The Wild Feminine Paradigm – Living the Experience


Are you noticing the rooting of the wild feminine paradigm in your life? The biggest change and awareness is the experience of manifesting with the intention of creating through the wild, feminine, paradigm frequency. This is the creation wisdom through the heart. Not only creating through the heart, but through the intelligence and wisdom of the feminine energy. This is not referring to the human woman as in physical form, this is the soul creation, feminine energy frequency, that both women and men have in their creation.   

While accessing higher consciousness with the ways of the wild feminine paradigm, the waves of consciousness are moving in. With these waves comes an expansive vibration of creating and seeing life-changing events come to fruition in a very different way. You have been working through the darkness of your shadows for several years, and the intensity has been turned up in the past eight weeks. Now, as we shift into higher aspects of consciousness, the epic star gateway frequency becomes magical in creating with the wild feminine paradigm.

What is wild feminine paradigm?

First of all, the wild feminine paradigm is not new; it has always been present in the Earth alignment.  We have not noticed the wild feminine paradigm because there has been tremendous control, destructive, and imbalanced energies of the physical on the Earth connected to the third-dimension reality. It has been lingering around in the background, dormant in most incarnation systems on the Earth. Now, with ascension shift levels streamlining into the fifth-dimension through the light body reality, the third-dimension reality is completing. The wild feminine paradigm is now in full harmony in the presence of creation. I like to say, “The paradigm is front and forward, in the core of your sacred heart of creation!” It is the time of creating and shifting into the heart energy, within the sacred space of the heart, located in the center of the energetic heart. This paradigm changes everything. This allows humans to create and manifest with compassion, peace, love, longevity, consciousness, and with the intention of the “NEW Earth” energy (creating with the action of the betterment of humanity).  No longer will you have to create with suffering first, then waiting for the physical sign(s) as the go-ahead to try to create.

 This is a time of celebration with gratitude, harmony, and seeing the energy shifting into a free-flowing creation. If you have been letting go, working through shadows, awakening into the fifth-dimension energetic heart reality, and completing timelines of the past, you will see this shift in your life through the eyes of the wild feminine paradigm. The energy becomes lighter, expansive, and grounded while being supported by crystal clear clarity. In this experience, the difference is that you are shifting and ascending through the essential empty space of the soul and allowing this frequency into your human experience on the Earth. Once manifestation is in the process, you are walking through your creations and feeling the frequency ground through your body; then you have fully manifested through the wild feminine paradigm. Therefore, everything changes in how you create as well as the reason behind why you are creating and manifesting. This will help you to have a clear understanding of the statement, your life on Earth has nothing to do with you. Now, if you are still operating from the third-dimension reality, that may sound like a suffering statement. If you are moving into the fifth-dimension or multi-dimensional reality, this will have an ascension value frequency meaning to you. The meaning of the statement is that you are not here to learn, but to expand your consciousness with each experience you complete. This is allowing you to illuminate and remember your soul’s creation to inspire other souls to do the same. Meaning, when you become the light through your soul, it shines through your human experience to inspire other to do the same, creating a chain flow ascension effect. The reason we are here is to supply love consciousness into humanity. In this awareness everyone is supported together.

With the wild feminine paradigm, manifestation will not arrive in the way of old patterns. In most situations, what you are manifesting will show up how you least expect it. It may arrive in pieces, backwards, forwards or look completely different, with different soul expansion energy. It is important to surrender the control of how everything should manifest in your life. Even letting go of old outdated controlled routines or adjusting your routines from a non-attachment point of view. This is a part of allowing the light frequency of creation to bring forward harmony in your life without expectations and control. This would be the way of creating and healing with the wild feminine paradigm.





The Breath of the Sacred Feminine Coding




Hi Everyone! Can you believe, June has come and gone? Yes time is flying and light is shining through the awakening of consciousness. There is a lot of magic in the air these days. We are seeing a lot of debris from the old weighted paradigm coming into closure and more will continue to move through the death process, so it too can come to closure in this alignment. It’s not so much about noticing the signs and feelings, the lightness is merely showing up in the experience, as the old completes. This is the awareness of the lightness of the NEW paradigm.  The new paradigm simply floats into the experience full of love without notice, versus the old paradigm which is about push and struggle with a lot of heavy weighted energy. The new paradigm also travels with the consciousness of the Sacred Feminine Coding Energy.  This energy is about healing, love, feeling, truth, togetherness, natural instincts (intuition), mystical, heart coding and the list goes on.

Now, you may have noticed what I call the in-between energy space has vanished overnight. The in-between energy space refers to the space between the old paradigm and the new paradigm.  Now this leaves someone who chooses to hold onto the old paradigm, which supports old controlled ways of thinking or feeling, will feel the heavy intense energy in their life.  Furthermore, as the new paradigm becomes even lighter, the connection of clinging to the old paradigm will become heavier and heavier.  Then we have the new paradigm which allows an individual to journey into the expansive light energy of love consciousness and the Sacred Feminine Coding. It will be very noticeable which paradigm people are connected with, making it very obvious of people’s intentions.

On the Horizon

More these days, you can see the Sacred Feminine Coding Energy moving in physically and energetically, replacing the destructive old Masculine and Feminine ways of control, which only creates we are separate (old fear coding). We will also see the Sacred Masculine Coding Energy start to infuse in the Middle World. The Middle World is the energetic alignment of the physical world. I view both of these sacred energies as infused sacred cubed frequencies, which is more about balance coding within the element of love and harmony versus the war of feminine and masculine energies.

The Magic In Process

There is always a healing ceremony going on. I am constantly grateful for how unfolding experiences happen at the right time. Last Thursday, while on the way to the gym, I waited for the crosswalk light to change at a busy, aggressive intersection. You know the kind where people are impatient, racing around cars that are waiting to turn, honking their horns as a means of I feel powerless communication and the list goes on. As I stood waiting for the light, I had the thought, “WOW, there is a lot of intense energy here!” I started to get the feeling of something beautiful happening. I looked above the cars (about 4 feet up), and in the middle of the intersection there was a tiny single Hummingbird. The Hummingbird, which seemed like a baby, was making a circle around the intersection. Clairvoyantly I could see this beautiful trail of energy gently filling the intersection (the Sacred Feminine Coding Energy), as the Hummingbird traveled making the ceremonial circle. In that same moment, I heard Archangel Raphael say, (from my left side), “The beauty of magic happens when you least expect it, even in places of chaos. Thank you for taking the time to notice.”

Love consciousness is in the beauty of noticing, allowing and remembering why you walk the earth, from your soul creation.

In Light of the Soul,


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