The Empath, Empathy & Empathic – are they the same?

I have always loved being an Empath. However, the journey to living in the full experience, in the beginning, was not always easy or welcoming. When I was growing up there was no title for it, or at least I had never heard of it. I was labeled as different and sometimes talked about as if something was emotionally wrong with me because I was sensitive and felt emotional intelligence through my heart, like how most people would think in their thinking mind. As they say, I was wired differently than others around me. Well, living as an Empath was a bit more than that. Being an Empath is more than just being an emotionally sensitive person.

Growing up as an Empath was interesting, causing a lot of confusion and many people around me misunderstood what I was experiencing, saying, feeling and embodying, all at the same time. Then to throw more confusion into the wind, I was also spiritually connected and a Starchild. As a child when I was in school, and even before I attended school, they called me an overly-sensitive emotional child and even emotionally unbalanced at times.”He is different or he is different from the other kids”, I would overhear them saying. This would leave me feeling as if there was something wrong with me. Most of the time as a child, I felt like I landed on the wrong planet. But regardless of what “they” were saying, I knew that what I was experiencing, feeling, hearing and living through was real. Now as an adult, I laugh about how different “they” thought I was, “Oh they had no idea how different I was then and now”!

As an Empath, I did not just feel the depth of emotional frequencies and experiences, I became the frequency of those experiences. I was feeling the experiences, plus I held onto them by absorbing and storing them in my body, heart, and energy field whether they were mine or not; for years at a time; until I could no longer do that. I had no choice but to learn how to manage and live as the natural Empath that I am. I will be writing about that journey later down the road in an extended publication.

Are you an Empath?
Often an Empath is confused with empathy and even someone who is empathic. All of these experiences do not mean the same thing, but they can be related. Let’s break them down into simple terms.

One who can relate to how someone is feeling or an experience(s) they have gone through or are going through by showing compassion, concern, and caring.

One who takes in the sensory of feelings and emotional experiences and energy of others, like a deep cycle. This can also be from collective energy. One can be empathic, without being an Empath, there are different feeling and emotional channel sensors in their bodies. Often the description of empathic is defined as the actual Empath. If it were only that simple.

One who takes on feelings and emotions from other people or experiences as their own. They “absorb” or “stack” the energy frequency in their own body and energy field. An Empath not only takes on the energy frequency, they live through the energy experience as if it is happening to them. The Empath does not natural identify and cycle out the energy. This is very much like a sponge taking on water. At some point the sponge is light and as it takes on water and it becomes heavy to point it changes shape, characteristics and density. This is very similar to the life of the Empath. The Empath is not just empathic, they are living as an empathic channel frequency.

Stay tuned for more blogs, retreats, courses and a coaching program on this very important topic. Although helping people understand the Empath way is only part of what I do; I am dedicated to helping other Empaths, live a healthy and peaceful way of life on the Earth. Thank you!