The Arrival of Awakening in Your Experience

imagesJ0MRCBNBHi Everyone! I have been receiving a lot of questions about awakening over the past year. It is a power experience.  I thought I would share this blog I wrote about the how and why of awakening.  Keep in mind awakening can be slightly different for everyone. Please share your experiences.

We can all agree that the awakening on the planet is showing up in many different ways.  Even people who are not tuned into the enlightened state of consciousness are noticing there is something unique happening all over the planet earth.  We have been noticing this for several years, now more than ever before. The awakening is not only showing up in pockets all over the planet but within many people’s lives, as an elevation in consciousness.  We often refer to this elevation in consciousness as an initiation, spiritual, or Kundalini awakening.

What is meant by a personal initiation or awakening is that you are connecting back to source energy through a level and step system of consciousness.  Through your lifetime you may move through many levels of the awaken consciousness process.  Some people will move through more levels than others based on their life journey and life lessons completed.  However, it is through each level that you are expected to live a life of love, peace, harmony, integrity and truth.  To move through the levels you are put through a number of spiritual evaluations based on the completion of your life lessons.

The affects of an awakening or an initiation are different for everyone depending on what level you are at in your life journey.  What happens when the awakening arrives and the energy comes forward is that your physical and energy body are filled with more light.  The light of consciousness fills in the spaces that you have created naturally to raise your vibration.  Now when this light energy comes forward and enters the body, you may feel a slight shift or drastic shift of emotions or a small vibration move through your body.  It really depends on the level of awakening you are receiving.  How does this happen?  You can always bring in the early awakenings on your own; the higher awakenings may need to be brought in by a healer or practitioner who specializes in this process.  However, many healers and enlightened spiritual teachers who are tuned into higher frequencies, may be able to bring their own awakening energy in.

Now, I must warn you:  Spirit does not care where you are at (location wise), when it is time for the awakening/initiation light energy to come forward.   In 2005, I was in the middle of a large Barnes and Noble bookstore, minding my own business, when I received my first Christ Light awakening.  In that moment, for a few seconds, all I could see was white and golden light – it was beautiful!  Now, this was not a little awakening, this one had some power to it!  When it hit, I went into what Oprah Winfrey describes as the “ugly cry”.  The cry where you cannot breathe at times and people can hear you four blocks away.  Yes, that was me, in the middle of the Barnes and Noble Book Store on, I might add, a busy Sunday afternoon!  I put my book down and made my way out of the store to my car wailing and crying all the way.  I sat in my car until things were under control and then I drove home.  For the next couple of days I rested, felt a deep emotional release, and a surge of new high vibrational energy in my body and life!  (I will be discussing more of the details of this awakening and the awakening process in my book.)

It is an important time to recognize that we are shifting personally and globally into the state of love consciousness; not only talking about it, but also feeling and experiencing the life altering shift. Are you traveling at the speed of love consciousness?

Enjoy the Journey!


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