Saturday Series – The Cup of Healing Wisdom Courses

The Energy Medicine Way – Chakra Healing Online Courses

Starts Saturday, November 11,  8:00 a.m. (PST) / 11:00 a.m. (EST) Attend live or listen later. Registration includes a copy of the course downloads (90-minute courses)

The chakras are highly important for health, well-being, healing, and expansion of consciousness, particular at this time on the earth. When there is blocked energy in your organs, it can be directly linked to your chakras. The more we work with our physical chakras, the more grounded and centered we are at all levels within our bodies. chakras are spinning vortexes of energy and they are the energy organs of the light body. The chakras have a front, middle and back. I hope you can join me, for this spiritual healing medicine way journey through the chakras. Each course can purchase separately or you can purchase all four online course. You can attend live or listen later.

In each, of these courses, we will be exploring the energy medicine way of working, communicating and healing the chakras.

  • Energy medicine  – healing methods
  • Expansive meaning of each chakra
  • Relationships of the organs and their healing property meanings
  • Communication and wisdom from the chakras
  • Tone energy levels of each chakra
  • Chakra healing meditation journeys
  • and more…

$29.00 each or $99.00 for all four course Includes downloads

Saturday, November 11 – Earth Star Chakra & Root Charka
$29.00 / Course Fee + Downloads

Saturday, November 18 – Sacral Chakra & Solar Plexus Chakra

$29.00 / Course Fee + Downloads

Saturday, November 25 –  Heart Chakra & Throat Chakra

$29.00 / Course Fee + Downloads

Saturday, December 2 – Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra

$29.00 / Course Fee + Downloads

All Four Chakra Courses and downloads

$99.00 / Course Fee + Downloads