Soul Inquiry Sessions

Explore Your True Nature, Through Boundless Love.

A soul inquiry private session is designed to help you explore your own truth and inner spiritual path with questions and concerns that you have. Soul Inquiry Sessions will provide the space for you to navigate deeper in and through your direct experiences of existing and ancestral patterns, spiritual healing, insights to deepen the direction of your path and opening up the clarity, love-presence, and grace of your true nature. 

Each session is dedicated to exploring and sinking into your own organic truth, inner spiritual path, and what is unique to you, therefore, it is tailored to diving deep in and through your direct experiences. Since everyone’s needs vary, a session may include self-inquiry, soul exploring, meditation, shamanic journey work, insight sensing, deep listening or spiritual healing work. Each session is one hour, and can be done in person in Southern California or anywhere in the world via Skype or phone.

Free yourself to travel your own wild natural open road.

$150.00 / 60 Minute Session 

Scheduling a Spiritual Self Inquiry Private Session

Terms and Conditions: All sessions are prepaid. To schedule a private session, email us using the contact us form above and we will send you an email back requesting a prepayment through PAYPAL via the links above. Payments can also be made with a credit card via the PayPal system. Payment must be received within 24 hours after the appointment is scheduled or the scheduled date and time will be released. All no-shows are non-refundable. Eddie will call you on the number listed in your email for the appointment. When you book your appointment you agree to these terms and conditions.