The Vision of Angel Wings


Heart_Chakra_by_gloriagypsyOne of the greatest moments in teaching, came back during one of my archangel workshops back in 2009.   This was a workshop, that covered a lot of information about how to work with the archangels and we talked a lot about the powerful roles of earth angels. Toward the end of the workshop, I took this group through an archangel journey meditation, which had a strong focus on the different types of earth angels and a strong healing power of being present in the moment.  As I was preparing this group for the meditation, Archangel Raziel came forward and it was clear he would be leading us through this journey, via channel.  It was a beautiful healing awareness journey.

As people started to come out of the meditation and open their eyes, (btw one of my favorite things to watch, are people coming out of meditation, there is such peace on their faces and within their body language) a woman in the front row, open her eyes, looked at me and immediately did a double take.

She exclaimed aloud, “Oh my God, I can see your wings? They are right there; they have colorful stripes in them!  WOW!”

What she was seeing was the visual aspect of me channeling.  She was seeing Archangel Raziel’s energy and my energy infused together. Archangel Raziel has beautiful colors in his aura light.  What a magical experience, you just never what is going to happen in these workshops; the power and presence of the Angelic Realm.

Have a Beautiful Week Everyone!


The Coyote, the Archangel, & the Lion


coyteA question that I am frequently asked is, “What is the experience like when you channel?” The reality is, every channeling experience is slightly different in its own way. There is no thunderbolt that comes down and moves through my body, rather it is a beautiful journey that is peaceful and full of authentic love.

Here is a recent experience which perhaps can help explain a bit better what happens during this experience. A few weeks ago, I was busy with clients emailing, writing, planning classes etc., when the afternoon rolled around, I felt a strong pull to go out into nature. The hiking trails into mountains are only about 2 miles away from where I live and it was beautiful day out, so I decided to walk to the entrance of one of the trails to spend more time outside. As I stepped outside, I could immediately feel the energy shift. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I could feel my body re-grounding from the busy morning with every step that I took.

On the way to this particular trail I have to pass by a Hilton Resort which is near the base of the mountain.   I have now come to believe and feel this resort is built on top of a vortex. As I started to pass the resort, I could feel the beautiful earth energy emanating. In order to take in more beauty from the resort, I crossed the street to walk on the opposite side. As I was crossing the street, I had to do a double take as there within 200 feet of me was a Coyote! I stopped to watch in amazement as the beautiful animal walked away. It took a few more steps, stopped, turned, and looked directly at me. In that moment, I felt a shift of high vibrational energy hit me when we locked eyes. I thought to myself, “It can’t get any better than this.” Just then, I felt myself shift into an altered state of consciousness. It was a level where everything around you disappears other than your direct point of focus. While in that state, I could see clairvoyantly two different energies forming to the side of the coyote. One was a taller, light-pink energy and the other was a shorter, wider energy. I then, with clairaudience, heard the roar of a lion and the words, “breathe into the heart of courage.”

Once I felt and heard the lion energy, I had a knowing and trusting that the taller, light-pink energy was Archangel Ariel. Any time that I have channeled or connected with Archangel Ariel, I always connect with Lion energy first. In that moment, the energy I was feeling of Archangel Ariel became infused with my own energy, and I could hear her words, and feel her vibration within my own head and body.

This was her message:
Breathe into the heart of courage and love. Allow courage and love to flow through your body as an open force of compassion. Even though you may be in the conflicts of transformation, allow your authentic power and courage to shine through at this time. This alignment is always available to you. Returning to the power of the planet Earth and nature, within your heart and body, will help you balance your power and courage in this time. Together authentic power, courage and balance are the gateways to transformation.