Soul Energy Insights – Creating From Where You Are Today

IMG_20160413_172858In times of high emotions give yourself time to balance with the awareness of stillness. Allow yourself to sit and honor your emotions. The key importance of stillness inside of high emotions is not to spiral downward or to embrace the root seed of fear. Allow yourself to be compassionate to your emotions and the emotions of others around you. The presidential outcome is not your self identity. Fear is not your self identity. The more emotional fear you put into this experience the more it will create. We are and have been for some time in shadow and in a dark night of the soul. Spewing fear, anger and rage, is the human becoming the shadow (creating it into physical form). Instead, allow your experience to be focused through the shadow into the empty space. Many are not ready for this journey, honor that in yourself and others. This experience (the presidential outcome) is not the shift, it is part of the streamline of the shift. The bigger truth lens has been revealed.

In the next several days we have many powerful energies opening, such as the 11/11 portal and the Super Moon to name a few. The divides this country and world has succumb to, has been created by fear and self unresolved issues with emotion. Be gentle with yourself in this very emotional time, but remember you are a CREATOR with your emotions and intentions. Will you continue to create more destructive fear or will you create healing the divide through your core inner self? Not thinking your healing, but authentically having a soul experience. The 5th dimension does not teach from “it must be the same old obvious way” as the teaching awakening experience. It begins with you and your soul experience.
Love and Support,