Two Ravens and the Space Between


Have you noticed the detailed messages lately that the animals are sending you personally and collectively? Their guided messages are always clear and detailed, but as of late, you can tell the volume is being turned up with their guidance and frequent appearances. Their guidance is always loving, direct, and healing, and they offer us a lot of time and patience when their guidance is not understood or when we try to connect to them through the head versus the heart. They will connect to you, spirit to spirit and heart to heart. When you connect to the silence of your heart, you will experience the connection of their communication.

Yesterday, as I was heading out for a walk in nature, two ravens sitting on a tree branch caught my attention. One was sitting with its wings and feathers puffed out, looking a bit cold, and the other one was sitting elongated and looking very freeing. Both of the ravens were still, silent and present in the moment. They were sitting about three feet apart. I noticed the space between them felt energetically yolk-ish. Yolk-ish energy always indicates something from the past or a multidimensional level that has been brought with you to earth. The overall collective message was “No matter what is happening physically and energetically, look through and beyond the space between and notice what sacred frequency of wisdom, healing, and knowledge is available to you.”

Exploring the space between—looking through and beyond human density

The question to ask yourself when exploring the space between is, are you willing to move beyond “thinking” and what you have already experienced as the way? The more we explore that still space beyond the human experience, beyond thinking and beyond identity, the more we unlock our own sacred spiritual wisdom and knowledge. This is called the wisdom direction of your own soul’s destiny. Trusting that silent, unlimited open space will reveal the wisdom of your true nature, the essence of “self.” Trusting the unknown of who you are and who you are meant to be here and now. This is a matter of experiencing the formless of feeling and seeing through the stillness and beyond the human identity, the path through ascension.

Exploring the Mystery of Self-Love


Surrendering to who you were yesterday, to love yourself today

Self-love is definitely something we explore throughout our entire journey here on earth. When we experience the illumination of self-love, we continue to navigate with it and experience the deeper expressions of it unfolding. In the exploration of self-love, the most important thing we look for is the discovery of who we are. In the discovery, we are looking for the celebration and fireworks, which will alter our existence of how we show up in the world. The problem or issue arising is, are you overlooking self-love because of what you expect it to be?

When you have the experience of meeting or knowing someone who has discovered and lives as self-love, you can see that their heart and “being” is illuminating with the destiny of natural self-love, in every moment. Perhaps this leaves you with wanting that exact experience. You feel the experience and maybe even visualize what your life would be like to naturally embrace self-love. Then you get into the separate-self and start to think about the how, why and maybe even the where. The Separate-Self brings you to its limited story of you and then the experience feels too hard or out of reach. The story then turns to doubt or lack of suffering of self.

Self-Love Reality Check.

The thinking mind and separate self can only access what has already happened through thinking, an object or a past location. There is no forward experience, feeling or “presence” in this viewpoint. The separate self is lying or misleading down the wrong path to self-love.

Many people run into challenges with self-love because they are exploring and looking for something based on what they have observed, been told, conditioned to believe or something they feel they can never have because of life choices or circumstances. First and foremost, you never have to earn ANY type of love. Self-love is not something we have to find, search for, earn or heal to experience. We have unlimited self-love in this moment within the essence of who we are.  

When we surrender and let go of the old identities, we have given power to from experiences of the past, we then opening space to love ourselves for who we are today. We learn to be gentle with ourselves today, by connecting to the heart, engaging self-forgiveness and experiencing self-compassion. When we look at self-love as a journey instead of cookie cutter steps, we start to fall in love with ourselves as we walk forward on earth.

Self-love is not so much about consciousness, but about having a “conscience” of self-love that is conscious of the presence of loving what is you.

Feel free to post your questions and experiences below. We are all teachers and guides of humanity.

Embracing Love & Grace,


Finding Acceptance Through the Heart


Much of the spiritual path is about mastering the medicine way through the heart with acceptance – while experiencing the flow of embracing everything. This is not an ‘oh well’ process, although this would be the thinking mind’s way of processing acceptance. Acceptance by the medicine way is about arrival through the loving and challenging experiences of our lives, to accept everything with humility. This is about infusing and birthing deeper wisdom through the spiritual path of the heart. This makes us more spiritually aware of acceptance through the foundation of the heart with everything. This is the difference between thinking you are in acceptance versus being the full presence acceptance through the heart. When you are in the full presence of being acceptance through the heart, you will feel the deep expansive frequency and the guiding presence of grace.

The medicine way of acceptance through the heart is by experiencing the self-streamlines that are connected to you. Self-streamlines are infusions based on both your earthly experiences and the connection of your soul’s wisdom. This is the practice and flow of discovering your way of acceptance by embracing everything through your destiny. Connecting to the infusing and birthing of acceptance as a frequency wisdom will assist you in observing how acceptance lives through the ebb and flow of who you are spiritually today. This will help you grow into the practice of seeing how your spiritual truth of acceptance lives within you as an alignment.

When we find acceptance through the heart, we let go of defining every experience we encounter. We will surrender the relationship identity with what we allowed to define us spiritually in the past and future. The mastery of this experience is the starting process of presence with acceptance. What we experience through the heart is the parting ways of wisdom wave frequencies, which can be felt as an access point of opening the intelligence and wisdom of the heart multi-dimensionally. This would be like opening a door to a dark room and feeling your way to the other side of the room where the lamp is located. As you travel through the room, you are allowing the room to express its imprints of energy to you. Then when you turn on the light you know what to expect regarding the layout and energy flow of the room.

When you are working with the heart and tap into deep wisdom frequencies, allow it to show you the way through the experience. This is when you feel grace rush in to assist your journey through the heart. Then, we shift into accepting; we may not know what we think we know. In that moment, we are open and willing to receive. Too often we want to take control and lead the way. Control is often performed out of habit or fear of the unknown and leaves us estranged from the inner self and the heart.

Through acceptance, when we are open through the heart to embrace everything, we are in the beingness of love consciousness through our true nature of the soul. In this alignment everything is created through love consciousness and this changes everything to flowing like the  river through the stillness of the soul. Be and do as you are from the sacredness of the heart.

Wild Soul Love,