Intuitive Child Coaching

Understanding the Sensitive – Intuitive Child

153Have you or someone you know ever described your child as being “Sensitive” and/or even Psychic? Is your child having a hard time concentrating in school and everyday life, mentions having vivid dreams or nightmares? Do they ever talk about seeing, hearing, or sensing spirits, angels or “imaginary” friends?

In this coaching program, Eddie will work with you and/or your child, to learnblack-c-child how to work with their gifts so they can embrace healthy ways of coping. The coaching will teach your child to set boundaries and manager their gift to greatness. Most importantly help you as the parent understand your child’s gift! This, in turn, helps your child be self confident, balanced, empowered, and a problem solver!

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation to talk about your Intuitive Coaching Design Program today. Prices: 60 minute single session – $195.00 or $175.00 per-session with a package of 4 or more.


Eddie did an amazing job guiding me on how to teach and support my daughter through his amazing intuitive child coaching program.  He brought a lot of clarity to why my daughter is attracted to certain types of people and why being in nature for her is so important to her growth and development (beyond the normal everyday reasons).  Eddie provided us with so many useful tools and techniques to help her expand on her abilities, as well as how to embrace and feel comfortable with them.  I would definitely recommend this coaching program to the parents of children that have these amazing gifts!

Julie W./Minneapolis, MN