Angel Infusion Journey ~ the Journey of Your Soul

  • Haniel2Angel Infusion Readings are done by phone or Skype – Personal Channeled Messages From Your Angels
  • Also available by request chat and email readings…
  • Eddie’s readings are direct channels from the Angels, these are not card readings
  • Eddie’s readings are clear, detailed and informative with no wasted time
  • Loving guidance, direction, clarity, healing and much, much more!

angel2Angel Infusion Readings are a combination of intuition, channeled messages/guidance from the Angels, conversation, along with angelic healing.  Infusion is a powerful process that was taught to Eddie by the Angels, allowing you to get deeper clarity guidance, direction and healing from the Angels.  A good reading will always confirm what you already know, and allows your knowing to be confirmed.  The reading will also expand and give you more detail on what you know.  This journey will help you raise the vibration within your pathway to move forward, discovering even more about the source of who you are.

Minutes Phone Reading In-Person Reading
15 $69.00
30 $85.00
45 $99.00 special (regularly $125.00) 
60 $155.00 

Scheduling a Reading

Terms and Conditions: All reading sessions are prepaid. To schedule a reading, email us using the contact us form below and we will send you an email back requesting a prepayment through PAYPAL via the links above. Payment must be received within 48 after the appointment is scheduled or the scheduled date and time will be released. All no shows are non-refundable. Eddie will call you on the number listed in your email for the appointment. When you book your appointment you agree to these terms and conditions.