Mother Ocean, Dolphins and Earthing


A couple Saturdays ago, I felt the call from spirit to go out into nature to do some earthing.  It was one of those moments when, I was not sure where that was going to be, so I headed out on my bike, pedaling my way by following spirit to see where we would end up. They always lead me to the most beautiful places. Sometimes, it is a place I am very familiar with, and other times, it is a place of hidden beauty. There is always a reason why I am being shown the location. Spirit is always all about the timing and placement; this journey was no different.

After being on my bike for a while it was clear where they were leading me. It was also very obvious that this journey was about the right timing because there were a few delays that were unusually longer than they needed to be. However, these delays were perfect for connecting to stillness and being in the presence of the moment, biking out in nature. Plus, it was the perfect day, amazing weather and illuminating energy.

This was a journey to the ocean, at Coronado beach. I arrived at the harbor to catch the ferry to Coronado. Typically, the ferry is never late. However, on this day it was about five minutes late, and it seemed there was a much longer delay than usual getting everyone aboard the vessel. Although, It was perfect, because being on the harbor water is always healing and peaceful.

Once we arrived on the island, it was time to bike to the other side of the island where the long ocean beach is located. As I headed out on my bike to make the journey, I noticed that there were several delays again, in my journey. I arrived at the beach, locked my bike up in the bike rack, and headed toward the vast beauty of the deep blue ocean. I started out by walking the shoreline as I always do, as to greet and send gratitude to mother ocean. Walking the shoreline is an amazing form of earthing. After walking for about five minutes, I was stopped by spirit. I figured this was my spot on the beach. I walked away from the water toward the heart of the sandy beach, dropped off my beach gear, and headed toward the water. The ocean was magical with its deep blue, illuminating energy and color. As I started to walk toward the water, I notice a tingly feeling in my heart region. It started to intensify, and my third eye was starting to pulsate like a growing wave. I waded into the ocean about waist deep, stopped, and felt the amazing sound and frequency of the ocean. It was purifying and relaxing. My body was in harmony. I felt pulled to look out in the water a ways. To my amazement, there was a large pod of dolphins swimming around, splashing, playing, and fully jumping out of the water directly at a close distance from me. I was a bit surprised, honored and excited that they were so close. I could feel their healing energy frequency, illuminating and dancing through my body. My third eye felt as if it was expanding as large as the ocean, and it felt as though it was ready to jump in the ocean to greet the sacred dolphins.

The dolphins stayed in a central location directly in front of me for a while. Then, they swam to the left of me. I figured that they were moving on with their journey. I was grateful for having this experience with them. I decided to work on some sound channel frequency healing with the ocean. When I do this, my focus and awareness journeys in and through the ocean’s frequency, and I allow the sounds of the ocean to move through my soul voice. This time, it was more intense than in the past. Not only was I sensing the expression of the ocean’s frequency, but there were direct sound waves of dolphins. Sure enough, the dolphins were back in their location in front of my gaze where they remained for a while longer, jumping fully out of the water. I kept with the sound channel, and it was powerful with healing. After sometime, they swam further out and circled to the left, so as to make a sacred circle. Their appearance lasted for about forty-five minutes, and then they disappeared into the deep blue. I felt gratitude for the sacred earthing experience with the dolphins.

I had not expected that my journey with spirit to go earthing on that Saturday would involve a visit and earthing healing from the sacred dolphins. Dolphins have always been a big part of my life. In my twenties, they helped me with a large part of my reawakening spiritual journey and to practice gentle presence through wave frequency. The amazon river shaman dolphins helped me to remember why I am here at this time through recalling my shape shifting skills through sound frequency.

The dolphins are amazing sacred guides, healers and teachers. So amazing and blessed we are to be sharing the earth with them.  

Wild Soul Love,



Walking Through the Timelines of Endings


Are you noticing a lot of emotional timelines flowing through you?  These timelines are showing you what is completing in order for the new to arrive. The opening of these energy pattern timelines will reveal old ways, boundary issues, old beliefs no longer fitting into your consciousness or old debris taking up space out of comfort and the list goes on. This opens the door to surrender, letting go and the process of letting the old move through the death cycle to rebirth the awakening of the new energy frequency.

To have a new beginning we must have an ending. As much as we talk about surrendering, letting go and awakening, it is one of the toughest challenges of the earthwalker.  As human beings we have this ongoing interest of disentangling from what no longer works in our lives.  If it were only that simple from the human perspective, or is it simple and do human beings have an innate addiction to make life experiences a struggle out of fear of change?  It’s not the letting go process human beings struggle with, it is the attachment of surrendering and letting go that becomes the struggle.  Even further, what makes letting go the challenge, is the mental compromise, “If I surrender and  let go, then what?”  Oh yes, the famous fear of the unknown.  The fear of the unknown triggers directional energy and in this case, the process of fully letting go and the unveiling of what’s next. What will become of the new experience in your life? This addiction is called, the control of deserving and allowing. Are you surrendering and letting your addiction of mental thinking control keeping you from awakening?

On another level of awakening and letting go, notice what seems to be a bit dusty and affecting your visions of creating the new. Since you have been surrendering, letting go, creating space for re-birthing and ALLOWING the space to be “in” re-birthing, you may notice there is a lot of aftermath debris (dust). This can cause some foggy visions in your creating process of allowing re-birthing. This is about letting go of the restrictions of comparing the old (death) to the new (birthing). The new will need more space, without limited boundaries. Limited boundaries around the space closes in the actual space making it smaller. On a deeper level is allowing yourself to deserve the new. Where are you with knowing you deserve? The mental cookie cutter statement is always to say, “Oh, I know I deserve!” but, do your emotional imprints suggest and say the same thing? Yes, you do deserve, but in order to allow it you must believe it within the core of your being. The is a powerful time of surrendering the control and allowing the presence of your destiny.

Wild Soul Love,