Awakening the Authentic Soul Self


AWorldHi Everyone!

Are you ready for the unfolding of the New Year? 2016 will be like no other. The flow of the New Year for you personally, will depend on how you have approached this year. The New Year energy has been in the mix for a while.  This is why the end of the year can appear to be energetically very intense. We are feeling and connecting to the current year and the next year’s energy all in one experience. There is always a huge death process going on collectively and personally, as we birth into the fullness, energetically and physically into the New Year. This is a powerful time to explore what you have released on an energetically frequency level in this year.

Have you had the experience of traveling to the Underworld in this year either with a Shaman or the prep-work of awakening in this year? The Underworld is full of master teachers, journey master power animals, layers of the shadow self, departed ancestors of your bloodline and beings of the deep mystical alignment, just to name a few. The Underworld allows you to track through your deepest state of “creation” consciousness of the mind, body and spirit. It allows you to experience the many spirit bodies we encompass, including the shamanic cellular body. This is also where we experience the arising of the shadow self. The shadow self is an exploration of parts of the self you have long forgotten, are dormant, shamed or proclaimed as unlovable. Tracking through your shadow self in the Underworld is highly important for the evolving and the awakening of stepping into the true frequency of the soul and illuminating the soul in the human world.

Overall we can say this year has been about stepping into your true light frequency.  This has not been an illumination from the outside, but a deep experience from your element frequency within your creation. This is not something you can act your way through. It is an experience that is very real. These elements have often arrived from a different time from the bloodline you have incarnated through as patterns, programming and even agreements. This is where you will take action to stand in your authentic sacred soul self, to choose to defend and break the cycles that have been created for different frequencies in different life times from your bloodline. This process will change the energy you hold in your body, how you create and how you embrace your earth walking pathway. This process is beyond the mental mind and  is an energetic journey through the creation alignment. Although this is about freeing yourself, this is also about gratitude for those who paved the way before you in your bloodline. This is one of my favorite processes to help clients in my Shamanic Navigation Healing program.

You are on your way to a year of celebration and allowing your creations of harmony into your earth walking journey. Yes, it is time to remember the lost memories of how to live on the Earth.  As always the journey continues. . .

Soul Blessings,


Cleaning Your Soul Windows

windows490Hi Everyone!
Sometimes information for blogs unfold at the strangest times or maybe not so strange. This blog arrived while I was cleaning windows. Spirit always speaks on time.  I did what any spiritual blogger would do. I turned on the recorder on my cell phone and allowed it to unfold. Yes, while I continued cleaning windows.

Have you ever noticed it’s easier to see out of a clean window versus a dirty one? Yet many people continue to look at the unfolding of their life through a dirty window. Often they clean the window, and they turn around to find with intention patterns they have created (added) the dirt back on the window. Are you looking through a dirty window or an intention of a crystal clean window?

With the New Year right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to observe what this year unfolded for you. The theme of this year was taking old programming and turning it upside down to show you it’s time to let go of the old programming for the new paradigm creation. This was programming you collected in your life from family structures, early adult experiences and even ancestral traditional creations. This would be the dirt on the window. This programming will affect the vision of your creations. One way the releasing of this programming is being shown to you is through dreams. One dream I had a couple months ago, where I was my current age. I was in an elevator of a building I lived in when I was twenty-one years old and it was turning upside down. This was about old program belief patterns being cleared from when I was twenty-one years old.  Pay attention to your dreams. There is a lot being revealed through dreams always, but in this particular time they are amped up. I strongly suggest keeping a dream journal.

In this year, the major focus of clearing was not items like releasing a relationship or job. This process was more about the frequency patterns and the addiction to the pattern of creation. This is why the same experience is being created over and over. It is the programming of the pattern.  I’m not a big supporter when people say, “Think positive! Think positive!” I’m more interested in what patterns or experiences are making the individual have a negative experience to life from the inside. This would be the creation pattern programming.

Now that the slate has been cleared, now what? Next year is about grounding the new energy frequency you have been making room for and expanding the new level of consciousness. Although it has been in the human consciousness for a while, much of the human civilization is now learning and experiencing the new paradigm. The new paradigm is about creation (manifestation) arriving without the need to push, suffer, struggle and then maybe it will be deserving. The new paradigm gives you all the frequency at once as an upgrade and often is like opening a door and walking in. Trust your natural instincts. This is yet another shift-upgrade from the physical to the energetic.

Starting now through the coming months, it’s important for you to walk and be your authentic truth. This is the action truth you have been putting off or hiding from. Much of the authentic truth comes from awakening into the soul.  This is the process of walking in the world as you really are versus playing a character or performing your way through life, because all character roles finally come to an end. When you end the role, awakening and upgrades occur. When you play a character, dim your light to fit in, embrace fake spirituality/awakening or hide your authentic truth, these actions are self-sabotaging to your authentic truth.

I have plans to record a series of downloads about the many layers of this powerful experience and how to approach them.  Be the Spiritual and Earth Walker you are here to be. Yes, you have the ability to walk and look through the crystal clear window on the Earth. Now if I could just train these physical windows to stay clean on their own. The journey continues.

The Light of the Soul,

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