What Are You Forgetting Today?


This morning as I started to wake-up, the first vision coming forward was of the beautiful vast ocean. The vision was becoming clearer, as if it were calling me in every way possible. The impression and feeling was I needed to spend the day at the ocean. However, after I fully woke-up, started my sacred morning routine, and looked at my to-do list, how would it be possible? I was already behind schedule from the previous week, having to take four days off because I had a “clearing-cold” and needing to rest and let go. By this time, I had decided there was no time, for a day at the ocean and I let it go. However, the Angels had other plans for my day and it involved being in the presence of the ocean.

As I let go of the feeling of needing to go to the ocean for the day, the vision become stronger and I was starting to hear over and over again, “Go to the ocean, you need to go the ocean!”

Then came the loving lecture, how I needed to remember self-care and take time for myself.

If I have learned one thing on my spiritual journey it is not to argue or ignore the Angels, because they are always right and there is a loving alignment and meaning behind their reasoning. You guessed it. I packed my bag with water, food and my journal. On my bike I headed to the harbor, where I would catch the ferry, and then on to the ocean.

How often do you also forget self-care in your life? It is important as we move through changes in our lives and experience the elevation of energy on the planet, we remember self-care. Whether it’s taking ten minutes or an entire day. Why self-care? The more we remember self-care and nurturing ourselves, the more we are connected to balance, harmony and peace as a permanent placement of remembering who we are as loving resource. Not to mention our health and well-being. This allows us to become infused in the flowing harmony of the majestic ocean of love in your creation. Opening and walking through the door of all enlightened creations on your earthly journey right now.

What does self-care look like? It’s important to remember if journaling, meditating, taking a walk in nature, a trip to the ocean, or yoga is not your idea of self-care, then those activities are not best for you. Self-care should not be something you don’t enjoy doing. Self-care is your body and energy telling you, something needs to shift. Self-care is about taking time for yourself and doing what you want. Sometimes for me, it’s watching TV, visiting my favorite bakery or specialty stores, biking, working out, etc. Incorporating self-care into your life three to four times a week, will change your health and well-being. Enjoy your self-care.