Embodying the Snow Leopard


When we discover and make bonded relationships with our totem animals, we have a great responsibility to get involved with protecting those animals on earth. It is an agreement that we have made with the animals. Often times, humans only want to take the teaching wisdom the animal provides and not give back with protecting that animal. Remember your responsibility of your totem mission on earth for the humanity of animals. 

Growing up in the countryside, only about 100 feet from the wild forest which was miles and miles wide and deep. I had the opportunity to experience a lot of animal medicine; I was able to watch their characteristics and practice connecting to their medicine. As a child, connecting to the spirit of animals was natural to me and something I was gifted with at birth. I had no idea until I was older, how important that natural awareness would be to me and the earth. Nor did I feel I would be called to work with the animals for humanity with the Earth Mother. 

When we listen to the wind through the spirit of medicine, our calling arrives in pure form, not as a purpose but as destiny unfolding for humanity. This often catches us off guard and is different from the expectations we envisioned for walking the earth. 

Up until February of 2019, I had been going through a “destiny dark night of the soul” for about 3 years. I will admit this was one the most challenging dark nights of my life. Now, I have been through other dark nights of the soul previously, but nothing compared to a destiny dark night of the soul. This was just something I had to sit with and go through. A destiny dark night of the soul is about a major completion of one’s journey and ‘becoming’ your real work for humanity. 

I know that you are wondering, where does the snow leopard come into this experience?

Shortly after I moved to Sedona in October of 2018, I was working through the tail end of my dark night however not knowing it was the tail end because it seemed to be going on forever. 

One day while I was deep in the red rock canyons hiking, I heard the voice of the Wolf Norse Goddess Skaoi say, “Find your way to the true north, until you feel the experience of being stopped.” She gave me the vision of a river that was partly iced over with paw prints along a trail leading alongside the river. I felt this was interesting because there was no snow or a river in the direction I was heading. This invoked my curiosity. 

I took a trail to the north and followed her vibration inward, after about 2 or 3 miles, I was stopped in my tracks. To my left there was a dried creek from along ago, I followed the rocky dried creek and the vibration started to lead me again. After about 10 minutes I was stopped again, and I sat down on a rock under a tree. It was a moment of feeling in an altered state through my body, third eye, and heart. I looked up to see a very large, nature spiral traveling toward me and as it floated closer to me in the center there was a veil. I could see and feel the veil unfolding. When I looked inside of the experience, I saw a natural snowy trail leading through the forest outside of the trail it was summer. As I focused more on the trail, I found myself standing on that snowy trail and began to walk until I found myself at the edge of a river. The river too was snowy and slightly iced over. I sat on a stump and enjoyed the orchestra like sounds of the magical forest of the north. 

I noticed down on the trail, big paw tracks starting to appear in the snow, and they were walking toward me. When the tracks arrived about 15 feet from me, a snow leopard appeared. The eyes of the leopard were pure, compassionate, loving, and icy blue. The leopard sat in front of me. 

Snow Leopard’s message to me was: “I am the shaman elder you have requested, and I have been waiting for you for centuries to be in this place of your soul. This has been a time of death for you and most everything you have experienced is complete and activated into your soul as a spiral of frequency. Although everything on earth is a dream, and only a vision. You are initiating now into the illumination of your true north journey for the earth and its unfolding. This will not be an easy journey, for the earth is in an energetic war with itself for transition of the change of the emerging of earth and soul spirit together as one multi-spiral experience. You have become that spiral. Your shamanic walking role is to allow that spiral to travel through you to connect other souls to humanity with the guides of presence and stillness.  I will return to you soon. Experience the transition that has unfolded in our time together.” 

I found myself back in the red rock canyons, sitting on the rock from where I started. My body felt light, healed, and full of energy. I felt as if I had 200 years of wisdom and knowledge downloaded through me, like a memory. It was as if I embodied the snow leopard’s wisdom and ways in that short time. It is never what is said that matters, it is the experience that transitions through the wisdom of presence and stillness. 

Snow leopard always helps us through making choices from a place of presence and stillness. The snow leopard is all about ‘stillness timing’ of the heart, soul, and the medicine wheel of the snow forest. The message is always, walk lightly on the snow of the arctic north to embody your wisdom of the north destiny. Be the silent wayshower through your soul as you walk the earth.  

Wild soul love,


A Change in Direction: After the Mars Retrograde By Eddie Mullins


mars_retrograde20091Thank God it’s over! Yes the Mars Retrograde after three months has finally come to a close as of May 19th. It returns again in 2016.  As much as this particular retrograde challenged me in every way possible, it made me become very aware, this time around of what needs to leave (some has already departed) and what needs to arrive.  Time to let go of old debris from this life time and some that has been around for centuries.  This time allowed me to look deep inside of my heart and soul and discover more of myself, along with more detailed extensions of my soul’s purpose. Even though these were areas I had been avoiding, I am much better off for taking this journey the past three months. I’m sure you can relate to this voyage through your own experiences with the passing of the Mars Retrograde. In the long run, all retrogrades are steps in healing and shifting energy.

The Mars Retrograde allowed us to take a journey into the empowerment of the true self and look at all the links that kept us from being our true authentic selves.  This allowing came with surrendering to what the energy of the retrograde showed you.  In this case surrendering and releasing would have felt uncomfortable because the journey was aligned to vulnerability and resistance. This level is what would have brought in the fogginess you may have felt. Fogginess is the partnership, of being uncomfortable; being lost within the life pathway, when the new is trying to come in as an energy shift.  This Mars Retrograde was about breaking the glass ceiling we are afraid to break through, because of what is on the other side. This is called the reality of the Unknown pathway of the true self.

The links beyond the glass ceiling reveal themselves in a couple different ways.  One way, is what the angels call the imposter links; the links that disguise themselves as support, when in reality they are weighing you down along this level of your journey, in many ways draining your energy and focus. These imposters show up as friends, acquaintances, family members, situations and the list goes on.   They take up emotional space on the level of guilt and shame. Most often, this is the reflection of the impostor’s and not you.  When you go deep enough, you see the truth seed of this plant in your life and within your spiritual pathway. This would allow you to see the reality of true colors. Now, the second level of this process is looking at behavioral patterns that the retrograde phase has brought to the surface, which you have been trying to run from or hide. When you run off your pathway in most cases, it’s because you are not living in your true frequency and/or trying to down playing your energy to fit into whatever capacity you happen to encounter along your chosen, distraction from reality pathway. This is a form of rerouting your pathway, when you become uncomfortable. These patterns keep you from fully being in your own energy space, therefore your focus has been off your authentic pathway. You’ve felt these patterns rising to the surface in the past three months as a source of healing and letting go; the timing of reality and moving back onto your authentic pathway.  This awakening of discovery you can do anytime, not just during the Mars Retrograde, however during this retrograde it automatically guides you there, as uncomfortable as it may be. This process then allows you to be fully in the authentic energy of your true self.

Now that the retrograde has come to a close, what’s next? You will feel and see deep clarity on all levels of your life.  The fog you might have felt has lifted and you gained a sense of awareness of life direction, along with a clearer visionary perspective of who you are in all areas of your life journey.  The power to manifest has risen in vibration to a more multi-dimensional level of creation in a faster time, space and reality.   It’s about letting go of the old and re-birthing the new love consciousness of your true self. The time is now to take action and live your reality, one step at a time on the fast track of enlightenment.  You are ready!  www.eddiemullins.com