Soul Loss Retrieval

Life altering healing awareness – with Soul Loss Retrieval

Soul loss retrieval is one of the most powerful healing processes to help you to return to your whole soul destiny spiritual being. Soul loss retrieval is life changing and sometimes shocking. It is important to understand that when fragmented pieces of your soul are returned, sometimes it can change parts of your life such as your relationships, career, spiritual path, friendships and overall the way that you live your life. This experience may bring back parts of you, that you have never known in this lifetime.

What is soul loss and why do we lose pieces of the soul?

We lose pieces of our soul, called fragmented pieces, when we experience levels of trauma and high stress in our lives. The soul fragments pieces away as a means of helping you to survive death defying trauma or overly stressful experiences that shock the body and your life on earth. These traumatic experiences can be caused by the experience of child/adult physical, emotional or sexual abuse, losing a loved one, an accident, a sudden change in your life, witnessing shocking events like death and the list goes on. Even being born can be traumatic and cause soul loss. In the western world, this is often called disassociation.

What do you experience when you have soul loss?

This can leave someone feeling like they have pieces of their life missing or they have a hole in their soul. Typically when you have large pieces of your soul that have been fragmented away from your soul, you start to fill them with energies that are addictive or of the lower frequency to fill in the missing pieces. This experience brings in patterns of the lost or misplaced soul. Soul loss retrieval and healing turn you back to the wholeness of your soul through your body and life.

Symptoms of Soul Loss:

  • Loss of memories from your life
  • Feel shattered in fragmented pieces
  • Feeling of being incomplete
  • Long-term depression
  • Linked health issues
  • Not being able to move beyond an issue from the past
  • Feeling numb within life
  • Ongoing weight issue

What you will feel during and after the session

Everyone is different in what they experience during a soul loss retrieval session. What people have told me is they feel circular tingling throughout their body, releasing of lighter or deeper emotions, visions or a sense of peace with wholeness. Usually, clients report sleeping for 12 to 14 hours after a session. It takes time for the soul pieces to accumulate, you may feel emotional releasing and receive visions for a while and the wholeness of the soul settles in.

$189.00 (60 minute phone/Skype session)