Understanding Mysterious Guidance from the Angels


shadowhealingSometimes guidance from the Angels can be mysterious and confusing. Have you ever received a message from the Angels that had no connection to the question or clarity of what you were requesting? Or, maybe it was guidance arriving without you asking? Did the message and/or direction leave you confused and feeling like they did not hear you correctly? You communicate your question again and the same guided message is returned. What could this possibly mean?

When clients and students begin and continue to communicate with the Angels and Spirit, I continually remind them to take out the logic we look for as human beings. The more you let go of the logic the more you will dial into the angelic and spiritual alignments. The Angels are not human; they are energy sources and their communication and characteristics will illuminate this. They also do not have egos-therefore, their energy and guidance do not have the “how” and “what if” factors. The Angels provide straightforward code impressions appearing as steps and energy shifts. They provide the guidance, steps (code impressions), timing and clarity, and the human being takes the action with the right time and space.

The more you practice and act within your heart the more the process becomes a natural part of your partnership with the Angels for your earthly experience. Living within your heart creates a different vibration and trust factor, therefore helping you have clear, trusting communication with the Angels.

Over the years I have learned not to question guidance from the Angels, because there is always a reason for the guidance, even if I don’t understand the complete meaning of it. You can always ask for clarification. Sometimes the Angels will guide you to take a course, read a book, say hello to another person, take a trip, etc., because there is information you need to receive for the grander part of your earthly mission. This is the guidance viewed as mysterious.

For example, last October, when I moved to California, I was relaxing one evening after spending the day at the ocean. At about eight o’clock at night I was getting a feeling and visual several times of needing to go to Whole Foods.

 I thought to myself, “What do I need at Whole Foods? Nothing.”

Several minutes went by and I started to hear the Angels say several times, “Go to Whole Foods now!”

Considering the messages, I thought this must be pretty important. Whole Foods was only a few blocks away, so I made the journey. As I walked in the doors, I received a clear vision and heard “community board” over and over again. I found the community board and right in the center of the board was a single flyer for a new healing center.

Earlier in the day, while at the ocean, I had asked the Angels to help me find the perfect healing center at which to do my in-person healing sessions, since I was new to the area. As always, they delivered loud and clear. This goes to show you, ask, trust in the guidance and the Angels will deliver.

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Angels Call to Sedona



SedonaHello Friends! There are places you discover in your life that seem so magical and help you recharge throughout the layers of your life’s journey. For me, one of those places is Sedona, Arizona. The Angels call this “my sacred land” when referring to making my trips to Sedona. It is interesting how Sedona came about in my life. Let me tell you the story…. In 2007, I had been getting guidance about being around other Lightworkers and like-minded spiritual people. I didn’t know how to proceed-spirituality and metaphysical awareness wasn’t very open in the city I lived in. However, the guidance kept coming forward, again and again. One evening, Sedona, Arizona, popped into my head. I had heard of Sedona before, but really didn’t know that much about it. I Googled Sedona and found some beautiful pictures and remarkable history. I discovered the spiritual alignment and thought that was interesting. I was puzzled, but felt this was some type of message from the Angels. The question was, what could it be? A few days went by and, out of the blue, I found on the internet that there was going to be a three-day Angel workshop in Sedona the next March. I click on the link and read the information and it sounded interesting. I said aloud, “Angels, am I meant to be at this workshop?” I felt and heard it’s not about the education, it’s about being around your own kind of energy. Shocked and amazed at what was coming forward, I felt as if there was a deeper reason for me to be in Sedona for this workshop. The Angels kept repeating the word Sedona over and over to me. Then the human reality settled in: how would I afford to go? I didn’t have extra money for this kind of trip. For months, I was back and forth about going or not going. It was on my mind all the time. Then, one Saturday morning I decided to see just how much it would really cost. Sitting down at my computer with my calculator, I figured out the total cost of the trip. I added up the workshop’s fee, the flight, lodging, car rental, and the estimated food cost. Getting the grand total, I looked at the number and knew there was no way I could afford to go. I took a deep breath and said, “Oh well!”  I let it go, moving on, checking my email from friends next. For some reason, I looked down at the calculator screen and was surprised to see that there were numbers all the way across the screen that had not been there before. Knowing a little bit about numerology, I thought, “Could that be a message from the Angels?”  I ran upstairs and grabbed my Angel numerology book, authored by my friend Lynnette Brown. Coming downstairs again, I added up the numbers. I looked up the total on the screen; the message was: Don’t worry, everything is being taken care of. I was in shock. Could it be? Once again, speaking out loud, I said, “God and Angels, if I am supposed to go on this three-day trip, I need you to pay for it because I don’t have the money,” and I let it go. The job I had during this time was a leadership position and I made very little money. At the beginning of the year, the company I worked for started a quarterly bonus program for meeting your department’s goals. Also, at the end of the year, we would receive the full amount for what we earned again, in one check. While there were some changes to the bonus program and there was talk that we wouldn’t get that end-of-the-year check, I always felt we would. Sure enough, we did! I was in shock when I opened the check-it was the exact amount needed to pay for my workshop fee and the airfare. It was a payment from God and the Angels. I was on my way to Sedona. Love and Blessings, Eddie

Angel Reading Special

A Trip to the Gas Station, Like No Other. . .



The Angels have many ways they communicate with you on a daily basis.  Some of the messages and signs are more subtle and others are more physical and direct.  Over the years, I have had many messages and signs come in from the angels on all levels.  From a loud voice inside a car telling me to stop running from my heart, to a large feather gently landing on my leg while inside a restaurant, to a physical presence while walking down the street, and the list goes on.  It’s important that you pay attention in your everyday life for messages and signs from the angels, whether it’s an answer to your question or the presence that you have angles around you.Now, I want be very clear one way angels appear to deliver messages in physical form.  They will take on physical form for many reasons.  One of the more common reasons is to rescue (help) you, sometimes from danger. Others include a more direct link when you have disconnected from God and spirit altogether, but you need help and support.  Many times this is a wake-up call.In 1992, I felt I needed a change; I transferred from my job to city that was about two hours from the town where I grew up.  It was one of those moments, I had no idea why I was moving, but felt it needed to occur for some reason.  I trusted the suggestion and made the move.  I was 21 years old and had no idea what direction I wanted to take in life.  My relationship with God and the Angels at that phase of my life was strong for short periods, but other times I would disconnect for months in a row.  I only talked to them when I was in trouble or lost for choice.  One thing I knew clearly, I had a higher purpose than what I was currently doing.  Nevertheless, the how seemed out of my reach, which made me feel lost in the suggestion of my purpose.  I was hoping that move was going to help me find it.

On the second day of being in a new city where I knew no one, it felt a little lonely, but I was excited about the adventure ahead of me.   I decided to take a drive and explore the city.  I opened the door of my then two door 1980 white Monte Carlo, sat down, and noticed I was almost out of gas.  Lucky for me there was a gas station only about six blocks away. I drove up to the pump at the gas station and filled up my car.

I walked back around to get in my car and realized I had locked my keys in my car. I could not believe it, but sure enough, I could see them sitting on the passenger’s seat.  Amazing how we do some of the things, we do. However, I always believe things happen for a reason, but back then, I was not so much aware of that concept.  I walked into the gas station asking the attendant if they had a wire hanger because I locked my keys in my car. Luck would have it they had one.   Now this is back in time when cars still had the little round knob as the lock you pushed up and down to lock the door.

As I unwound the wire hanger, my first thought was, “there is no way I’m going to be able to do this task.  I don’t even know how to do this”.

I stuck the long wire up under the window frame.  With the end of the wire inside the car, it was nowhere near the lock and my patience was nowhere in sight.

I said, “God, why today of all days?  I cannot do this, I need some help!”

I gazed around the parking lot of the gas station for someone to help me. It was like one of those movie scenes where it is like a ghost town, and not one person is in sight and you think how can this be?   I turn back around to try the wire again.

From out of where, I hear this deep, strong, loving, father-like voice say, “Do you need some help?”

I turned around in amazement and there was a man standing beyond me.  My first thought, where did this person come from?  Just a second ago, there was no one in sight. He was a stocky, average sized man, with shoulder length brown and gray hair. His eyes seem to be so blue they were gray looking, with a sparkle within them.

Again, he said, “Do you need some help?”

Struggling to get the words out and with a slight laugh, I said, “Yes, I think I do.” Then I asked him in amazement, “Where did you come from?” He laughed out the side of his mouth. Then I snapped back into reality to the situation at hand.

“I locked my keys in my car, and I’m trying to use this wire hanger to unlock the door, but it seems pointless because it’s not working.” I said with discouragement. The entire time I talked to this man, I was fixated on his eyes.  They were so bright they almost hurt your physical eyes to look at them.

He said compassionately with his deep gentle voice, “Nothing is impossible.”  His words flowed through my body like a meditative feeling. In addition, the strangest thing happened next (although not so strange to me now). It felt like I was in a dream state. He was still talking but his lips were not moving. I heard him say, “You are not allowing yourself to be who you truly are. Trust in your choices and believe within your heart.” It was like an out of body experience.

Then it was back to the situation at hand.  He said, “May I try?”

I stepped aside. As he took hold of the wire hanger, I looked back toward the parking lot and there still was no one in sight, not one vehicle. Again, I thought, “where did this man comes from?”  I only looked away a second and I heard the door opening.

He said, “There you go!” with a cheery voice.

I was amazed and thanked him repeatedly ten times over again.  I put my hand out to shake his and I said, “I’m Eddie, and thank you again!”

He said, “I’m Mike, and you’re welcome!” He handed me the hanger and I leaned over to toss it in car. When I turned around, he was nowhere in sight. One of those touched by an angel moments or I should say, one of those touched by Archangel Michael moments.

Many Blessings,