You Rang the Divine Doorbell, Now What? By Eddie Mullins


spiritguideWhen you place the call for help or request clarity guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and/or Goddess/God, be willing to receive the answer.   Many people go into the conversation with the answer already made-up in their heads and entangled in their thoughts.  When the answer is the opposite or a different topic than the request altogether, which often it is, they feel as if they are not being heard. The Divine hears all your requests and conversations. They answer them according to the creation alignment. If you go into the situation with the creation, I am not going to get an answer or I will hear nothing. This blocks the channel and infusion you have with the Divine.  If you go into your time with the Divine without any expectations and you allow them time to answer, they will respond based on your form of communication.

Connect with the Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddess/God with an open heart and open channel of communication. Free Will is very powerful on all levels, including your communication with the Divine alignment.

When you do ask for help, it is best to surrender and allow the answer to show up however it needs to appear, in the right time, space and frequency. A few years ago, I was having a difficult time going through life and my spiritual work was shifting.  I felt every day I was having an out of body experience. There was a multi-dimensional high frequency around me all the time as if it were growing or becoming one with me. It made me feel very tall and stretched in height.   It was pure loving light, but it mowed me over.  I could not focus or sleep and it made me moody and an emotional train wreck. I wrote it off as some type of initiation that I was meant to endure. Archangel Michael kept confirming this was something I needed to go through right now.  When he gave me this message, I noticed there was a lot of extra, different type of Archangelic energy with him.  I simply trusted that I would find balance again after some time. But it only became stronger and stronger. My visions about this situation were from the past, present and future. The feeling of everything coming together in this lifetime.  My soul traveling not only took me to the grid, but to Ancient Egypt and then onto my time as a monk living in a cave in the Himalayan Mountains.  This made whatever I experienced more and more intense. There were times I would awaken in the middle of the night (when I could sleep) or in the morning with an energy current, humming sound and quiver moving through my body. As much as I trusted, one morning I yelled out, “I need help, please help me understand what is happening to me!”   I heard and felt nothing other than dead silence. However, a state of peace filled my body for a short moment. I trusted and surrendered; help would arrive with guidance of clarity.

Several days later, I was working out at my gym.  I was resting in between sets, energetically,  I was pulled over to the big windows at the side of the building. This gym was on the 4th floor of an office building, so the entire space was surrounded by big windows.  I walked over to the windows and, gazed at the amazing view outside; I had a feeling of spirit connection. I started to feel peace as I softened my eyes.  I started to see an image of a woman manifesting between the glass panes. First, I could only see energy forming, then a transparent view of a tribal native woman.

She gently smiled, and said, “Do you know who I am?”

Without missing a beat, I said, “Sara.” She nodded in  agreement.

I was shocked and amazed that I naturally knew her name, this was the first time I remembered seeing the presence of Sara.

I asked her, “Who are you?”

“I am your Guardian of Light.  You will come to know me as your Master Shamanic Guide and Warrior Teacher.” Then she simply stared at me, which seemed like thirty minutes.

I said, “Are you here because you have a message for me?”  I thought to myself, ‘When a Master Guide shows up, that’s pretty serious.”

She said lovingly, “You did ask for help, did you not?”

I nodded yes and smiled.

Over the next several weeks, Sara stayed with me supporting, teaching and helping me to acclimate  an awakening that was occurring in side of my body and earthly experience.  This was the awakening and memories of my journey of being a Shaman, Oracle and working with Ancient Archangels as a guiding source of bringing it into this lifetime.

There will be more of my  journey with Sara in an upcoming book.
 Love and Angel Harmony,