The Frequency Light Source Pathway ~ Channel From Archangel Jophiel

Haniel2Beauty is the frequency and the source of who you are, allow the gateway of it’s source light to lead you into a higher vibration of your creative world. Letting go is the work of raising your vibration and making changes that balance with the planet Earth’s alignment. It is the time of creation, it is the time of death. The creation of the new and death of the old.  You are standing on the threshold of the light source transformation frequency within your life pathway.  Once you choose the pathway, your earthly journey will forever change.  Many of you are creating more room for light to fill your energy allocation system, which then flows into your energy field, once the space is available to hold the light. Choosing to make more space for light, is just that, choosing to create the space; because in your time, space and reality it has already arrived. You life will shift to a higher vibration, through the layers of your life lessons.  I am Jophiel, the Archangel of Beauty and Frequency Light Source, when you are ready, we will walk over the threshold of your harmonious vibrational transformational pathway.  I am lovingly  here to support you, for always, Divine One. We see you for the truth of your heart, authentic pure beings of love. (The full channel coming soon in Star Nations Magazine)

One thought on “The Frequency Light Source Pathway ~ Channel From Archangel Jophiel”

  1. Judith York says:

    Dear Eddie;

    Many years ago I was into meditation and just returned to it about three months ago.Thank you so much for your free webinar last night-it was truly enjoyable.-I felt St Michael and did get an answer.
    So, I am used to head meditation so heart meditation and cleansing my chackras is totally new to me. How do I cleanse my chakras?
    I have had crystals for many years an no one ever told me you were suppose to cleanse them. I don’t understand how to download last nights presentation-can I download to my desktop?
    Blessings Be

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