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The Wisdom of Archangel Barbiel & Archangel Raziel


Love Consciousness Awakening with the Light Twin

Channel from Archangel Barbiel

gold-energy-ballAwaken to the conscious light, beloved one.  There are streams of light threading down to you in your incarnating experience, these are the keys of light.  The keys of the light are pieces of the fractal mix that make up the light body.   The energy of the heart is opening to a greater consciousness with these streams of light. You are in great awareness within your journey of the heart. Although you are feeling the mist of the times of your journey, you are opening new gateways of looking at the cellular pathway within your heart, and the light that encompasses it, this is creating harmony and peace. You are healing from a deep cellular and soul alignment level, this will bring a new center of clarity into your earthly life. As you slow down you connect to energetic emotions and feelings, when you want to speed up you go to the head (the mind). The mind provides no healing, only illusion that you think you have healed, but no change has been made in that choice. Cellular shifting and healing are energetic. You are connecting to love consciousness and your multi-dimensional self, by releasing old energetic alignments that no longer fit into your time. We are here to help and guide, no need to prove you can do it alone; as always the choice is yours. Breathe within the cellular heart!

The Alignment of Archangel Barbiel

Aura Energy: Green and Gold

Specialties: Peaceful Change, Transformation, Harmony and Protection

Archangel Barbiel is the keeper/guardian of the ninth order of Angels known as the Powers.  The Powers are the celestial enforcement or protecting realm.  Archangel Barbiel is warrior of God’s love and always carries a flaming sword of light.

A Dimension Shift in Consciousness Change  

Channel from Archangel Raziel

RazielThe ancient self is awakening and returning to you. Your time is shifting to a new energy and frequency. Breathe, Allow and Honor the SHIFT. You are in the waves and layers of the vibrational shifting. You may feel as if you are floating in another world (dimension), this is normal, you are activating to a new level. You are awakening to the new source of energy light, available to each being of creation.  When you are activating, this will naturally slow down your actions and functions in the human world. Take time to acclimate the energy and dimension shift as it comes forward, by resting and spending time deep within the physical and cellular heart.  Simply by slowing down and drawing your attention to the heart space, you will step deep into the center core of the four chambers of the heart.  This is where you connect to pure source light and Divine truth about who you really are, from the start of your creation.  Your soul is guiding you to expand at the level of dimension that is available for you. Your dimension level will differ from others; you need not be concerned with the level others are expanding within. You have the experience of knowing all of dimension, from other physical and non-physical experiences you have had in other planets and galaxies.  Your energy system known as source disks or chakras will also feel different once you acclimate to a new dimension level.  I am helping you understanding and connect to your new pathway of frequency. Notice memories and feelings that come forward as you see and connect to symbols and esoteric information. Trust in your feelings and visions; they are Divine guidance with direction and steps. You are on the pathway of changing and shifting, now more than ever in your time. Follow my guidance, Divine One. You are on a new pathway of enlightenment, embrace the true source of love.

The Alignment of Archangel Raziel

Aura Energy: Hues of Gold Infused with Rainbow

Specialties: Divine Wisdom, Sacred Symbol, Past Lives Journey, Soul Recall

You can tell when Archangel Raziel is in your presence there is a train of ancient wisdom and symbols full of energetic wisdom that flows to you from the higher realms outside of your scope of thought. He also helps you access your ancient creativity with ease and compassion. He is the Archangel that I have notice more in physical form than any other. He is the mystery and wisdom keeper Archangel. For several years he was on my case about shifting from calling myself an Angel Intuitive to Angel Oracle. He is amazingly wise with a larger than life sense of humor.

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You Rang the Divine Doorbell, Now What? By Eddie Mullins


spiritguideWhen you place the call for help or request clarity guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and/or Goddess/God, be willing to receive the answer.   Many people go into the conversation with the answer already made-up in their heads and entangled in their thoughts.  When the answer is the opposite or a different topic than the request altogether, which often it is, they feel as if they are not being heard. The Divine hears all your requests and conversations. They answer them according to the creation alignment. If you go into the situation with the creation, I am not going to get an answer or I will hear nothing. This blocks the channel and infusion you have with the Divine.  If you go into your time with the Divine without any expectations and you allow them time to answer, they will respond based on your form of communication.

Connect with the Angels, Spirit Guides and Goddess/God with an open heart and open channel of communication. Free Will is very powerful on all levels, including your communication with the Divine alignment.

When you do ask for help, it is best to surrender and allow the answer to show up however it needs to appear, in the right time, space and frequency. A few years ago, I was having a difficult time going through life and my spiritual work was shifting.  I felt every day I was having an out of body experience. There was a multi-dimensional high frequency around me all the time as if it were growing or becoming one with me. It made me feel very tall and stretched in height.   It was pure loving light, but it mowed me over.  I could not focus or sleep and it made me moody and an emotional train wreck. I wrote it off as some type of initiation that I was meant to endure. Archangel Michael kept confirming this was something I needed to go through right now.  When he gave me this message, I noticed there was a lot of extra, different type of Archangelic energy with him.  I simply trusted that I would find balance again after some time. But it only became stronger and stronger. My visions about this situation were from the past, present and future. The feeling of everything coming together in this lifetime.  My soul traveling not only took me to the grid, but to Ancient Egypt and then onto my time as a monk living in a cave in the Himalayan Mountains.  This made whatever I experienced more and more intense. There were times I would awaken in the middle of the night (when I could sleep) or in the morning with an energy current, humming sound and quiver moving through my body. As much as I trusted, one morning I yelled out, “I need help, please help me understand what is happening to me!”   I heard and felt nothing other than dead silence. However, a state of peace filled my body for a short moment. I trusted and surrendered; help would arrive with guidance of clarity.

Several days later, I was working out at my gym.  I was resting in between sets, energetically,  I was pulled over to the big windows at the side of the building. This gym was on the 4th floor of an office building, so the entire space was surrounded by big windows.  I walked over to the windows and, gazed at the amazing view outside; I had a feeling of spirit connection. I started to feel peace as I softened my eyes.  I started to see an image of a woman manifesting between the glass panes. First, I could only see energy forming, then a transparent view of a tribal native woman.

She gently smiled, and said, “Do you know who I am?”

Without missing a beat, I said, “Sara.” She nodded in  agreement.

I was shocked and amazed that I naturally knew her name, this was the first time I remembered seeing the presence of Sara.

I asked her, “Who are you?”

“I am your Guardian of Light.  You will come to know me as your Master Shamanic Guide and Warrior Teacher.” Then she simply stared at me, which seemed like thirty minutes.

I said, “Are you here because you have a message for me?”  I thought to myself, ‘When a Master Guide shows up, that’s pretty serious.”

She said lovingly, “You did ask for help, did you not?”

I nodded yes and smiled.

Over the next several weeks, Sara stayed with me supporting, teaching and helping me to acclimate  an awakening that was occurring in side of my body and earthly experience.  This was the awakening and memories of my journey of being a Shaman, Oracle and working with Ancient Archangels as a guiding source of bringing it into this lifetime.

There will be more of my  journey with Sara in an upcoming book.
 Love and Angel Harmony,


A Change in Direction: After the Mars Retrograde By Eddie Mullins


mars_retrograde20091Thank God it’s over! Yes the Mars Retrograde after three months has finally come to a close as of May 19th. It returns again in 2016.  As much as this particular retrograde challenged me in every way possible, it made me become very aware, this time around of what needs to leave (some has already departed) and what needs to arrive.  Time to let go of old debris from this life time and some that has been around for centuries.  This time allowed me to look deep inside of my heart and soul and discover more of myself, along with more detailed extensions of my soul’s purpose. Even though these were areas I had been avoiding, I am much better off for taking this journey the past three months. I’m sure you can relate to this voyage through your own experiences with the passing of the Mars Retrograde. In the long run, all retrogrades are steps in healing and shifting energy.

The Mars Retrograde allowed us to take a journey into the empowerment of the true self and look at all the links that kept us from being our true authentic selves.  This allowing came with surrendering to what the energy of the retrograde showed you.  In this case surrendering and releasing would have felt uncomfortable because the journey was aligned to vulnerability and resistance. This level is what would have brought in the fogginess you may have felt. Fogginess is the partnership, of being uncomfortable; being lost within the life pathway, when the new is trying to come in as an energy shift.  This Mars Retrograde was about breaking the glass ceiling we are afraid to break through, because of what is on the other side. This is called the reality of the Unknown pathway of the true self.

The links beyond the glass ceiling reveal themselves in a couple different ways.  One way, is what the angels call the imposter links; the links that disguise themselves as support, when in reality they are weighing you down along this level of your journey, in many ways draining your energy and focus. These imposters show up as friends, acquaintances, family members, situations and the list goes on.   They take up emotional space on the level of guilt and shame. Most often, this is the reflection of the impostor’s and not you.  When you go deep enough, you see the truth seed of this plant in your life and within your spiritual pathway. This would allow you to see the reality of true colors. Now, the second level of this process is looking at behavioral patterns that the retrograde phase has brought to the surface, which you have been trying to run from or hide. When you run off your pathway in most cases, it’s because you are not living in your true frequency and/or trying to down playing your energy to fit into whatever capacity you happen to encounter along your chosen, distraction from reality pathway. This is a form of rerouting your pathway, when you become uncomfortable. These patterns keep you from fully being in your own energy space, therefore your focus has been off your authentic pathway. You’ve felt these patterns rising to the surface in the past three months as a source of healing and letting go; the timing of reality and moving back onto your authentic pathway.  This awakening of discovery you can do anytime, not just during the Mars Retrograde, however during this retrograde it automatically guides you there, as uncomfortable as it may be. This process then allows you to be fully in the authentic energy of your true self.

Now that the retrograde has come to a close, what’s next? You will feel and see deep clarity on all levels of your life.  The fog you might have felt has lifted and you gained a sense of awareness of life direction, along with a clearer visionary perspective of who you are in all areas of your life journey.  The power to manifest has risen in vibration to a more multi-dimensional level of creation in a faster time, space and reality.   It’s about letting go of the old and re-birthing the new love consciousness of your true self. The time is now to take action and live your reality, one step at a time on the fast track of enlightenment.  You are ready!