The Reality of Now – What is Happening?

Are you feeling deep sadness, emotion and loss? Perhaps it even feels like you are alone and no one understands what you are experiencing in this direct moment of your journey. This is the death process of who we use to be individually and collectively; a time of deep grieving and most importantly surrendering, letting go and healing (activating) to reveal the here and now for you (we) and humanity.

In those moments of death and re-birthing there is an intense uncomfortable exploration period of time, the space between and viewing who am I now, while letting the old way truly demise. This is uncomfortable for us because we can’t control it and it is a deeper unfolding of the formless destiny of who we are, from a soul level. It feels like an intense vortex out of control because death, exploring the space between (revealing your wisdom and knowledge of destiny) and birthing are happening all at the same time. This is what I like to call becoming spiritual mature and becoming your soul being on Earth.

This is a time of discovering and figuring out who you are versus running from who you are by controlling or reacting to what is unfolding deep inside of you as truth.

The good news, it will work it’s way into your reality and become natural to you.

Knowing information, using apps and even human duty success is not conscious awakening. Awakening is the illumination and activation of the lightbody, soul bodies, the hara line, expansion of light frequency and crystallization of the chakra system.

The more individuals figure out who they are through exploring deep within beyond logic and thinking to define who they are, the less people try to live from the cookie cutter ways of the past. The ‘physical past’ is forever gone, including 1960 and 1980. Everyone has a right to live and be who they are, it’s 2018 and soon to be 2019 forward in all directions.

Control is separation and fear, while boundless love illuminates humanity together. It is always easier and more illuminating to let go than to hang onto what is outdated and can no longer be.

Remember the personal and collective soul promise destiny agreement for humanity…

Sacred arrival,


2 thoughts on “The Reality of Now – What is Happening?”

  1. David says:

    Thanks Eddie…Interesting that you chose this image of the Poolnabrone Dolmen in the West of Ireland. It’s a Star Portal…as some shamanic friends of mine from the US discovered a few years ago..

    1. Thank you, David. Yes, I was very drawn to this image a while back and was saving it. No wonder why the first image I tried to use today wouldn’t work. Thank you for the wisdom about image.

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