Cleaning Your Soul Windows

windows490Sometimes deep conscious wisdom unfolds at the strangest times, or maybe not so strange, and at the right time. This column arrived while I was cleaning windows. Spirit always speaks on time.  I did what any spiritual channeling writer would do. I turned on the recorder on my cell phone and allowed it to unfold. Yes, while I continued cleaning windows.

Have you ever noticed it’s easier to see out of a clean window versus a dirty one? Yet many people continue to look at the unfolding of their life through a dirty window. Often, we clean the window, and we turn around to find with the intentional patterns we have created (added), the dirt back on the window. Are you looking through a dirty window or an intention of a crystal clean window?

When we are not willing to search deep for our feelings from the field of truth and infinite love; we live in delusion in the thinking mind on the surface. When we begin to explore the mystery of our treasured feelings from a place of truth and deep, infinite love, we begin to live and arrive through our soul’s wisdom; the way light makes its way through the dark forest. We are awakening in the heart of humanity!

This is the perfect time to observe and explore what is unfolding for you from the depth of your deep soul center. The void center. The theme for many people is taking old programming and turning it upside down to show you it’s time to surrender and let go of the old conditional programming and embrace the becoming of the multidimensional paradigm. 

This old programming you collected in your life from family structures, early adult experiences, and even ancestral traditional creations. This would be the dirt on the window. This programming will affect the vision of your alignment.

 One way the releasing of this programming is being shown to you is through dreams and signs that show themselves frontwards and backwards. One dream I had a couple months ago, where I was my current age, I was in an elevator of a building I lived in when I was twenty-one years old and it was turning upside down. This was about old program belief patterns being cleared from when I was twenty-one years old.  Pay attention to your dreams. There is a lot being revealed through dreams always, but in this particular time they are amped up. I strongly suggest keeping a dream journal.

The major focus of clearing is not items like releasing a relationship or job. This process is more about the frequency patterns and the addiction to the pattern of lower aligned realms. This is why the same experience is being created over and over again – it is the programming of the pattern.  

I’m not a big supporter when people say, “Think positive! Think positive!” I’m more interested in what patterns or experiences are making the individual have a negative experience to life from the inside. This would be the creation pattern programming.

Now that the slate has been cleared, now what? It is about grounding and aligning the new energy frequency you have been making room for and expanding the new level of consciousness. Although it has been in the human consciousness for a while, much of the human civilization is now learning and experiencing the multidimensional paradigm. 

The multidimensional paradigm is about aligning your destiny calling versus creating (manifestation) the outside version of the need to push, suffer, struggle and then maybe it will be deserving. The ancient paradigm gives you all the frequency at once as an upgrade and often is like opening a door and walking in. Trust your natural instincts. This is yet another shift-upgrade from the physical to the energetic along with activating your light body of wisdom and knowledge.

It is important for you to walk as your authentic truth. This is the action truth you have been putting off or hiding from. Much of the authentic truth comes from awakening into the soul.  This is the process of walking in the world as you really are versus playing a character or performing your way through life, because all character roles finally come to an end. 

When you end the role, awakening and upgrades occur. When you play a character, you dim your light to fit in, embrace fake spirituality/awakening or hide your authentic truth, these actions are self-sabotaging to your authentic truth. 

Sometimes when your life is not clear and feels like it is bursting wide open, the only thing you can do is sit in the center of it and listen through your heart with the soul intention of being and melting into the becoming of the tears of infinite love and grace. When you surrender the wisdom of your inner spirit fills your heart with the alignment of love. You are deeply loved. 

Now, if I could just train these physical windows to stay clean on their own!

Big breath and the journey continues.

The Light of the Soul,


Connecting to the Heart


Over the past several days, I have been writing about the alignment of “oneness” of the heart, the spirit and the universe, this is the essence of connecting to the holographic grid. This will also shift intuition to holographic intuition. If you let go and listen deeply you can hear/feel that the tone frequencies have shifted to a cosmic directional frequency on how you manifest. This has been in motion for a while. This will change everything.

Where to begin? It is best to start connecting to your heart and let the emotion flow through you. Place your hand on your heart, breathe and let your etheric hand drop down into your heart. The more you practice this, the more you will feel the frequency of your heart, along with the wave intelligence in your heart. Thinking you are feeling your heart, is not feeling your heart. When you feel your heart, you will feel a warmth, compassion and inner universal awareness, along with an expansion in the heart area. It will then grow through your entire body through the heart’s energy field. Keep your practice going.

Once you can feel the true essence of your heart, start to center and explore your destiny through your heart. What are you truly compassionate about and what has meaning for you as a form of direction for humanity? Notice the movement of emotion. Enjoy.
Sacred grace,

Boundless God – Loving What Is…


Does the word God make you cringe or bring up pain from the past for you?

Over many years of guiding and helping thousands of people through their healing journey, the deepest pain people hold within themselves is their misunderstanding of God. This leads them to also misunderstand their inner self. I noticed this the most in 2017, because people were losing their faith with regards to everyday spiritual consciousness. Last year, I taught several courses on God Consciousness –  Sophia and the God Self. The childhood stories I heard from people through those courses were shocking, but in some ways not shocking, more seemingly expected. This would make me feel sad and my eyes would fill with tears, as I would hear about the pain they had emotionally embodied from their experiences. It was, however, illuminating to see people healing their relationship with the consciousness and the frequency of God which then allows them to have a deeper and open relationship with their inner self on their terms through those courses.

People around the world have different views and experiences with God.

What I have discovered is that the majority of people who have a relationship with the humanly, commercial created God, whether that be a good one or a painful one, is based on what they have been taught or been told. What that God is conditionally versus their own experience with the Universal God frequency through their own inner spirit.

I have always been grateful this time around on Earth, that I did not grow up in a family household with religion, spirituality, or metaphysical awareness ( I guess it’s called New Age now, I can’t keep up with the trends); it was never talked about or discuss in my family’s home. I was a soul that was born with a spiritual consciousness of knowing from birth. I always felt the presence of God and Spirit through my own inner spirit as a part of who I am. I kept this deeply hidden, but I had an ever expanding and evolving relationship with God and the realms of Spirit. This was not always easy and I felt different from the other kids and adults around me because of my spiritual sensitivity. I had a consistent, loving, beautiful dialogue from the realms of Spirit happening pretty much all the time within me throughout my childhood.

My relationship with God became much deeper as a young child while I was planting and working in my childhood garden. Over time, I began to experience a dialogue with the frequency intelligence of God through the center of my inner spirit. This allowed me to have a deeper connection with myself even at a young age as this unfolded. This helped me to know, even though I was different, that I would be OK.

To me, God had always been a natural inner ‘IS-NESS’ – an inner mixture of who we are as part of the frequency of infinite love in its true universal presence. This has been my experience of God from the beginning.

When I was 11 or 12 years old I decided to experience “the church”.  In church, as they started to talk about God, I felt this controlled, dense, and fear based, a mental container like energy about an outside ‘he’/ God. I felt sick and felt a dark manipulating underlying agenda. I realized in that very moment, the church, the fear, and the humanly created controlled religion God was not for me. This was not the same God, I had always loved and known through my inner spirit. I returned to my garden and the natural loving dialogue with God that continues even to this day. Although my childhood garden has long grown over and I moved many miles away from my childhood home, I still return to my garden through my inner spirit to have conversations with God, the ‘IS-NESS’, as the inner illumination mixture of the center of my soul.

There is no one way to experience God and my experience does not have to be your experience. But what I do know is, God is an infinite consciousness and a formless loving frequency intelligence that lives within all of us as an inner presence, as a part of who we are, the mixture. God is not on the outside of us controlling, fear basing and calling the directions. It is you who is responsible for the plan of your soul’s destiny based on its creation for your mission of the collective.

To truly live with the presence of God through our inner spirit, we must first experience and understand the infinite as an embodiment and a life force of love through all experiences; as they are interconnected as our ‘formless’ presence of awareness. This is a matter of connecting your heart, spirit and the presence of God as one to arrive at your inner spirit self. We are then experiencing the presence of God as a boundless love of oneness of who we are. Notice the ONE looking through into oneness.

Love & infinite grace,