Helpful Man At The Gas Station


A trip to the gas station like no other…

The Divine has many ways they lovingly communicate and help us on a daily basis.  Some of the messages and signs are more subtle and others are more physical and direct. Over the years, I have had many messages and signs come in from spirit/angels on all levels. From a loud voice inside a car telling me to stop running from my heart, a large feather gently landing on my leg while inside a restaurant, to a physical presence while walking down the street, and the list goes on.  It’s important that you pay attention in your everyday life for messages and signs from the angels, whether it’s an answer to your question or the presence that you have Spirit around you.

Now, I want to be very clear, one way angels appear to deliver messages is in physical form. They will take on physical form for many reasons. One of the more common reasons is to rescue (help) you, sometimes from danger. Others include a more direct link when you have disconnected from Spirit altogether, but you need help and support.  Many times this is a wake-up call.

In 1992, I felt, I needed a change; I transferred from my job to city that was about two hours from the town where I grew up.  It was one of those moments, I had no idea why I was moving but felt it needed to occur for some reason. I trusted the suggestion and made the move. I was 21 years old and had no idea what direction I wanted to take in life.  My relationship with God and the Angels at that phase of my life was strong for short periods of time, but other times I would disconnect for months and months. I only talked to them when I was in trouble or lost, by choice. One thing I knew clearly, I had a higher purpose of awareness than what I was currently doing in my life.  Nevertheless, the how seemed out of my reach, which made me feel lost in the suggestion of my destiny. I was hoping that move was going to help me find it.

On the second day of being in a new city where I knew no one, it felt a little lonely, but I was excited about the adventure ahead of me. I decided to take a drive and explore the city. I opened the door of my two door 1980 white Monte Carlo, sat down, and noticed I was almost out of gas.  Lucky for me there was a gas station only about six blocks away. I drove up to the pump and filled up my car.

I walked back around to get in my car and realized I had locked my keys in my car. I could not believe it, but sure enough, I could see my keys lying on the passenger’s seat.  Amazing how we do some of the things we do. However, I always believe things happen for a reason, but back then, I was not so willing to be aware of that concept. I walked into the gas station asking the attendant if they had a wire coat hanger because I locked my keys in my car. Luck would have it they had one. This is back in time when cars still had the little round knob as the lock you pushed up and down to lock the door.

As I unwound the wire hanger, my first thought was, “there is no way I’m going to be able to do this task. I don’t even know how to do this”.

I stuck the long wire up under the window frame. With the end of the wire inside the car, it was nowhere near the lock and my patience was nowhere in sight.

I said, “Why today of all days?  I cannot do this, I need some help!”

I gazed around the parking lot of the gas station for someone to help me. It was like one of those movie scenes where it is like a ghost town, not one person is in sight and you are in disbelief, as to how can this be?  I turned back around to try the wire again.

From out of nowhere, I hear this deep, strong, loving, father-like voice say, “Do you need some help?”

I turned around in amazement and there was a man standing beyond me.  My first thought was, where did this person come from? Just a second ago, there was no one in sight. He was a stocky, average sized man, with shoulder length, brown and gray hair. His eyes seem to be so blue they were gray looking, with a sparkle in them.

Again, he said, “Do you need some help?”

Struggling to get the words out and with a slight laugh, I said, “Yes, I think I do.”  I asked him in amazement, “Where did you come from?” He laughed out the side of his mouth. Then I snapped back into reality to the situation at hand.

“I locked my keys in my car, and I’m trying to use this wire hanger to unlock the door, but it seems pointless because it’s not working,” I said with discouragement. The entire time I talked to this man, I was fixated on his eyes.  They were so bright they almost hurt my physical eyes to look at them.

He said compassionately with his deep gentle voice, “Nothing is impossible.”  His words flowed through my body like a meditative feeling. In addition, the strangest thing happened next (although not so strange to me now). It felt like I was in a dream state. He was still talking but his lips were not moving. I heard him say, “You are not allowing yourself to be who you truly are. Trust in your choices and believe within your heart.” It was like an out of body experience.

Then it was back to the situation at hand.  He said, “May I try?”

I stepped aside. As he took hold of the wire hanger, I looked back toward the parking lot and there still was no one in sight, not one vehicle. Again, I thought, “Where did this man come from?”  I only looked away a second and I heard the door opening.

He said, “There you go!” with a cheery voice.

I was amazed and thanked him repeatedly, ten times over again.  I put my hand out to shake his and said, “I’m Eddie, and thank you again!”

He said, “I’m Mike, and you’re welcome!” He handed me the hanger and I leaned over to toss it in the car. When I turned around, he was nowhere in sight. This was one of those “touched by an angel moments” or I should say, one of those touched by Archangel Michael moments.

Infinite Love,

Embodying Infinite Love Frequency


When I speak or write about God it comes from a place of infinite love, which arrives from the formless void in the center of my soul.  I have been having channeled dialogues with God since I was a small child. No, I’m not Christian, religious, or even an advocator of the Bible, nor have I ever been. I don’t judge other people who are, that is not my mission on earth and I love them just the same. Love is just who I am and having channeled dialogues with God, and all of spirit for that matter, is also who I have always been. It’s a natural part of the soul.

The formless consciousness of God from my experience is a presence of infinite love, awareness, a life force, a collective source of intelligence, and a parallel frequency of our own soul. Simply only believing in God is a limited process and not knowing the formless consciousness of God or even knowing one’s self. Only experiencing the mental connection of God, omits the full rooted awareness of the presence and formless being-ness of God.  Just like all experiences, there are many ways. You will choose from where you are in your journey experience or in some cases what you have been told about God. If the word “God” has been damaging or hurtful to you, omit the word and use the expression of “source” or whatever you are comfortable with. Like most of my writings, notice what you feel in your body and where you maybe harvesting energy that needs to be explored.

Being born spiritually sensitive, an Empath and Star Child, my inward world was beautiful, loving and comforting, but sharing and living my inward world with others in the physical world was a much different experience. So would begin my childhood journey of living two lives, spiritually inward and humanly outward. Maybe this is why my rock from the beginning was my connection and relationship with the spirit world. I learned quickly, the spirit world is very misunderstood in the physical world and even in my own birth family. However, that detailed bond I had and have with the spirit world, would prove to be more powerful in my life, than I could have ever imagined. So we begin. . .

I have to say, the one constant experience in my life has been the presence of God. These days when you say the word God, people either cringe because of old destructive experiences or they honor the space of God, both of which I can understand.  However, my experience with God was somewhat different than what most people describe as the journey to God. My connection is through the infinite consciousness of God versus the mental, humanly created god, which many proclaim as a vengeful and evil god or even the “real” god. I have never understood how vengeful judgments and evil could have anything to do with infinite love as a source of creation.

I have always felt and known the presence of God; I don’t know what it was like to not feel the presence and awareness of God. I could feel, hear and in some important moments see the frequency of God during times of our channeled dialogues. I could feel the peaceful presence like no other experience deep within the center of my soul. Then the frequency looked and felt like a formula, which had a moving intelligence. Of course, as a child it was natural, because it was always a noticeable part of me and I thought the design of the formula was beautiful and pretty cool.

I chose to write this blog about my experience with God, not to change anyone’s beliefs, again that’s not my mission for being on earth or anyone else’s for that matter; but to share some of my personal experiences with God, in hopes it will help others to heal through their pain and explore their own infinite source of love. Additionally, to find some type of compassion for their own experiences in a world of disarray and confusion.

It is always best to start at the beginning and weave your way in and out, at least for this blog. I was one of those souls that was born knowing and awake in consciousness in my own creation, spiritual, and arriving way on earth. I was born two weeks early. I arrived into this world knowing who God, the Angels, Jesus, the Ascended Masters and other beings of spirit.  I did not grow up in a religious, spiritual or metaphysical family home. God was rarely talked about in my family home. If God was talked about, it was usually me asking and testing my parents, because I was sure everyone was born knowing God and the spirit world in the way that I did. I learned very quickly in my family and rural small town environment this was not the case.

As a child, I always found it interesting when hearing the views of God from adults, friends, and cousins who were very connected to an organized religion. They would talk about God, how “he” would punish you if you did anything wrong. I found it a bit odd and even more odd when they would say, “he”. I don’t view God as either a male or female nor, do I see God as an individualized type of entity. I see God as a loving intelligence of an infinite source, a consciousness that is of pure authentic love and emulates our own God-self.  When I would hear conversations about “he” god, I would get an energetic headache and sick feeling in my body. I was always a bit puzzled by that unusual experience. I know now, this was a physical sign of the mental human – thinking mind creation versus an infinite creation experience. I would feel they didn’t know God at all and would quickly draw conclusions; there are many humanistic controlled experience beliefs about God that have been handed down for centuries and centuries.

I couldn’t explain every experience but God to me, then and now, is a real living life force of a powerful, loving, energy frequency which has always been with me, teaching, guiding, loving, encouraging and being my friend. When I would do something wrong or I was angry, God would walk me through the lesson through love and energetic levels of the experience. Not teaching right or wrong, but guiding me through whether the frequency choice was fitting for the experience.

What I have experienced through the formless frequency and intelligence of the consciousness of God, is that the “is-NESS” comes from a place of pure infinite love and helps us activate and embody our own core inner spirit or what is called the God-self from the center of the soul. When we activate and embody the formless wisdom void in the center of the soul, we become what we have forgotten on Earth – the becoming of infinite love as sacred unity. We are not separate or less than God, we are sacred infinite love. One in the same of the collective divine oneness. 

Mother Ocean, Dolphins and the Presence of Sound Frequency


Several months ago on a Saturdays when I was still living near the ocean, I felt the call from spirit to go out into nature to do some Earthing.  It was one of those moments when I was not sure where that was going to be. So I headed out on my bike, pedaling my way, following spirit to see where we would end up. They always lead me to the most beautiful places. Sometimes, it is a place I am very familiar with and other times it’s a place of hidden beauty. There is always a reason why I am being shown the location. Spirit is about the timing and placement; this journey was no different. After being on my bike for a while it was clear where they were leading me. It was also very obvious that this journey was about the right timing as there were delays that were unusually longer than they needed to be. However, these delays were perfect for connecting to stillness and being in the presence of the moment, biking out in nature. It was the perfect day with amazing weather and illuminating energy.

This journey was to the ocean at Coronado beach. I arrived at the harbor to catch the ferry to Coronado. Typically, the ferry is never late. However, on this day it was about five minutes late and it seemed there was a much longer delay than usual getting everyone aboard the vessel. Although, it was perfect, because being on the harbor water is always healing and peaceful.

Once we arrived on the island, it was time to bike to the other side of the island where the long ocean beach is located. As I headed out, I noticed that there were several delays again in my journey. I arrived at the beach, locked my bike up in the bike rack, and headed toward the vast beauty of the deep blue ocean. I started out by walking the shoreline as I always do, to greet and send gratitude to mother ocean. Walking the shoreline is an amazing form of Earthing. After walking for about five minutes, I was stopped by spirit. I figured this was my spot on the beach. I walked toward the heart of the sandy beach, dropped off my beach gear, and headed towards the water. The ocean was magical with its deep blue, illuminating energy and color. As I started to walk towards the water, I notice a tingly feeling in my heart region. My heart and thymus frequency was expanding beyond the feeling of an energetic vortex; this felt like pulsating sacred circles, like it was moving to the beat of musical rhythm. The feeling started to intensify even more and my third eye began to pulsate like a growing wave. I started to see hues of colored frequency separate through my third eye and in the center of those hues were dimensional lenses. As I was focused on surrendering through the frequency of the hues, they were opening states of multiple layers of compassion and deep emotion in my heart. I felt deeply loved with healing and a shift in multi-dimensional consciousness.

I waded into the ocean about waist deep, stopped, and felt the amazing sound and frequency of the ocean. It was purifying and relaxing. My body was in a meditative state of harmony. I felt pulled to look out in the water a ways. To my amazement, there was a large pod of dolphins swimming around, splashing, playing, and fully jumping out of the water directly ahead and at a close distance to me. I was a bit surprised, honored and excited that they were so close. I could feel their healing energy frequency, illuminating and dancing through my body. My third eye felt as if it was expanding as large as the ocean, and it felt as though it was ready to jump in the ocean to greet the sacred dolphins.

The subtle shaman as the dolphin: The dolphin helps you shift your frequency from the energetic deathing process, to surrender, to birthing, and the revealing of your new found space between – soul wisdom and knowledge. The dolphin carries you to the next dimension level of your awakening consciousness, helping you live through the window of your soul on earth. The dolphin also helps us to heal the heart and expand the field of compassion that radiates as a natural source of who we are. The compassion field illuminates through your heart as the sacred unity of spirit and earth as the ocean web of oneness. Through sound healing of the dolphin’s sounds, which is a higher pitch frequency that helps your body and nervous system return to the rhythm of the soul, raising your consciousness and helping you to activate/initiate the galactic heart.  The dolphin’s sounds will help you raise, open, and activate your higher state of cosmic spiritual consciousness. Overall the dolphin helps you walk in your unity space of spirit, cosmic and earth as an infusion of one shared formless space of soul presence.

The dolphins stayed in a central location directly in front of me for a while. Then, they swam to the left of me. I figured that they were moving on with their journey. I was grateful for having this experience with them. I decided to work on some sound channel frequency healing with the ocean. When I do this, my focus and awareness journey in and through the ocean’s frequency, and I allow the sounds of the ocean to move through my soul voice, activating the rhythm of my soul through my nervous system. This is a process of shifting into the frequency of the ocean, which requires a lot of surrendering. This time, it was more intense than in the past. Not only was I sensing the expression of the ocean’s frequency, but there were direct sound waves of dolphins. Sure enough, the dolphins were back in their location in front of my gaze where they remained for a while longer, jumping fully out of the water. I kept with the sound channel and it was powerful with healing. After sometime, they swam further out and circled to the left, to make a sacred circle. As they made what appeared to be a sacred circle, their frequency with the ocean activated a memory of many sacred shamanic sound ceremonies of the past that I have participated in and opening further my spiritual and galactic heart. The elder dolphins were making it a point to communicate with me, explaining that the memory was about sharing the sacred shamanic sound ceremony with other Earth “wayshowers”. Their appearance lasted for about forty-five minutes, then they disappeared into the deep blue. I felt gratitude for the sacred Earthing experience with the dolphins.

I had not expected my journey with spirit to go Earthing on that Saturday would involve a visit and Earthing healing from the sacred dolphins. Dolphins have always been a big part of my life. In my twenties, they helped me with a large part of my reawakening spiritual journey and to practice gentle presence through wave frequency.

The dolphins are amazing sacred guides, healers and teachers. So amazing and blessed we are to be sharing the earth with them.