Soul Navigation Sessions

Are you ready and willing to navigate deep into your life’s unfolding and discover how your past has affected what you are creating and traveling into? Join me for your personal soul navigation journey where you will receive wisdom, guidance, compassion and healing, your soul longs for you to know. A soul Navigation session will help you walk into the unknown with ease, faith, spiritual insights, strength and confidence. The guidance from these sessions will inspire you to deeply explore your current situations and open new pathways that are aligned to your inner destiny.

Your soul is not your mind, it is your divine creation and spiritual road map of your inner destiny. Your own authentic inner self pulls to it what it needs to illuminate your authentic soul experience on earth.  During a session I connect with multiple healing modalities, soul frequencies, healing energies and various spiritual guides, that show up for you to support you in your healing process.  There will be opportunities to ask questions and explore challenges you may be experiencing in your life.

Healing is not meant to remove the pain. It is meant to provide the navigational experience, loving clarity, spiritual truth, support and guidance to walk through the grand hallway of the pain story; to move beyond the pain and into the reality of your inner destiny.

It is such a loving honor during these sessions to bring you the beauty of your soul,  along with the divine wisdom your soul would like you to know and what it is authentically calling to you. I’m exciting to connect with you and your soul.

Soul Navigation Sessions can be done by phone, Skype, chat or in person in Southern California.

$99.00 / 30 Minute Session 
$195.00 / 60 Minute Session 

Scheduling a Soul Intuitive Session

Terms and Conditions: All sessions are prepaid. To schedule a Soul Intuitive Session, email us  using the contact us form above and we will send you an email back requesting a prepayment through PAYPAL via the links above. Payments can also be made with a credit card via paypal system. Payment must be received within 24 hours after the appointment is scheduled or the scheduled date and time will be released. All no shows are non-refundable. Eddie will call you on the number listed in your email for the appointment. When you book your appointment you agree to these terms and conditions.