The 3-Dimensional Chakra Healing Online Certification Module 1

The 3-Dimensional Chakra Healing Online Certification – Module 1 

Multi-Dimensional Clearing and Healing

Tuesday July 15, 22, 29 August 5, 4:00p – 5:30p Pacific / 7:00p – 8:30p Eastern

As we become more sensitive to energy and situations of the planet, our Chakra systems become more of a flowing vibration healing resource. We all have the ability to heal our bodies in many ways – one being through the Chakra system(s). The 3-Dimensional Chakra Healing Certification program is for the beginner or advance Chakra Healing Explorer.

In this 4-part (Online Course) Chakra Healing Certification, we will be exploring, in detail, the major, minor and soul (transpersonal) Chakras. You will be learning about the 3-dimensional energy flow of the front, inside, and back of the Chakras related to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. In addition to exploring 10 or more Chakras, you will be discovering the location, function, purpose and spiritual connection to each chakra. You will also learn how to read the energy flow and communicate with each Chakra. There will be many healing, balancing, clearing, de-cording, journeying, and practice techniques (taught and experienced) that you can use on yourself, clients or simply to teach to other people. Your final session will include a Past Life journey through the major Chakra system, karmic Violet Flame healing, along with an energetic trip to the Crystalline Grid for healing and clearing of planetary alignments within the Chakras.

The option is open to you, whether you choose to apply the certification to your healing practice for your clients or you are enrolling to apply the information and healing knowledge for friends, family and yourself. You can join the classes live or listen later to 4-downloads of the program emailed to you after each live session is completed.

Join this powerful online 3-Dimensional Chakra Healing Certification and start your healing today!



“Over the last few years, I’ve read a great deal about chakras, and while it was informative and interesting, I never learned or experienced as much as I did in Eddie Mullins’ Chakra Healing Course.  For instance, I never knew that chakras have their own personality, shape and a front, middle and back. That was fascinating. Eddie went into great depth on all the major chakras, the minor chakras and even the soul chakras–I never knew the latter existed! What truly interested me were the physical attributes…..the illnesses and emotional conditions associated with the chakras when they are out of balance. Coupled with Eddie’s observations about subtle body language, posture, the wearing of certain colors etc. I’ve been able to determine what chakras may be out of balance in family members and other people. Eddie gave wonderful instruction on healing techniques like Infusion, “Capping,” Core Trace Tracking and the Violet Flame. I learned one of my new mantras in this course: “I am the Violet Flame. I am unconditional love.” Eddie guided the class through healing meditation and journeying, and I can honestly say that I felt a tremendous letting go during those sessions. While I have benefited tremendously from every course I’ve taken from Eddie, this one has given me the most insight into the connection between the physical and spiritual than any other. I heartily recommend it….two thumbs way up!”

M. DePalo

“I am a reiki master/ teacher and healer. In all my training, I have not had as thorough instruction on the chakras as Eddie provides in this course. What he presents in four classes has been more helpful than any chakra books I’ve read or workshops I have taken. He provides so many ideas and techniques for working with and balancing the chakras! Eddie’s easy manner and personality made him a joy to listen to throughout the classes, and especially during the meditations. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning about the chakras.”

Patty Held