Angel Reading

An angel session creates an open sacred healing space with the angels for you to explore what your soul and experiences on earth are calling to you. This is a loving and healing experience from the heart with the angelic realm. With the angels, we will explore open space, along with any roadblocks or challenges that you are encountering. A session is always confirming, expanding, healing and helping you unlock your own wisdom and knowledge to trust your own intuition, guidance and heart.  These sessions are not prediction based, but healing and opening your own state of bliss of trusting.

These days many people are looking for clarity, compassion, and healing, but most importantly how to reach their own inner wisdom about their life, destiny and soul’s journey. The angels can help you discover and explore your own wisdom and are waiting for you to ask for help.

“We all have many angels around us at all time, who want to help us to connect deeper to our own inner wisdom and pathway related to life on earth. They want to help guide you through your life experiences to help you reach compassion, presence, fulfillment, joy, self-love, and peace. These are messages of healing guidance from your guardian angels and the archangels. The archangels, like Archangel Michael, Jophiel, Mariel, Ariel, Raphael and more, are waiting to help you.” ¬†

An angel session with Eddie is full of healing, love, insight guidance, fulfillment, wisdom, and guides you in and through tapping into your own inner wisdom related to your journey on earth. Each session will begin by talking about what you would like to work on, such as blocks, direction, and challenges showing up in your life. There will be opportunities for you to ask questions throughout the session. Each session will end with an angel healing meditation, to bring all of the healing energy experience from the session together.

$125.00 / 60 Minute Session