in the woods, surrounded by acres and acres of woodlands. I experienced everything is alive in nature, with a spirit from the natural world, and that we are spiritual clear channels of source consciousness, which is a shared space. Whether I was working in my family’s vegetable garden, running about in woods with my brothers, or by myself sitting in nature by a still pond with wildlife, I was experiencing the movement, flow, and frequency of the voice of Spirit. I had the choice to control or to surrender. Because I liked how it felt, I chose to surrender and allow the frequency voice of the natural world’s Spirit move, teach, guide, and lead me into the path of healing.

When we are out in nature, the aliveness of Spirit is always pulsating and thriving like the breath of the heartbeat. When you touch or pick up a rock it is alive with ancient wisdom and healing power from the core of its spirit through the language of stillness. You will feel it shifting and cleansing your vibration, along with opening up your pathways to the spiritual heart of surrender. Then you experience the “elder river of wisdom” from the rock flooding your heart of surrender related to your destiny experience in the moment. The wisdom births and arrives in and through the heart with streamlines of processing through your wisdom mind (different than your separate self thinking mind) and the heart’s intelligence. In the moment of surrender, we feel grace arriving and guiding us through the open field of the wisdom of the natural world, in this case the rock. This is all natural like breathing and eating a meal.

The Natural World is Always Speaking to Us…
It was an early morning, the dew was still covering the grass and there was a stillness in the air as I headed down the natural path into the woods, to what I call my sacred plant medicine space. The squirrels were playing, collecting food and scurrying about along the path, while not having a care in the world and simply flowing with their natural heart instincts. While I walked further down the path, I let the playful energy of the squirrels help me to drop deeper into my soul frequency, expanding my luminous energy field while expanding the back of my heart. Once I felt the activation of surrender of the shared medicine space, I could feel the excitement of the plants including trees, flowers and grasses. Through my heart I felt and heard the calling of a wise pine tree, which I call the Elder Grandmother Pine Tree. The closer I arrived to the pine tree, the more I felt the essence of pine tree traveling through the center of my body. I felt the pine frequency of the surrendering warrior activating with the presence and safety medicine space of letting go with harmony through my heart. The experience I had arriving at Elder Grandmother Pine Tree was the purest infinite love without the density of any human issues. The feeling that everything is going to be “OK”; also the experience of “I am safe in your presence” toned and chimed through my body. Visually, I connected to the DNA of the ancient Elder tree, and felt the opening of the spirit of Elder Grandmother, while feeling her Spirit Medicine through my hands. I felt the essence and heard while listening, “Welcome. You are here, warrior child”.

The medicine of Elder Grandmother Pine Tree has helped me understand the wisdom, knowledge and healing inside of surrendering to one’s spiritual warrior heart and the heart of humanity. Her medicine nurturing is understanding and compassionate to what the human experiences while walking the Earth at this time. Her medicine guides us to live, breath and walk the Earth with an open heart while surrendering the need to be separate. She reminds us everything breathing, living, and dying in the four directions is interconnected and has the capacity to love, breath, and communicate in the same way through the language of stillness.

We are all the language of love and stillness.

A Raven, A Fence Post And A Hike – Finding Peace


Several months ago, I was heading on a walk in nature, to a location that was approximately twenty-five minutes away on foot. On this day, there was a lot of mystery, harmony, and love flowing in and through the energetic alignment. This was the perfect day to head out into the wilderness to do some earthing and connect with the wisdom of nature. As I was about to leave on my journey, a friend called one who I had not spoken to in a long time. I decided to take the call since I had a twenty-five minute walk to my destination. Out the door and on my journey I went.

After walking for about five minutes and turning my first corner, I could feel the swirl of beautiful mystical intense energy, arriving toward my heart. By this time, my attention was on the swirling energy and not on the conversation with my friend. I walked a bit further and there were two intense eyes staring at me; it was a Raven on top of a fence post. The Raven was not turning away; there was direct eye contact. I told my friend, “I will need to call you back later; I need to have a conversation with a Raven, who is staring at me, who is perched on a wooden post.” To many people, this would be an odd thing to say, but to my close friends, they understand this is a natural part of my experience.

The beautiful Raven with its amazing eyes continued to look at me, with its gentle but intense glare, as though it was looking into my heart and directly linking to my soul. The Raven was facing the direction of the west. The Raven’s energy felt like it was ten feet tall, a key sign that this message is important. Normally, when I see Ravens near my house, they are usually up in the trees or on the power lines in groups. This was a single Raven up close and personal.

Ravens are magical spiritual guides, shamans, teachers, and healers. Most often, a Raven is associated with messages of death both physical and energetic. Ravens will often spend time hovering over areas, going through an energetic death process. Raven speaks many Earth and Galactic languages expressed through healing frequencies. Raven is also the mystical guide of helping humans travel from the thinking mind to the spiritual sacred heart, expressing mystical wisdom related to the human’s heart journey. Ravens are often misunderstood as tricksters or evil, nothing could be further from the truth. They often battle your ego to show you the path of love through the open heart.

I walked up to the Raven, and telepathically said, “Hello! You have my attention, with your stare. Do you have a message(s) for me?” I spoke to the Raven’s spirit through its heart, while looking deep into its eyes. Ravens are very direct with their energy and messages while holding a sacred open loving space for the human they are communicating with.

This was a message about going deeper through the stillness process of allowing anything that is dying to die. Not to linger in it, any longer than needing to be.  Raven was showing me through shamanic tracking, that when traveling into stillness, it is important when returning to the physical world to bring the birthing of the essence of stillness back into the experience of everyday life. This activates deeper levels of peace and enlightenment through the heart wisdom. Allowing for going deeper into personal sacred wisdom, with direction and frequency adjustments related to soul’s destiny and transformation of humanity.

Stillness will always take us beyond the conditions of the mind and expand the connection to our own inner truth.

Part Two: The conversation with Raven.

Wild Soul Love,



Traveling the Spiritual Path with Spirit Animal – Wolf


Spirit Animal Wolf represents traveling to the depths of the inner self. Helping you discovering the inner knowing of who you are as your wild soul self. Wolf is a leader, spiritual teacher, healer and wayshower into the deepest shadows and light sources of the ancient imprint path of your soul experience.  Wolf is a powerful animal guide in this time, helping you to travel through the experience of what the soul is authentically calling to you. Notice the current experience when wolf shows up in physical/energetic forms, such as images, words, dogs and the list goes on. What is happening with your feelings and thoughts when wolf appears? This is key for understand Wolf’s guidance. 

Wolf is one of the most misunderstood in the animal kingdom, often referred to as a bloodthirsty killer, a dark hunter or a shadow spirit animal. It is hard to believe since the wolf has amazing social, family, loyalty, and friendly traits that it gets labeled as evil. When you look into the eyes of the wolf you see its powerful mastery soul. Wolf teaches us to connect to our wild spirit to find balance and illumination in the human world and to awaken the dormant aspect of the wild self. This helps us to remember who we are through the balance of harmony in creation.

Wolf is one of my master spirit animal teachers. Wolf has helped me work through many layers personally in my journey. Even more in this year, by guiding me through change and awakening the deepest levels of my expanding frequency. I consider wolf a shaman. In my work with Shamanic Wisdom, Healing and God Consciousness, wolf becomes a co-partner through the multi-dimensional journey in the process of discovery and healing. In the process of soul retrieval, I travel with wolf to find the fragmented pieces of the soul and often the location of the wounded inner child. Often the wounded inner child when located will hug wolf around the neck, because of the love, protection, and healing source wolf illuminates. In my  Soul Sessions, wolf is often sitting by my side or will arrive into the frequency of the session with other spirit medicine guides. Wolf is very much a presence in my life.  

Wolf makes its appearance in my life in many ways to show its presence. Often when I am walking in my neighborhood, I will see someone walking their dog which resembles the wolf characteristics. These are in times of change, clearing up old programming debris and in the moment of pondering the new in my life.  

Wolf Appearing on Your Pathway – Spirit Messenger Animal

  • Trust your instinct
  • Longing for freedom
  • Deep spirit connection
  • More trust in your heart
  • Expression of the wild self
  • Re-evaluate
  • Change of direction
  • Self leadership
  • Wilderness self-care