An Awakening Can Show Up Anywhere


My life has been full of shocking but illuminating spiritual and mystical experiences from the time I arrived on Earth. Once the dust settles, I am always grateful for the holographic forward journey experience.

When we look and travel beyond the surface of what we are conditioned to experience and allow our own inner nature to reveal itself, we see our own magic unfolding and the individual gifts we are here to offer humanity.

We usually have little to no warning that we are going to have a ‘revealing’ spiritual cosmic activation. At that moment of impact, as I like to call it; the light body expands to its true source, charges like lightning and fills the body with emotional frequency. This emotional frequency is the expanded space filling with light, which is divine love. This emotion is different than the emotion we feel from happiness, sadness or letting go, it is an electrical ‘divine’ cellular frequency illuminating through the entire body experience.

In 2005, I was in the middle of a large Barnes and Noble bookstore, minding my own business, looking at the latest spiritual and mystical books that had just been released, when I received a surging powerful activation, sending charges and emotions through my entire body and beyond. This activation would forever change my life and bring tremendous clarity of events that had occurred in my life since birth and throughout my childhood.  At that moment, for a few split seconds which seemed like hours, all I could see was white and golden light – it was beautiful and a bit freaky all at the same time!  Now, this was not a little activation, or even a kundalini type activation, this one had some elevation to it! It traveled from within my light body downward to my physical body. It felt like every emotion I had ever had, was coming forward to be addressed. When it hit, I went into the “ugly cry”. The cry where you cannot breathe at times and people can hear you four blocks away. Yes, that was me, in the middle of a Barnes and Noble bookstore on a busy Sunday afternoon, I might add! I put my book down and made my way out of the store, as best I could, to my car wailing and crying all the way. I sat in my car until things were under control and then I drove home. For the next couple of days, I rested, felt a deep emotional release that transitioned into feeling and a surge of expanded multi-dimensional vibrational energy in and through my body and life! This was a Christ Light activation as an initiation. Activating my Christ body inside my light body and then centering through my physical body to the Earth. When I look back on this experience now, this activation had been in process for days as the warning signs as guidance were coming through crystal clear.

Although, prior to my Christ body activation years before, while in college, I had a major kundalini awakening that arrived all at the same time, which put me into a deep state of emotional distress for a few years, along with periodic states of depression and deep painful back issues. Once I found my way through that awakening, I knew, things were different. My life was forever changed. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my body and life. Then when the Christ body activation happened, I felt deep through my heart, “Oh no, not again”. I’ll be writing more in detail about both of these personal awakenings and more in a later project.

Throughout my entire childhood and early adult life, I always felt like I had an expansive mission on Earth because of being spiritual sensitive, connected to the spirit world and the aliveness of nature, since birth. Perhaps part of me had not taken that outrightly serious. The aftermath of these two major shifts and a few physical experiences at that time had put me into the seriousness of opening my spiritual mission for humanity.

The more we explore beyond the physical container into who we are, the more we arrive into the formless awareness of our own destiny. This is not something we can force through systems or staying locked into human-controlled character identities, we simply have to arrive at the experience. Yes, it is important to clear the way through healing, truth and taking care of our body and spirit, but destiny arrives when it arrives, and then we experience it through revealing our own wisdom and knowledge for humanity. The answers are deep within you and your answers are different than anyone else’s because no two paths are the same, but they all lead to the awakening of spiritual cosmic boundless love, to assist humanity.

Love & Infinite Grace,

The Empath, Empathy & Empathic – are they the same?

I have always loved being an Empath. However, the journey to living in the full experience, in the beginning, was not always easy or welcoming. When I was growing up there was no title for it, or at least I had never heard of it. I was labeled as different and sometimes talked about as if something was emotionally wrong with me because I was sensitive and felt emotional intelligence through my heart, like how most people would think in their thinking mind. As they say, I was wired differently than others around me. Well, living as an Empath was a bit more than that. Being an Empath is more than just being an emotionally sensitive person.

Growing up as an Empath was interesting, causing a lot of confusion and many people around me misunderstood what I was experiencing, saying, feeling and embodying, all at the same time. Then to throw more confusion into the wind, I was also spiritually connected and a Starchild. As a child when I was in school, and even before I attended school, they called me an overly-sensitive emotional child and even emotionally unbalanced at times.”He is different or he is different from the other kids”, I would overhear them saying. This would leave me feeling as if there was something wrong with me. Most of the time as a child, I felt like I landed on the wrong planet. But regardless of what “they” were saying, I knew that what I was experiencing, feeling, hearing and living through was real. Now as an adult, I laugh about how different “they” thought I was, “Oh they had no idea how different I was then and now”!

As an Empath, I did not just feel the depth of emotional frequencies and experiences, I became the frequency of those experiences. I was feeling the experiences, plus I held onto them by absorbing and storing them in my body, heart, and energy field whether they were mine or not; for years at a time; until I could no longer do that. I had no choice but to learn how to manage and live as the natural Empath that I am. I will be writing about that journey later down the road in an extended publication.

Are you an Empath?
Often an Empath is confused with empathy and even someone who is empathic. All of these experiences do not mean the same thing, but they can be related. Let’s break them down into simple terms.

One who can relate to how someone is feeling or an experience(s) they have gone through or are going through by showing compassion, concern, and caring.

One who takes in the sensory of feelings and emotional experiences and energy of others, like a deep cycle. This can also be from collective energy. One can be empathic, without being an Empath, there are different feeling and emotional channel sensors in their bodies. Often the description of empathic is defined as the actual Empath. If it were only that simple.

One who takes on feelings and emotions from other people or experiences as their own. They “absorb” or “stack” the energy frequency in their own body and energy field. An Empath not only takes on the energy frequency, they live through the energy experience as if it is happening to them. The Empath does not natural identify and cycle out the energy. This is very much like a sponge taking on water. At some point the sponge is light and as it takes on water and it becomes heavy to point it changes shape, characteristics and density. This is very similar to the life of the Empath. The Empath is not just empathic, they are living as an empathic channel frequency.

Stay tuned for more blogs, retreats, courses and a coaching program on this very important topic. Although helping people understand the Empath way is only part of what I do; I am dedicated to helping other Empaths, live a healthy and peaceful way of life on the Earth. Thank you!

A Raven, A Fence Post And A Hike – Finding Peace


Several months ago, I was heading on a walk in nature, to a location that was approximately twenty-five minutes away on foot. On this day, there was a lot of mystery, harmony, and love flowing in and through the energetic alignment. This was the perfect day to head out into the wilderness to do some earthing and connect with the wisdom of nature. As I was about to leave on my journey, a friend called one who I had not spoken to in a long time. I decided to take the call since I had a twenty-five minute walk to my destination. Out the door and on my journey I went.

After walking for about five minutes and turning my first corner, I could feel the swirl of beautiful mystical intense energy, arriving toward my heart. By this time, my attention was on the swirling energy and not on the conversation with my friend. I walked a bit further and there were two intense eyes staring at me; it was a Raven on top of a fence post. The Raven was not turning away; there was direct eye contact. I told my friend, “I will need to call you back later; I need to have a conversation with a Raven, who is staring at me, who is perched on a wooden post.” To many people, this would be an odd thing to say, but to my close friends, they understand this is a natural part of my experience.

The beautiful Raven with its amazing eyes continued to look at me, with its gentle but intense glare, as though it was looking into my heart and directly linking to my soul. The Raven was facing the direction of the west. The Raven’s energy felt like it was ten feet tall, a key sign that this message is important. Normally, when I see Ravens near my house, they are usually up in the trees or on the power lines in groups. This was a single Raven up close and personal.

Ravens are magical spiritual guides, shamans, teachers, and healers. Most often, a Raven is associated with messages of death both physical and energetic. Ravens will often spend time hovering over areas, going through an energetic death process. Raven speaks many Earth and Galactic languages expressed through healing frequencies. Raven is also the mystical guide of helping humans travel from the thinking mind to the spiritual sacred heart, expressing mystical wisdom related to the human’s heart journey. Ravens are often misunderstood as tricksters or evil, nothing could be further from the truth. They often battle your ego to show you the path of love through the open heart.

I walked up to the Raven, and telepathically said, “Hello! You have my attention, with your stare. Do you have a message(s) for me?” I spoke to the Raven’s spirit through its heart, while looking deep into its eyes. Ravens are very direct with their energy and messages while holding a sacred open loving space for the human they are communicating with.

This was a message about going deeper through the stillness process of allowing anything that is dying to die. Not to linger in it, any longer than needing to be.  Raven was showing me through shamanic tracking, that when traveling into stillness, it is important when returning to the physical world to bring the birthing of the essence of stillness back into the experience of everyday life. This activates deeper levels of peace and enlightenment through the heart wisdom. Allowing for going deeper into personal sacred wisdom, with direction and frequency adjustments related to soul’s destiny and transformation of humanity.

Stillness will always take us beyond the conditions of the mind and expand the connection to our own inner truth.

Part Two: The conversation with Raven.

Wild Soul Love,