Yes I see you, do you have a message for me?


downloadOne of the many realms I enjoy working with and learning from are the power spirit animals. In the Shamanic  practice everything has life and wisdom. Power Spirit Animals are an important part of the Shamanic journey of healing. We have many power spirit animals around us all the time. They are helping to guide you along your earthly journey.  They serve as guide teachers, healers, mentors, warriors of light and the list goes on.  Whether they are pets that come into your life, animals you encounter physically or energetically daily, they are a huge part of your spiritual pathway.  There are four types of powers spirit animals we meet along our journey: Totem, Journey, Message and Shadow Power Animals.  This realm also includes  plants, crystals, flowers, etc.

Totem Animal

This type of animal relates to your spirit, personality traits, and actions of life lessons as you move through your earthly journey.  These animals can be noticed in your image and energy field, so much so that the human can look like the animal or the animal kingdom.

Journey Animal

These animals come through to you in meditation or a shamanic journey with guidance, teachings and healing for the situation front forward for you at the time of the journey. They are most always the first animal to meet you in the meditation or the shamanic journey. Once you leave this state of awareness, they return to the spirit world.

Message Animal

These are animals who arrive on your pathway, to give you a specific message(s). They will continue to show up until you receive and  acclimate the alignment of the message into your journey.  Notice what you are thinking and feeling when this animal continues to appear; the message meaning is inside of  the energy.  You can also ask them to reveal the message.

Shadow Animal

The Shadow Animals appear to help you awaken parts of yourself that have been dormant and now have a great importance for your pathway.  Not always an animal you consider to be comfortable and cuddly.  Usually an animal you are a little stand offish about.

It’s important to remember if an animal shows up on your pathway, it might be just an animal being an animal in nature, without any message or meaning for you. Enjoy their company. Now if they appear and look directly at you or attempt to get your attention by showing the message they have for you, then they have appeared for you.

A perfect example of this happened to me a few days ago while I was in the kitchen making an afternoon snack.  When you look out the balcony off of the kitchen, you can see the top of a cherry tree in view.  The cherry tree is just starting to blossom.  There was a gust of wind that came through the balcony carrying the scent of the cherry blossoms to me (you can guess who was carrying that scent to me.)  As I received the scent I turned to look out the opened balcony doors at the cherry tree.  At the very top of the  tree, on the right side was a squirrel with its back to me.  The squirrel started to do its hop in a circle as squirrels sometimes do.  As it hopped half the circle, it stopped, and made direct eye contact with me.  Then the message came forward: you need to have fun and get out into nature now. Then the squirrel continued to hop the rest of the circle and made its way down the tree. I was grateful for the message and it fit perfectly into the energy of where I was in the moment.  I had been working on admin duties for my business for the greater part of the day. Shortly after the encounter and message from squirrel, I headed out on my bike for the ocean.

Take notice of what messages, guidance and signs your Power Animals are sending you. They are powerful co-creators in your life.

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