The Unfolding Forgotten Agreement


When it is time for me to write whether it is my monthly column for Star Nations Magazine or something else with longer detail; throughout the night a dialogue begins and I get very little sleep. My inner spirit, the ancient ones, my inner child, and the Divine together dance in ceremony around the sacred fire of wisdom. Whatever I am about to write, unfolds in sacred ceremony like a story narration as a collaboration. Which is neither here nor there but in the space between.

Throughout the night, I could hear the rain deeply pouring down as an emergence of spirit and earth through an important calling of attention. There was no break in the rain, this tells me the unfolding is about deeply rooted cleansing that is needed and each raindrop carries a different ancient wisdom to nourish the cleansing as a community together. But, also the reaction of the Great Mother – Pachamama.

Everything is spiritual because everything has a spirit. When we lose sight of this awareness, we lose sight of ourselves and the earth as an aliveness. Everything is alive, an inner connected from the rivers, rocks, trees, animals, mountains, and human beings as we share the same materials of DNA.

Human beings have forgotten how to live on the earth, therefore forgetting what it means to be a human being with a spirit, as one who walks the earth as a keeper of the garden. Even here in Sedona, the ancient land is not being respected and the commercialization is destroying the vibrational alignment. We see this happening throughout the world. It’s time to return to the garden, not in the head of conflict, but in love.

When a garden is dry it is calling for nurturing and love, so you water it. When weeds take over the health, breathing, and oxygen space of the garden; the garden is in conflict and at war for survival. The healthy plants are vulnerable and calling for your mission of love and protection. They trust in you because they know your true mission of love for being here on earth. But the human has to make a choice beyond their own needs, survival, or waiting for someone else to do the work of the garden versus making a choice through the love and wisdom they have access to in their own soul and destiny.

The earth is the garden and becoming eroded with a deeply rooted calling for infinite love from the heart of the mother. The Great Mother is asking for your love an emergence of assistance. Time is growing short and soon the mother will take back the power of the earth. There is much water cleansing on the way.

The garden needs nourishing and love from its roots, not at the surface level. At the roots is where you will find the seeds of the heart of the Great Mother. Remember you are not here on earth for you. You are here for WE which is the sacred spiral of the mother.

Assisting the garden
“Helping yourself, you help the world. You are in the world – you are the world. You are not different from the world, nor is the world different from you.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi

Ceremony in the forest.
When we start to align to our own inner ceremony in the forest, to escape, to breath, to listen, and to be silent, we start to listen to what we cannot hear. When we turn our awareness inward beyond the surface of the human world, we begin to experience the sounds of movement, spirals, love, teachings, wisdom, and portals of the forest. When we breathe in the oxygen and clear open the space of the forest, we are receiving ancient wisdom and aligning that wisdom to what we have forgotten regarding the earth and the Great Mother, along with her forest medicine. This is what will change the world’s vibration.

The more we practice seeing and listening to what we cannot hear or see, we begin to listen and see with love through the awareness of the heart. This experience turns your communication inward to awaken who you really are and to return back to love. This awareness changes your vibration to a deeper experience beyond the human condition and activates your inner aliveness. This is also where you discover the space behind the ego, personality, human condition, and mask, this is your soul aliveness as you walk the earth, we call this our true nature, who we really are. I like to call this the discover of inner soul magic; the magic of our mystical alignment as we walk the beautiful earth.

When we remember the Great Mother and why we are here, we remember love beyond the meaning of the word and become the presence of love. We then can assist the nourishing of the garden. We are the medicine underneath it all.

Sacred love,

Traveling the Spiritual Path with Spirit Animal – Wolf


Spirit Animal Wolf represents traveling to the depths of the inner self. Helping you discovering the inner knowing of who you are as your wild soul self. Wolf is a leader, spiritual teacher, healer and wayshower into the deepest shadows and light sources of the ancient imprint path of your soul experience.  Wolf is a powerful animal guide in this time, helping you to travel through the experience of what the soul is authentically calling to you. Notice the current experience when wolf shows up in physical/energetic forms, such as images, words, dogs and the list goes on. What is happening with your feelings and thoughts when wolf appears? This is key for understand Wolf’s guidance. 

Wolf is one of the most misunderstood in the animal kingdom, often referred to as a bloodthirsty killer, a dark hunter or a shadow spirit animal. It is hard to believe since the wolf has amazing social, family, loyalty, and friendly traits that it gets labeled as evil. When you look into the eyes of the wolf you see its powerful mastery soul. Wolf teaches us to connect to our wild spirit to find balance and illumination in the human world and to awaken the dormant aspect of the wild self. This helps us to remember who we are through the balance of harmony in creation.

Wolf is one of my master spirit animal teachers. Wolf has helped me work through many layers personally in my journey. Even more in this year, by guiding me through change and awakening the deepest levels of my expanding frequency. I consider wolf a shaman. In my work with Shamanic Wisdom, Healing and God Consciousness, wolf becomes a co-partner through the multi-dimensional journey in the process of discovery and healing. In the process of soul retrieval, I travel with wolf to find the fragmented pieces of the soul and often the location of the wounded inner child. Often the wounded inner child when located will hug wolf around the neck, because of the love, protection, and healing source wolf illuminates. In my  Soul Sessions, wolf is often sitting by my side or will arrive into the frequency of the session with other spirit medicine guides. Wolf is very much a presence in my life.  

Wolf makes its appearance in my life in many ways to show its presence. Often when I am walking in my neighborhood, I will see someone walking their dog which resembles the wolf characteristics. These are in times of change, clearing up old programming debris and in the moment of pondering the new in my life.  

Wolf Appearing on Your Pathway – Spirit Messenger Animal

  • Trust your instinct
  • Longing for freedom
  • Deep spirit connection
  • More trust in your heart
  • Expression of the wild self
  • Re-evaluate
  • Change of direction
  • Self leadership
  • Wilderness self-care