Traveling with Archangel Michael ~ The Journey of a Sensitive Children By Eddie Mullins


3900179When I was a kid I never looked forward to nighttime or going to bed. I would have been perfectly happy to have had daylight and be awake 24/7. I had my own room and as soon as the lights would go out, the room would start to fill with different energies, and I could feel all of them. I could feel I was always being watched, whether it was day or night. Even as a kid, I was very clairsentience (clear feeling) and clairecognizance (clear knowing) with my communication, but did not know what was happening other than I was scared for hours on end at night. Most nights I would pull the covers over my head and hang on tightly to the edge of the covers hoping and thinking the energies/spirits would not find me or know that I was there. Sometimes I would become so scared and full of terror, I would actually leave my body to get away. Of course when I would recall those situations the next day, I often thought it was a dream, whereas today I know and remember what was happening during those years. I have vivid memories of leaving my body. I would travel high and through this milky-like substance, that was a different energy alignment. I know now this was actually the Milky Way galaxy. I would be met by a Guardian of Light or Elder of the “Star Alignment” telling me I needed to go back, and I was safe. I was always disappointed that I had to go back because in that alignment I felt safe, at ease, and very powerful. It felt like home. As I would start my journey back and come upon the edge of the Milky Way, I would be met by many loving beings. Many of them were the cosmic Archangels and star guides. There was always a strong, powerful, and loving energy that traveled back with me, and I now know this was Archangel Michael.

Not growing up in a metaphysical family, I kept everything I experienced to myself. I wrote most of it off as dreams, but then I would remember I was actually awake for most of it. I didn’t really understand it, but I was requesting help from these loving energies I would feel around me, and they were Angels. As I grew older I found I did not need to leave my body during the night, and I learned to set boundaries within my space. Much of what I offer and teach today as a spiritual teacher and healer were taught to me one on one, by the Angels, Guardians, Jesus, and Archangel Michael. Since I had no physical teacher, I relied on what I came into the planet with and my open channel to spirit.

A key sensitive child-coaching tip

:Children will make up stories all the time, but they do not make up stories about what they are sensing or seeing when it comes to energy, Angels, Spirits, etc. It is important as a parent or guardian that you listen and believe what your child is telling you. Children will sense whether you believe them or not and if it is safe for them to have a conversation with you about what they sense. By not listening or believing, the child can become very isolated and hold all their feelings inside which can cause problems in all areas of their life as they grow older. Communication is important when it comes to the awareness of a sensitive child, as they need to be heard. Sensitivity is a natural part of who they are and must be treated as such. These children are here on the earth to teach, heal and lead the planet into love consciousness.